14 Realistic Ways To Earn 1000 Rupees Per Day Online

How to Earn 1000 rupees per day?

Earning 1000 Rupees per day online is achievable through various means, but it’s important to approach online opportunities with caution and be aware that income levels can vary. Here are 14 realistic ways to earn money online:

  1. Freelancing:
    • Offer your skills on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr. Services could include writing, graphic design, programming, or virtual assistance.
  2. Online Tutoring:
    • Use platforms like Chegg Tutors or Vedantu to offer tutoring services in subjects you are proficient in.
  3. Content Creation:
    • Start a YouTube channel, blog, or podcast. Monetize through ads, sponsorships, or affiliate marketing.
  4. Stock Photography:
    • If you are good at photography, sell your photos on stock photo websites like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock.
  5. Online Surveys:
    • Participate in paid online surveys through platforms like Swagbucks, Toluna, or Vindale Research.
  6. Affiliate Marketing:
    • Promote products and earn a commission for every sale made through your affiliate link. Amazon Associates is a popular affiliate program.
  7. Online Courses:
    • Create and sell online courses on platforms like Udemy or Teachable based on your expertise.
  8. Virtual Assistance:
    • Offer administrative support services to businesses and entrepreneurs as a virtual assistant.
  9. Remote Customer Service:
    • Work as a remote customer service representative for companies that offer such positions.
  10. Remote Data Entry:
    • Look for online data entry jobs on platforms like Remote OK or Indeed.
  11. Social Media Management:
    • Offer social media management services to small businesses or individuals looking to enhance their online presence.
  12. Freelance Writing:
    • Write articles, blog posts, or content for websites and get paid for your writing skills.
  13. Sell Handmade Products:
    • If you are crafty, sell handmade items on platforms like Etsy.
  14. Online Stock Trading:
    • Invest in stocks or mutual funds through online trading platforms. Note that this involves risk and requires knowledge.

14 Realistic Ways To Earn 1000 Rupees Per Day Online

Remember to research each option thoroughly, be cautious of scams, and invest time and effort to build a sustainable income. Success in online ventures often takes time, consistency, and dedication. Additionally, stay updated on any legal and tax implications associated with the methods you choose to pursue.

Earning that amount of money is still a dream for many of us. And also, we want to work from home or from any place we want. We want the freedom to live life on our own. But money has held us captive.

Nevertheless, it’s also true making that amount of money a day is not a difficult task. But how can we make it true unless we don’t know how to earn money from home. And that too even without working on 9 to 5 jobs. In this guide, you will learn genuine ways to earn 500 – 1000 rupees per day or more from your home.

Can I make 100 rupees per day online?

Bro surely you can earn money online easily now a days but for that according to me you have learn a skill like tally video editing canva phtoshop etc for some time learn them and practice then come to social media platforms run an bost page ad on Instagram just for rupees 84 and start getting reach to your account

How can I earn 1000 rupees daily?

Hello 🤗, Look…There are so many ways by which you can earn 1000rs/day OR more than this.

If you are good in some skills then apply for a job on almost every website…Example — if you are good in teaching then apply applications and upload your resume on almost every known platforms like unacademy ,apni kaksha, byjus, topper, PW etc………and PLS DONT GIVE UP UNTILL YOU FIND A JOB ON THAT SKILL.

AND WAYS BY WHICH YOU CAN EARN MORE THAN 1000rs/day……infact upto 50,000 or more👇👇👇

• Freelancing ,,, Fiver , upwork, and many more websites

•Typing jobs

•Blogg writer

•Article writing

•Transcribing jobs

•Translation jobs

• Use social media platforms to grow faster, increase your followers there and build your network.

• Start an online business on social media platforms like linkdin,fb, insta,etc by selling your products which you can make…you can show your art there Examples — you can sell your courses there, you can sell your icecreams there and build your network on those platforms .And if you want to grow faster in this then run ads on these platforms regarding your service OR promote your product by some successful people through ads.

•Start a channel on YouTube

•Start teaching topics or subjects which you know well….. example -if you have know basics of computer then start teaching on YouTube and be consistent on it.

• Video Editing ,Graphic designing, Thumbnail maker, subtitles writer of videos.

• Affiliate marketing is also a great option

•Digital marketing

• By doing investment in stock market

Like these…..there are so many ways to earn…BUT ONLY A SMALL STEP IS REQUIRED TO MOVE FOR IT that is .…you have to do it yourself NOONE WILL COME TO DO IT FOR YOU…



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How can I earn 1000$ daily using only the internet?

