How To Sell On YouTube? 7 Easy Way To Monetization Your Channel

How To Sell On YouTube?

Inducing the element of control or choice is a fancy technique being used on some internet landing pages. It may be worthy of your acknowledgment because it works sometimes. Performing artists use this same technique on stage playing music or speaking. It’s not enough to merely play music.

The progressive idea is, to give an audience the opportunity to participate with a variety of sight sounds. Everybody wants to get into the act. The concept online is having the viewer see multiple videos and make a choice of what they want. Yes, this creates engagement, by making them a choice, however, there is a downside.

It’s rather confusing to see so many things on a page. There are marketers who swear to have a simple squeeze page because it’s more direct. That’s the old school way and I agree. A page with multiple things to do is great for a game site or a random information site. A straight-ahead landing or squeeze page can’t be beaten.

I’m in agreement with having the element of variety and feel that you should have several straight forward squeeze sites for different items on pages. Do not confuse your prospect. Get right to the point. Either they will be with you or not interested. Don’t waste time and space on being mushy. It’s the same way in the face to face selling.

You’ll find there will be enough people who will understand your direct approach. Knocking on folks’ doors and showing them a carnival of things is an indirect approach inappropriate for a web page, in my opinion.

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How To Sell On YouTube? 7 Easy Way To Monetization Your Channel

Do you know that you can use YouTube as an E-commerce platform to sell your services and products? So you can make great revenue on the side?

Fortunately, all you need is a channel that has a good amount of subscribers. So you can make money by selling your products through YouTube.

YouTube can be the most effective platform for selling products. YouTube has all kind of audience. You can even sell to someone outside of your country and that provides you with an opportunity to sell to the most paying customers all around the world.

You can sell things from shoes to sports all anything. Everything that matches the interest of your audience. But you just have to know the basics of how to sell.

You just need a strategy to convince your subscribers to buy products from you. Most of them are not educated. To solve that problem this is the article that explains a step to step guide on how to sell on YouTube and generate revenue.

Get Subscribers On YouTube

7 Ways To Sell On YouTube

My favorite tool, when selling over the phone was the talkback. This is where you would tell someone about what you have, then tell them they may not be able to get it. I’m talking about walking into the other room and doing sound effects. I’D Mock talking to the manager as if I’m pleading to let me sell this item to this deserving prospect.

People would say thank you, as though I was doing them a favor by selling them what I had. We used to call it a reverse. You don’t want to walk up to someone and ask them if they want to buy what you have.

Do that if you’re selling Girl Scout cookies, but not any serious online item or service. Scarcity creates value. That’s just the way things are in our world. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. That’s the old saying and it pertains to your prospect.

You can’t make the horse drink, but you can allow the horse to realize it’s thirsty. There are so many distractions in our everyday environment. A distraction is anything that takes a person’s thought away from what you may deem as important.

How important is your product or service?

This is the main thing I consider upon selling anything. I must have a strong conviction that the product I’m selling is good. A good product allows me to summon my inner strength and convey the product’s virtue. You must first capture the prospect’s attention.

This is done in a sonorous way. The classic method is with a pretty woman. That’s standard marketing 101. You don’t necessarily have to use that method. You could in veritably use a picture of a horse.

The idea is to capture the prospect’s attention. Then confront them with reasoning. It’s a statistical fact that people purchase things due to emotionalism as opposed to rationale. Demographics reveal what is relevant to groups of people.

Emotions are stimulated by understanding demographics. You may be pleased by doing whatever you feel and that’s a wonderful concept. Keep in mind what you feel isn’t always what a paying customer feels.

Doing what you feel all the time could present a consistency problem. Try to understand your prospect and understand your value. A smooth blend of satisfying your customer’s needs and your core values makes a splendid marketing campaign.

Once again we begin the campaign with an attention grabber. That’s traditionally a broad red headline. These are some common ways that many experts already use to sell their products and services on YouTube.

