Stop Blogging It Might be Waste of time For You

Yes, Stop Blogging because it Might Be a Waste of Time For You and if it eating you inside whey you don’t see any result from your blog even if you are working hard daily.

But it’s not all about the competition that is beating you, sometimes your own blunders that lead you towards the disappointment.

Don’t have any ethical knowledge about SEO and writing posts on a daily basis is the most common problem in newbies.

Instead of writing a post a day you also need to promote it. If you just write one post a day then when will you get your time to promote it?

Just writing a blog post and don’t sharing it on any social platform then how will you fetch your readers.

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Don’t think that if you write a blog post every day then Google will love you and put your articles on the top because you are working hard regularly.

Here in this article, I will share 8 points with you, if you are lacking in these then,

You Should Stop Blogging

#1: You Should Stop Blogging If You Don’t Have Patience

Patience is the key to blogging. Just starting a blog today and expecting thousands of readers from tomorrow is a dream for everyone and it’s never gonna true. Google will not be going to put your article in the top ten results from day one.

But surely you will get your position one day at the top of the Google Results, just improve your articles and wait.

I said improve not write daily, this will make you bored easily.

So the first key in blogging is Patience. Patience for everything- Money, Top-Ranking Positions as well as getting your first 1000+ subscribers.

#2: Stop Blogging If You Easily Gets Distracted From Your Aim

If you also like me who get easily distracted by other things, then think again.

Like now, I am thinking to build my carrier in blogging but later I will get distracted towards learning programming languages like other Python, Java and due to this, not able to blog for weeks.

And when I get bored from that side the I again come back to blogging.

This is the problem I have.

But still, somehow I manage myself not to quit blogging.

So if you also get distracted by other things. Like you start a blog today and write blog posts for months or two and then you start getting frustrated (i hate blogging) by not getting anything in return of sharing your knowledge.

Then you might need to think again about your blogging carrier or stop.

As I said earlier patience is the key to Blogging. And it can take you two to five years to become a successful blogger.

#3: Don’t Have Good English Skills

This is also the common problem in Indians and in some other territories people that they don’t have good English skills to jot down their thinking.

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I know they have brainstorming mind but when they start to write they don’t know how to express their feelings into it how to make it easier to understand for others.

So before starting a blog improve your English skills. English is the only language that is most successful in blogging due to the majority of readers are in English.

English is spoken in 101 countries.

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On the other hand, English might not be a problem if you don’t want to attract visitors from other countries and want to start a blog for your local peoples. Then you can start a blog in your own languages Urdu, Hindi, Spanish, etc.

But I still in favour of English. You need to learn English, if not properly, at least manages to make people understand form your language what you want to say.

Grammar may not be a problem if people can understand your message.

4: Don’t Know About SEO and Keywords

Blogging is much more profitable then you think. You just need to use the right tactics to promote your blog and to use SEO.

Without SEO, there is not any chance of beating other ranking blogs.

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If you want to achieve success in blogging then don’t write about what comes to your mind, write what people want. Write for people, solve their problems.

Just don’t start a blog to write anything unnecessary.

Find keywords with lots of monthly searches and with low competition. Then research and write on it.

Optimise your blog post properly with keywords, images, tags so Google will notice you easily and put your blog in front of people who search your targeted keywords.

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So first take a good knowledge about SEO then start blogging because, without these, there is nothing in blogging.

Yes if you can manage to get 1000+ subscribers then SEO will not be going to create any problem for you. Because you have your readers who love to learn from you.

In total, knowledge about SEO, keywords, and a list of subscribers can help you achieve success in blogging.

#5: If You Are Using Blogspot

You need to stop using Blogspot if you seriously want to become a blogger. As I am also on blogspot so am sharing this point with you.

Blogspot is only for who writing just for their passion and don’t want to monetize and don’t know much about SEO.

If you really want to become a blogger then choose WordPress instead of Blogger.

Although a Blogspot gives you an option of monetization with Adsense but lacks in SEO due to heading tags and other missing things like plugins, and also there are very fewer themes for the Blogspot as compare to WordPress.

So go with WordPress if you seriously want to become a blogger. WordPress gives you more flexibility to choose from a thousand of themes and plugins and its far more better than blogger in term of SEO.

But wait, By WordPress means to choose a self-hosted blog on WordPress not Self Hosted Blogs will make you look more professional and also reduce your chances of failure.

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#6: Start Blog for Money

Blogging is not dead but many people taking it wrong by picking it as a money-making machine.

I know that everyone starts a blog by keeping their first priority as money although they say they started their blog as a hobby, most of them start it to earn money from their blog.

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They dream of themselves enjoying on the beaches of Maldives and working remotely by seeing others who earn lots of money from their blog.

But they don’t understand their pain and struggle behind achieving this. They also have started from zero and now becomes a hero. It’s not that easy path to go. If you blog for a year and not earned a penny from your blog then this will going to break you down.

Seriously, if you don’t have any hobby in writing and blogging then don’t start it, do something other instead of this.

#7: Lack of Important Tools

Without tools blogging is a waste of time, without tools, even a plumber or electrician can’t do their job.

Bloggers are the same as them. You can’t work without your important tools. But Like plumbers and electricians, you don’t need any hammer or Pliers.

You need keywords research tools which can help you in achieving success easily. Like Ahrefs, Semrush these tools which can ease your work.

So before starting a blog, you need to manage to buy them to keep you going. If you start on Blogspot then you easily get bored from blogging saying if I don’t earn a penny I don’t even spend a penny.

So spend some money, then you will always say to yourself, bro earns something to manages your own express or earn at least this much so your own spent money get refunded.

#8: Not Building Backlinks

Many people stop blogging due to not getting any visitors, not earning a single penny from their blog, they just quit and not try to figure out what’s the problem behind this.

For improving your ranking and improving yourself in front of google you must have to prove yourself by gaining some backlinks from others.

Backlinks are an important factor in achieving a higher ranking in Google Search Results.


So in the last, I want to say that I’m not demotivating you from blogging, but making you sure that you have these things so you don’t quit after sometimes.

Good knowledge about SEO, keywords, and skills in English and backlinks can keep you in blogging.

Blogging is going to be tough year by year but nothing can replace blogging.

Always keep your eye on your domain authority so you can increase day-to-day.

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