How To Earn Money From Facebook Page?


Facebook is worthless if you just use it for chatting and posting your snaps. For till now, you use Facebook just for your fun but now Facebook has changed a lot. Now its time to learn that How To Earn Money From Facebook?

Instead of using it just for chatting purpose, you can actually make money from your Facebook account. And you don’t need to make any investment for it.

If technology gives us a lot of features and benefits, then why shouldn’t we snatch it.

There are lots of other strategies to earn money online by spending the least time and money. Many people have made their life by earning online from Facebook and other networks. Many of them left their full time job to become a freelancer.

You can also fulfill your desire to seize this opportunity.

But you need a skill to stand out as a freelancer. Freelancing is not a piece of cake, this is hard but your passion keeps you working on it.

Facebook is also one of those which can provide you with a job but not as a Facebook developer or Engineer but as a freelancer.

Just create a Facebook account, if you already have one then create a Facebook Page.

In this post, You are going to learn about how you can earn money from the Facebook page.

For making money on Facebook first you need to create a Facebook Page.

If you already have a Facebook page then you probably know your targeted audience.

Before creating a page, you must be clear with your audience that what are their needs and what I am going to share on my Facebook page.

Earn Money From Facebook Page

#1: Find a Niche

Always choose a niche in which you are interested and have knowledge. A wrong chosen niche can detach you from your aim after some time.

Choose a particular niche in which you love to learn and share, so you never stop yourself from learning. Never get bored and always keep pushing yourself.

Whichever niche you choose always come up with unique ideas and be creative.

If you start copying from others then it can put you in trouble, also your readers will get to know that you are copying from others.

Therefore always use your creativity and produce unique content.

#2. Build An Audience To Make Money From Facebook

So now you have your own Facebook Page and you know your niche and targeted audience. Now start posting every single day don’t miss any day.

If you want to keep people engaged with your page, post at least one content a day.

People want daily fresh content and you need to do that because this audience will make you earning from your page.

If you don’t have any readers for whom you post and share.

So in the origin take care of your audience, what they are expecting from you. When you have enough following start monetizing your page.

#3: Earn Money By Selling likes

When you have enough followers other people automatically approach to you. They know that you have a large number of followers and unique targeted audience.

When other people create their new page they need help from other pages manager for growing their page. They want you to share their page.

They willing to spend money on it and obviously, you work hard for growing your own page and now it’s your right to charge some money to share their page.

You can charge money by sharing their page on your page or you can create your own plan like-

$5 = 500 likes

$10 = 1100 likes

It’s up to you how you market.

#4: Use Affiliate Marketing to Make Money From Facebook

If you have a niche page then you can earn a decent amount of money by using affiliate marketing.

Use Amazon or other affiliate networks. Some affiliate network also offers referral commission, just refer their product or something and when your audience buys or perform specific action you earn a commission.

If you have a page on Men’s Grooming and you have enough followers related to your niche you can use the Amazon affiliate program.

They have endless products on Grooming you can choose any and suggest to your audience and when they buy you will get your commission.

For earning your audience trust, you can use that product and then share a review. In this way, there are higher chances of your audience to buy that product if they have faith in you.

As like this you can use a numerous number of affiliate chain on your Facebook Page.

#5: Build Email List

Email List is the best way to run an online business. So Build your own.

Use MailChimp like services for building an E-mail list. MailChimp is free up to 2000 subscribers.

Create a landing page and embed a signup form where your visitors can join. Then create a link of that page and share.

Request your page audience to subscribe your email list to get special offers from them.

When you have enough number of subscribers you can send special deals, offers or something you want them to buy.

This way email list can produce a good sum of money for you.

#6: Sell Or Recommend Any Product

Now you have many followers and also an Email list. It’s time to earn more.

Create your E-Book containing information or something that your audience needs and set the price according to the hard work you have done on creating an E-Book.

You can create your own book or promote from Amazon to make money.

You can also create a Shopify store. There you need to invest some money to set up your Shopify store. It will worth spending money when you have an email list and many followers.

Find and add products to your Shopify store and suggest to your audience to buy this or that.

Now money is flowing towards you like cold air in the winter.

But Don’t get excited, Earn more and more there are countless opportunities to earn.

#7: Earn By Promoting Websites And Blogs

Now you have everything you need (money, email list, followers) but as I said countless opportunities to earn more.

Now start promoting other’s Website and Blogs that relate to your niche. Charge money from them.

You don’t need to visit them they will come for promotion, just wait.

And Now you have Money Money Money Everywhere is Money.

Earn More.

#8: Share a Review and Make Money From Facebook

You can share your opinion after reviewing some products or someone’s services you used.

Many merchandises will pay you when you write a review on their product. As you have many followers so your price will always high.

They will pay you higher for any review.

#9: Start Your Own Website Or YouTube Channel

You can easily get your initial subscribers because you already have your followers on your Facebook page. So this gives you a huge opportunity to earn money by taking advantage of your Facebook page.

If you have a talent that is hidden for long, use it. If you have great skills in communications you can easily influence people to perform some action. So Start your YouTube channel.

Start a YouTube channel you will easily get your subscribers because you already have so much support behind you.

Share reviews, make exciting videos that people love and add your affiliate links and you know what will happen after they buy. You Make Money.

If you are not much talkative like me, you can start your blog but there’s one condition, you must have good writing skills.

You must have the talent to grow your blog write and publish contents daily or weekly basis and much other work are involved.

One Facebook page with millions of followers can drive so much traffic to your blog and YouTube channel.

Both YouTube and Blog can be monetized with Adsense or other affiliate networks.

You just need patience and Persistence money will come.

#10: Sell Your Facebook Page

I am not recommending you to sell your million followers blog which you build by putting a lot of hard work.

But it can be beneficial to sell when there is a problem with you. Your Facebook Fan Page can become your insurance when you have millions of followers.

You can sell it when you need. Millions of followers blog can be sold with thousands of dollars and when you have a big email list with a targeted audience then your page price will doubles.


In this article, we learn about How To Make Money From Facebook Page but there are countless opportunities to earn money online. You just need to be hard-working, creative and passionate about your work whichever you do.

You can make your living by doing freelancing.

If you have little bit strategies and you are full of passion, you can achieve everything you dreamed.

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