You can select any one of the mentioned methods and give them a try to find which one works for you. All these provided methods are proven and tested ways to sell on youtube and they don’t affect your channel or your audience.

1- Adding Affiliate Links in description

Adding Links in your description is the most common way of anything selling on youtube. It is used by lakhs of people who review the product and it generally produces great results form them.

You can use this method does not matter how many subscriber count or the number of channel views you get.

Always remember to point your audience to the description by announcing it in the video which makes more people check out your description resulting in a better chance of a sale.

To provide links in the description first log in to your youtube creators studio account and go to your channel to open the advanced feature in the status and features section.

Get your affiliate links and paste them in the input section of the Associated Website. If you are using WordPress to store your products, then you can use multiple extensions that maximize your control and usability on redirects from other websites.

The video may be a bit different. Soap Opera daily exploits arguments, crying, kissing, hugging, and emotional displays. Then they’ll abruptly cut to a toothpaste commercial. Their technique is called subliminal seduction.

The average person watching soap operas watches it daily. This allows a residue of mental images, to build up in the viewer’s mind. The viewer becomes the prospect and is programmed to purchase what they saw on television so many times.

The picture of the product is embedded in the back of the viewer’s mind, from repetition. The prime way you’ll be able to make use of repetition is by capturing the prospect’s email address or text number.

I like to have someone blatantly ask for the name and address information somewhere in the video.

2- Attaching Links to your profile banner

Whenever someone opens your profile page on YouTube they will be able to see a link right beside your cover photo.

Remember to only include brand links to make people understand that this channel supports a certain brand to built users’ trust.

YouTube has made it like that so you can add up to five links on your account banner that can point to use social media and products or services that you wanna sell.

It is a powerful connection feature that lets you show links on your profile which can be used by your subscribers to purchase from you.

Use a title on your links that makes it catchy to invite users to click on it, also make the links short so it looks more clean and easy to read.

To place lines on your profile banner goes to your account banner picture in the top right corner of the YouTube section and select my channel from the drop-down menu.

After the click on the adjust channel button and select the information section of your account. Then you will find a link input field on the bottom of the page.

To add links to it click on the pencil button and paste your desired link one by one on it and lastly click done to save your progress.

3- By using on-screen links

This is one of the other features provided by youtube that you can use to place links at the end of the video when the screen freezes and your channel title appears on it.

End screen links are very powerful tools that can help your viewers to engage once they have seen your contact which is the perfect time to let them know about your business proposal.

You can link one of these three options like own custom site, a merchandise site, or a crowdfunding site. YouTube affiliate program members can show these links up to 20 seconds on the last screen of their YouTube video.

To take advantage of this feature you have to go on your video tab and click the down arrow next to the editor button under the video that you want to at the end screen too.

From the drop-down menu select the end screen option and click on add item to add your link. After you pasted your URL then you can click next to save the changes that you made.

Remember to add a title and an image on your link to make it more catchy and appealing for the user to click.

4- Don’t try to sell to uninterested people.

Use keyword research. Keywords are the way for people interested in what you have. All of the other favorite techniques won’t work if do not target the right people.

YouTube places videos on relevant pages. It’s amazing how they maintain relevance. I often look at what they put on my page and wonder how they knew I was thinking about that.

It’s almost as if the algorithm knows what you think and like. It’s difficult to hide my thoughts because YouTube’s algorithm records the sights I click. Then they come up with a rational representation of what I’m thinking about, in the form of relevant video.

I find it incredible and almost scary. The positive side is the YouTube’s rationale will help you make sales when used progressively.

Beginners should get their feet wet and simply make a video. A good rule of thumb for how to sell on YouTube simply makes a video. Do not concern yourself with the science of selling. Forget about technique in the beginning.

Make what you think is an interesting video. You should gradually understand and refine your ability technique later. The worst thing you can do is and do nothing.

Think of an idea and make a video about it. If your idea is too elaborate, do the next best thing. Most questions can be answered using the internet search engine.

You have millions of examples. Roll up your sleeves and make a video. Direct your viewers to a sales link in your video description box and you’re on your way.

