How To Make An Invitation Video

The days of traditional invitation with postal mails are gone. It is time-consuming, expensive, and comes with a lack of assurance. The era of video invites has taken over with tons of free online invitation makers. It is easy to send the video invite by sliding the video through an email attachment or forwarding it chat messengers. No matter the occasion, there are templates for every event to create a personalized and attractive video invitation. 

Different customized elements can be integrated into the video invitation. The traditional invite’s touch can still be continued with a verbal invitation through the video personalized for the invitee. The videos are a better medium to express using fun elements to create a beautiful invitation. Want to invite friends and family or colleagues for an event? Here are the ways to make an impressive video invite and toss away the snail mail style.

Choose the Right Template or Custom Create

There are tons of apps and software using which you can create an invitation video for all events. With hundreds of templates, the first step is to choose a relevant template and fit in the elements like photos, animations, video clips, text, narration, etc. Using a template is easy because you already have a framework designed. However, you can also custom create the video and personalize it before sending it to the invitees. The text, fonts, and colors can be updated and customized according to the preference. 

Different Elements to Insert in the Invitation Video 

The main aim of the video is to invite people to the event. Hence, it is essential to customize the video depending on the occasion. For example, if it is a wedding invitation, make sure to use a couple of photos with text, adding to romanticism. Inviting together verbally as a couple in the video makes a more substantial impact. Likewise, when it is a corporate event, make sure to use standard and formal invitation through the slideshow, animation, or narration. Few elements are integral to the video; not necessarily all elements must be used in one single video. 

  • First, select the theme and what kind of invitation you want to make. This means figuring out essential elements for the video like photos, videos, animation, narration, etc. 
  • Select the pictures or videos for use in the invite. The photos collectively can be used for creating a photo slideshow maker within the video. 
  • Always make sure to use subtle photos or videos which reflect the invitation theme. Most of the apps or software have a library of stock images and video clips that can be incorporated.
  • Use the right animations or icons to make the invitation lively and fund. For example, if it is an invite for a kid’s birthday, use balloons or cartoons to make it engaging. 
  • Add texts that are customized for the font type and color to give information about the invite. Mention the date and venue for clarity. 
  • You can self-record the invitation and use it as a video or as a voice clip to make the invitation appear personalized. 
  • Use excellent and subtle background music to make the invitation impressive and appealing. 

Insert Text to Give Important Details

The traditional style of invitation on a paper card has all the information about the event, venue, and timing. It is mandatory to incorporate these details even in the video invite. Customize the text, font, and color and make them mention the venue and time along with occasion. Something as simple as “Grace your Presence in the Occasion of……” or “You are Invited” is enough to start with the invitation followed by the mention of the event or occasion. Make sure to mention the event, the reason for celebration, date, time, venue, etc. for the guests to know where they need to be at for joining the celebration. 

Give attention to the most Important Individual 

Well, you might be the host and throwing the party for someone else. Maybe it is a surprise party for a partner or sibling or anniversary celebration for parents or a retirement base. Make sure to give the extra individual attention to the invite. Whether it is a birthday or wedding, highlight the person for which the event or party is organized. To make this impactful, add a photo or video clip of the person in the video invite. This makes the celebration and invitation stand out, letting the guest know how to prepare for the event. 

Use Online Video Invitation Maker App or Software

The use of these apps or software not only makes it easy to make the customized video invitation, but it helps in easy saving and sharing. After creating the video, these apps generally can share invites on social media platforms or directly email it to the guestlist. This makes the whole process smooth. The use of these online video makers is convenient as there is no technicality and tons of versatile options to choose from. There are many free invitation makers in the market to choose from and create an invite within minutes.

Final Touch Before Sending the Invite

Do not close the video invite abruptly but use something to attract the attention of the guest. Either use a fun photo or video clip or only a smiling gesture or Thank you before closing the video. Texts like “We look forward to seeing you” or “Thank you….” evoke personalized emotion. Make sure to give these final touches to the video before sending the invite through emails or WhatsApp.


The basic features and elements put together attractively are enough to create an impressive and great invite. They are the best way to send invites today as they are digital and take a few seconds. The templates and free online video invitation makers make it convenient to create these invited within minutes without technical expertise. Keep the invite short, impressive, and add a lot of fun elements to make it enjoyable.

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