Going for 1000 Dollars a day is quite a high-class goal if you’re completely new to the internet and making money on it but still possible to achieve.

You have different possibilities to start earning on the internet here are some:

  • Join a system where you can become an affiliate.
    As an affiliate you would mainly resell and promote a company’s products or services. In exchange you would then get a commission for each and every sale you made. In my eyes one of the best models to start.
  • Join a system where you can become an investor.
    As an investor on such a system you would then invest a certain amount of money into the system and get daily,weekly or monthly interests back to your account.
    In my eyes one of the more risky options to choose because of the knowhow of a starter on the internet but still an option.
  • Join a system where you can become a distributor.
    As a distributor, you would then collaborate with the platform and working out strategies to sell their product or service in a better way. In my eyes really close to the affiliate system because it would also be based on commissions per sale.
  • Join a system or platform where you can offer your own products or services.
    As a seller you would only use a storefront of a platform to offer your products or services online.

These are mainly the chances you have to start earning online. Now it’s on you to decide in which niche you want to go in and start. I’ve knowhow in the first two possibilities, so if I can help you any further let me know. Just have a look at my profile and you will find the way to my page.



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Many of us struggle with our daily life. Their boss scolds them on a daily basis (If you do not work yet, you will not understand the pain of a 9 to 5 job) But they don’t have any other option apart from bearing the same torture. There are plenty of jobs are available to earn money online in India. You can start doing these jobs without making any investment.

Data entry and data scraping are one of these. But these jobs are not reliable and do not guarantee you to earn money. These jobs won’t make you rich. Every job demands skill and determination. There is not any way to earn thousands of rupees online without spending some of your valuable hours.

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Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Earn 1000 Per Day

If you really want to help yourself to save money. If you really want to leave your 9 to 5 job and live the life you dreamed of. If you really want to retire at an early age. Then you really need to get out of your comfort zone.

Earning online thousands of rupees per day is not as difficult as it seems. If you are not familiar with it, then it may seem tougher, but once you get involved in it. Then it seems like duck soup.

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If you are ready to put in an extra hour of work. You really want to achieve something in your life. Then determine yourself a target and take hold of it.

Find Your Skill To Earn 1000 Rupees Per Day

You just need skills, there shouldn’t be any difficulty in recognizing your skill. Everyone has skills in which they specialize. Find something in which you are interested and love to do that thing. Whether it’s photo editing, content writing, logo designing, or programming languages. Improve any one of the skills that captivate you.

There are many ways to earn 1000 rupees per day from home. But, In this post, I will show you only the most trusted and genuine ways to earn money online. Although this may be true, you need to work hard to achieve this level of earning. But all these methods are trustworthy and will give you good results.

How To Earn 1000 Per Day?

  1. Start A Blog To Earn 1000 Per Day
  2.  Earn Money By Placing Sponsored Content On Your Blog
  3.  Earn With Adsense
  4.  Earn With Link Text
  5.  YouTube Earning
  6.  Display Ads
  7.  Become Writer
  8.  Earn By Taking Surveys
  9.  Earn By Watching Videos
  10.  Work As Freelancers
  11.  Sell Book Or E-Book
  12.  Buying Selling Websites
  13.  Stock Investing
  14.  Sell Online Courses
  15.  Sell Photos

Start A Blog To Earn 1000 Rupees Per Day 2024

Starting a blog is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. When I stepped into the field of blogging, I started with a passion for writing and learning some SEO strategies. I don’t think that one day it will become a full-time job for me. Now I am earning enough money from my blogs to support myself.

Blogging helped me a lot in my life. Blogging taught me some of the best lessons that no one could teach me in my whole life.

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Everyone can learn something new by exploring the internet. Blogging is a life-changing game. You can also learn many things from it.

You learn how you can make money on your own and beat the online competition with SEO. You learn many things. As I am earning money from home, you can too.

You can start your own blog, and the earnings from blogging are endless.

Blogging is the best way to earn more than 1000 rupees per day from home. You can earn as much as you are willing to work hard. Many other bloggers are earning 5000 per day to 10000 per day in India.

If you also want to start a successful blog, you can start now. Go through this link and learn how you can start your own blog and make it successful.

Earn money by placing sponsored content on your blog 2024

You can add your blog on Flyout under 30 seconds and start monetizing it.

