How Brands Can Implement Conversational Commerce

What is Conversational Commerce? Simply put it is the act of marketing or promoting products by means of interaction. Conversational commerce has become a vital component of e-business and many companies now rely on it to reach their customer base. Below are some key definitions to help you better understand: Conversational Commerce is a combination […]

Custom Product Packaging as an Integral Part Of Business Strategy

As the number of channels a customer uses in their online purchases has increased, so too does it influence how they view an item.  Customers are more likely to purchase something when multiple sources offer discounts and promotions that appeal specifically towards them on each respective platform such as social media or email lists, sign-up […]

Too Good: Why Toxic Involvement is Shaky

Too Good: Why Toxic Involvement is Shaky Imagine the situation: you got together with business partners to solve an important work problem, you were going to do it for a long time. But as a result of the meeting other than hand-to-hand, smiles, and shoulder-to-shoulder sharing did not get anything, prolongation will be in the […]

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