5- Using the i-card feature

The I card is a button placed on top of your video that shows the important links and recommendations similar to the video that you are watching now.

You can use this feature to show links to your website and your products. It is a good way to add links in this manner because the card contains an image, title, and a call to action button that can link to anything from your video.

There are multiple types of cards that you can use but the one you are interested in is the link card which helps you send your viewers to an external link outside of YouTube.

For making this link you have to be a YouTube partner program member so whenever you upload a video you can click on the down arrow of the editor button under which you can add a card by dragging it to the time that you want it to appear.

Remember to choose the link card from the drop-down menu and after all that you can paste the URL that you want to add.

At last, you can enter heading and image to show with a link that will pop out on the user whenever he reaches that time on the video.

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6- Can you sell stuff on YouTube?

How much does it cost to start a YouTube channel? It’s completely free to start a YouTube channel. But to create video content, you may need to spend money on video production equipment, which can cost between $1,300 and $10,000.

Here’s how the new monetization options will work: Creators who have at least 10,000 subscribers will have the option to sell merchandise through a discount deal YouTube brokered with the distributor Teespring, which will give them $1 off each item.

How Much is My YouTube Channel Worth?

You can sell a blog for twenty to thirty times the average monthly revenue. So if your blog brought in $1,000 per month, I’d expect you could sell it for 20,000 to 30,000 dollars.

Build Your YouTube Store or Landing Page

How much money can you make on YouTube? You’ll be more successful if you use an eCommerce platform to create a professional eCommerce business and sell your products online.

Using the streamlined tools of the Selz store builder, upload your products with images, add product descriptions, set your prices, and then add products to your new store.

Then go to your YouTube channel and use their customization features to make sure that your YouTube branding aligns with your new online store.

7- Create Your Media Calendar

You will have a more engaged audience if you post regularly and frequently. Get a big calendar and write out week by week what your videos will cover. Then, plan a loose outline of the content at least three weeks out so when it’s time to post you don’t have to freak out.

Here are the 5 steps to creating your YouTube content calendar.

  1. Choose your upload schedule. …
  2. Choose the topics you’ll make your videos about. …
  3. Put your product launches, promotions, and new offers on your calendar. …
  4. Put your YouTube video content ideas into your calendar.
  5. Choose the dates you’ll promote your YouTube videos

Last but not least, your content calendar needs to have the dates that you’ll be promoting your YouTube content as well.

For example, if your schedule is to post YouTube videos on Tuesdays, then you’ll want to be promoting that video on Monday and Tuesday each week.

  • On Monday you’ll talk about how it’s going to be live tomorrow and ask your audience to turn their post notifications on so they know when your video is live on YouTube
  • On Tuesday, you’ll be reminding your audience that your video just went go and giving them the link to check it out


YouTube is a very vast and well-developed platform that provides all-round services for both its users and creators. In this guide, we have covered all the ways you can sell your products on youtube by using multiple youtube inbuilt features.

This process is easy to do for larger channels and small channels can do this too but we recommend them to first grow their community and then they can try to sell their products which could be more productive. The process is easy and straight forward to understand and anyone can try it.

There must be some form of substance, to keep your prospect’s interest. This is where our contemporary marketers suggest variety. I tend to question the variety issue without having the prospect’s contact information. Your prospect can easily get bored at this point and click away.

Give your prospects the reasons why they need what you’re offering. Do not be self-indulgent. I see so many poor marketers display self-indulgence, by talking about what they do and how good they are.

How To Sell On YouTube?

How To Sell On YouTube
How To Sell On YouTube

There must be some form of substance, to keep your prospect’s interest. This is where our contemporary marketers suggest variety. I tend to question the variety issue without having the prospect’s contact information.

Your prospect can easily get bored at this point and click away. Give your prospects the reasons why they need what you’re offering. Do not be self-indulgent. I see so many poor marketers display self-indulgence, by talking about what they do and how good they are.

How To Sell On YouTube?

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