All you have to do is follow a 3 step process and mention all basic details such as blog URL, the price per sponsored post, and so on.

Clean design and simple copywriting were enough self-explanatory for me to understand that Flyout is a network of Advertisers and Publishers who trade sponsored posts/press releases and I made $69 within 48 hours as soon as I joined them.

I’ve been frustrated with the low CPC rates from Google AdSense and a friend of mine recommended me to Flyout.

I’ve listed a total of 5 blogs of mine and I was able to make 270% extra revenue from my blogs in month #1 itself. Highly recommended!

Get a heads up when an advertiser is interested to post the sponsored content on your blog.

You can track your earnings in real-time from the Flyout dashboard.

earning proof
My earning proof on this site and one other

And this is the sponsored post that I post on my site for $18 Today. How To Make An Invitation Video

If you have any problem getting your blog or website approved in Flyout, then you can mail me. I’ll do it for you. My mail address: randhirsingh221122@gmail.com

Use Adsense to earn 1000 Rupees Per day

Adsense is a program run by Google which helps bloggers and websites owners to earn money. Starting your blog using the above link. Then after publishing at least 6 to 7 articles on your blog, you can apply for AdSense.

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Also getting AdSense approval is free so you can easily earn 1000 rs per day online without investment.

Adsense approval is not that hard, it’s an easy process. You need some quality blog posts and important pages on your blog to get approval. You can read this article for complete instruction for your Adsense approval.

Every new blogger who comes into the field of blogging, his first dream is somehow to get AdSense approval, and of course, it should be.

Realed: How To Get Your Google AdSense Approval Effortlessly?

Adsense is the most trusted way to monetize your blog. Many popular websites like wikihow use Adsense as their first source of income. The annual earning of Wikihow from AdSense is more than $2 million dollars per year. From this, you can estimate how powerful the Adsense is.

AdSense pays when someone clicks on your ads. Having sufficient traffic on your blog can easily make you 500 – 1000 rupees per day working from home.

Use Link Text To Earn 1000 Rupees Per Day

There are two types of earning linked with Link text. Link Text ads and Link Text.

Link text Ads: Link text ads work the same as AdSense. For this, you also need a blog or website. These ads get applied to the text and look like a link. When someone clicks on that text then an ad appears or the user gets redirected to the other website. Hence, you earn money.

You can easily make more than 1000 per day with link ads. The network you can use is InfoLinks which is a great Adsense alternative.

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Link Text: Link text means giving a link to another website. For example, you have a blog with great traffic and Domain Authority. When someone asks you for a backlink you can charge them some money. It is a great way to earn thousands of rupees with just one backlink.

For great well established websites you can charge from 1000 to 20000 rupees.

You can sign up for any type of service like Infolinks and easily earn 1000 rs per day online without making any investment.

Youtube Earning

Never underestimate the power of YouTube. Youtube has made many people’s lives. Now every YouTuber is saying there are not any jobs like working on youtube channels.

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They are not earning because they work hard, because they have passion and skills which they utilises to make it a career.

Youtube is also a Google property so it also works with the Adsense network. When someone plays your video on youtube they have to see an ad. Although it’s irritating for your users but beneficial for you.

To start earning from youtube, you need a Google account. Sign up using your Google account and create a channel. Most important Skill. The rest is in your hands, what you post, how you grow.

It all depends on your work and efforts. You can easily earn 1000 rupees per day from home with your YouTube channel. The more you work the more you get.

You can also do sponsored ads and easily earn 10k per day.

Display Ads

Display ads like billboards, but not on the highway, on your blog.

Billboards ads or display ads are like you are currently seeing on your right side. Someone will pay you for showing display ads on your blog and clicking on it or not it depends on the user.

If this display ad is from AdSense then you earn per 1000 impressions. If your blog has enough traffic on a daily basis, you can easily earn 1000 per day or more.

As for now, you have seen I have repeated a Blog word a lot of times. Because the blog is the backbone of all types of networks online. You can do almost anything with your blog and earn with any type of network.

Become Writer

Everyone can become a writer. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Although, there is nothing difficult in the world. Everything depends on our work, how we take the challenges.

In our everyday life, we have to write something. Sometimes it becomes so hard, we find it difficult to put our thoughts on the paper.

So, learn writing. With writing, to earn rs 1000 per day from home is easy task.

Writing not only helps you to get jobs as an ads writer or content writer but also influences your personality.

You know or not, but the demand for writers is increasing rapidly.

As a writer, you can expect 2 to 5 lakh annually package. Hence, it’s also a great job to earn offline and online, more than 1000 rupees a day.

You can also buy the Writing Tools book to learn 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer. This book will teach you everything, “No matter what you write–a blog, a love letter, the next great American novel–Writing Tools offers practical advice that is a pleasure to read.

Earn By Taking Surveys

With surveys, you can easily earn more than 500 rupees per day online. Surveys are the method of gathering information for increasing knowledge. They are often taken to access feelings and thoughts of a person on certain things.

But do you know they actually pay for taking surveys from you?

Surveys become a great source of income and anyone can easily earn 1000 a day by just doing surveys.

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But it’s also true that most of the websites are scams, which doesn’t pay you for your work. You spend hours taking one survey and in the end, they say “sorry you are not eligible”.

How does this feel?

Disappointed and enraged.

By taking this mind, I am showing you only two websites that really pay and are reputable.

Swagbucks:  Swagbucks is a legit website. Where you can earn more than 1000 rupees per day from home. Not only surveys but, you can also earn by watching videos, surfing the web.

On completion of every task you earn some points which you can redeem into cash or gift cards.

Survey Junkie: Survey Junkie is also a 100% legitimate website to earn money online. This is also one of the most trusted sources for earning by taking surveys. When you successfully complete more than 2 to 3 surveys, you can expect to earn 500 rupees a day online.

You can share your opinion in the form of surveys to help brands deliver better products & their services.

Most people I talk to about paid surveys have tried it before but said they didn’t make a lot of money – around $1 to $10 per survey. It’s NOT your fault…

The problem is you didn’t know how to get started. To be honest, when I started taking paid surveys I didn’t make any money either!!

Take Surveys For Cash

Having so many paid surveys available all the time lets you live the kind of life you want.

I travel with my family for 3 or 4 months every year! While I’m on holiday, I love to take paid surveys while relaxing on the beach. I can pay for my entire trip in just a few hours of taking surveys!

Often you participate in the survey by reading such on all the websites but you are not able to earn any money from them. Because the information you get does not work. Why?

Friends, the only reason for this is that you want to get everything for free. You never use your mind to think that free things do not always work.

You can get the survey for free, but to reach those platforms, you have to take a paid course if you want to earn from the right path.

Today I will tell you such courses by learning which you can actually earn money because this is the only way through which you can earn from the online paid survey platform.

2. Paid Surveys at Home

 I’ve helped make HUGE amounts of money taking paid surveys. Once you learn my secrets, you will too! Plus, you’ll also get $50 FREE when you take your first paid survey!

Earn By Watching Videos

It’s interesting to earn while entertaining yourself and passing your free time. Inboxdollars are the same as Swagbucks but it also pays for watching shows based on your interest.

After collecting your rewards by watching TV or any shows, you can redeem them into cash or other rewards.

Get Paid To Watch Movies

If you are free on Saturday, Sunday, you can expect to earn 1000 rupees per day without investment online, while watching your favourite tv shows. How cool is that?

Work As Freelancers

Freelancers are not committed to any job, they are their own boss with skills in their hands. They utilize their skill to make cash by sitting anywhere with an internet and laptop.

If you also have any skills such as logo designing, content writing, photoshop expert, SEO expert, or any other. You can easily earn 1000 per day from your computer from India.

Many freelancers are earning more than 2000 per day in India.

Fiverr, Legiit, and Upwork, are the three most useful websites which let you convert your skills into money.

Not just 1 thousand rupees per day, there is also no limit on earning, it totally depends on your efficiency.

Sell Book or E-Book

A book is a number of pieces of paper where text and images are printed. In short, it’s costly for a beginner writer.

On the other hand, the ebooks are an electronic copy of a book. It’s in the form of a digital book. In short, it’s cheaper than a book.

If you have great writing experience and also a wonderful story revolving in your mind. Then put it into the sheet of paper and publish it.

You can reveal it into the form of an ebook or book and publish on the Amazon Kindle Store.

Now you just have to promote your book to make more sales.

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If the price of your book is 250 Indian rupees, then you need to make 4 sales to earn 1000 rupees a day in India.

If your copy is in the form of an E-book, then you can easily generate a revenue of 500 to 2000 per day even without making any investment.

It’s also a great way to earn 500 to 1000 per day in India.

Again, Writing Tools book to learn 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer. This book will teach you everything, “No matter what you write–a blog, a love letter, the next great American novel–Writing Tools offers practical advice that is a pleasure to read.

Buying Selling Websites

This is also known as flipping websites. Create a website and make it well-known on the internet. Once you feel like it’s ready to be sold. Head over to Flippa and sell.

Not only websites, but you can also sell a domain name.

What if you have a Google domain name and Google is asking you to sell them for 200 million dollars?

What if Google again made this mistake and lost their domain to you?


Buy a domain whose value can increase in the upcoming days and then sell.

Currently, every normal domain’s price is between 400 to 2000 rupees only.

It’s a far better business than earning, 1000 a day in India.

Stock Investing

If you have some money which you saved in your bank and getting only 4% interest on it. Then, even after a decade, you won’t have much money in your hand.

Instead of saving them on an average 4% a year, push them into stocks.

You can do Intraday trading which means buy and sell stock on the day with some profit.

To earn 1000 rupees a day in India is not a much difficult task with intraday trading. You can start trading with Zerodha or Angel broking.

If you don’t have much time to wait for the trend to change, you can invest in the longer term. Long term investment in stocks returns much higher returns than the short term.

You can earn 1000 rs per day from share market with right share buying and selling skills.

Sell Online Courses

It’s a great business opportunity to earn 1000 rs per day online. You can sell online courses. Courses can be a pdf file or a series of videos. You can post it on Udemy or Skillshare and easily earn 1000 rupees per day online in India.

Just find your audience, outline your course, shoot video or create pdf files and publish on any of these two websites.

Promote your course, showcase it so you can make more sales of your course. You can even earn 5000 to 50000 rupees per month in India. Depends on your efforts.

Note: Keep in mind I am just bursting ideas into your mind, for detailed instruction you can use Google search Engine.

Sell Photos

If you are a serious lens guy, who loves to take photos of their surroundings. Then Shutterstock, iStock, Adobe Stock are welcoming you.

As a photographer or simply as a guy with photo shooting interest. You can earn a decent amount of money while following your passion.

Above mentioned websites allow you to submit your taken photos, and after the approval of your photos, they will make them live on their website.

When someone makes a purchase of your photo, you earn money.

The amount of money you earn varies from 500 to maximum.

At a minimum, you can earn 1000 rupees a day in India with decent images. Because they have an enormous amount of traffic on their websites.

To learn about photography you might need this book, The Beginner’s Photography Guide: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Manual for Getting the Most from your Digital Camera (DK)

How to earn 500 per day?

These were the 14 ways are amazing and genuine to earn 500 rupees per day. You can start a website or work as a freelancer to earn 500 per day. For doing freelancing you don’t even need to make any investment.

So with freelancing, you can easily earn 500 per day without investment. Many people are earning this amount daily by putting efforts.

Freelancing, YouTube, stock investing, selling photos, and surveys are best to earn 500 rs per day online.

In Nutshell

Earning thousands of rupees a day is not a difficult task. If you have a passion for working online and a skill in your hand. Then nothing can stop you from moving forward.

Start a blog or work as a freelancer, but make sure it is within your interest. Always provide value to your customer.

Making money online is becoming a dream of everyone. Even if your aim to earn 1000 a day or 50000 rupees you can achieve it with great determination.

That’s it. Hope you like this post, if yes please share your thoughts below and mention which one relates to you, and you want to start.

Don’t forget to share this post.

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Best Ways to Earn ₹500 in Just 10 Minutes

There are many ways to earn instant money online within minutes without investing. Anyone who has some knowledge of working on a computer and a good internet connection can easily make money online. You should always choose legal ways to earn instant money, and the internet is full of opportunities to help you earn money online in legitimate and quickest ways. Apart from online, you can also earn instant money in other ways offline. You must research and find the earning opportunity in your nearby locality and give your time and effort to earn rupees. 

Did you know? You can earn ₹500 instantly through Instamojo refer and earn program. 

How to earn 500 per day?

Here are nine techniques to earn instant money to meet your urgent fund requirements-

Instamojo ‘refer and earn program’: Instamojo is an emerging payment platform in India. It also offers an online platform for buying and selling digital products, for example, e-books, online course material, etc. Its payment gateway services enable quick and easy money transfers without any paperwork using your phones. As a promotional offer, Instamojo runs a refer and earn program, which gives you a chance to get ₹500 credited to your bank account for each successful referral made by you. 

Follow these simple steps to avail this instant money-earning opportunity:

1. Sign up on Instamojo with a Referral Link and enter the referral code (if you sign up on Instamojo without a referral link, you will not get this bonus).

2. Enter the details correctly. Remember to enter your name details that match your details in your bank passbook.

3. You will receive an OTP on the mobile number entered by you in the above step for verification.

4. After verifying your mobile number, log in to your account.

5. Scan and upload the image of your PAN Card and a copy of your bank statement to verify your bank account details.

6. You can quickly complete the abovementioned steps in a few minutes. After that, you must wait 2 days to verify your bank details. You can also be contacted within these two days to provide the purpose of setting up an account on Instamojo. 

  1. After the approval of your account, follow the steps given below to earn ₹500:
  • Login to your Instamojo account and click on create payment link option.
  • Enter the purpose for payment, for example, payment for work, and the amount, let’s say ₹100/-.
  • Click on the copy button on the right side of the payment link tab.
  • Once the link is copied, send it to the person who referred it to you and your friend and ask your friend to pay you ₹100/- using this link which you will return to him later.
  • After your friend makes the payment, you will receive ₹100 transferred by your friend into your account, and you will also receive a bonus of ₹500 for successful referrals.

Thus, you can earn instant money by registering and referring to the Instamojo payment gateway. You can earn more money by sharing the link at the bottom left of the login page that reads “Get Free Cash. Invite Your Friends”. 

If four of your friends sign up using your referral link and receive payments through the Instamojo payment gateway by following the above steps, you can get ₹2000/- in your bank account. Share with more and more friends to earn more money through this referral scheme. It is a limited-period promotional scheme of Instamojo.

  1. Click on the advertisement to earn money:

Paid-to-click websites are also ways to earn instant money online. You can earn 10 rupees per click. You can sign up to these websites for instant money-earning online in India. These websites provide the facility to advertisers to display their ads. You can fill out surveys, view advertisements, play online games, and perform other simple tasks to earn a rupee online. Popular websites for instant money earning in India are Clixsense, Swagbucks, Neobox, Prizerebel, etc.

Following are the ways to earn instant money online through these sites:

  • Watching videos
  • Download apps
  • Fill out free paid surveys
  • Click and earn
  • Search the web
  • View or click on an advertisement
  • Play online games
  • Complete quizzes

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  1. Start trading in the Share market:

Share markets are one of the most innovative ways of earning passive income. You can earn instant money by investing in share markets with your knowledge of markets, business, trading, growth, and decline trends. Share markets are the answer if you also want to know how to earn 500 per day or lakhs in minutes. But first, you should learn how to trade, anticipate market trends, and acquire complete knowledge before investing. Share markets are risky; if you invest wisely, you can start earning instant money.

  • Open a Demat account to trade online.
  • Transfer funds or money that you want to invest.
  • Add shares of companies to your watchlist, as per your anticipation and knowledge of trading.
  • Buy and create your portfolio of shares to start investing.
  • Monitor the ups and downs of the market and make informed decisions to buy or sell your shares to earn profits.
  1. Affiliate Marketing: 

Suppose you have a good following on your social media pages, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., or you are a blogger or content creator. In that case, you can earn instant money through Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program or Amazon Influencer Program. Many e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart pay their affiliate marketing associates a fixed commission. Follow these steps to earn money through affiliate marketing:

  • Register as an affiliate marketing associate on Amazon.
  • Share customized links to products on your social media pages or blogs.
  • If the buyer clicks on the link on your page and buys the product, you will earn a commission.

Also, you are a social media influencer with a good audience base. In that case, you can refer your followers to Amazon’s products and services and earn a commission on their purchases. 

  • Create your personalized page on Amazon
  • Publish photos, videos, and live streams on this page
  • Create content and recommend products to your followers
  • Earn commission on purchases made from your referral links

Thus, Amazon allows you to monetize your content and earn money.

  1. Rent your household items: 

If you are out of cash and want to know “How to earn ₹200 instantly”, the answer is to rent your item and charge a rent of ₹200 per hour or per day, depending upon the item’s usage. You can rent items like a DSLR camera, music system, furniture, musical instrument, etc. It would help to inform your friends and acquaintances that you want to rent the articles. Renting out your unused or rarely used articles can earn instant money; follow these simple steps: 

  • Post the information about renting your property on your social media page or Whatsapp. 
  • Mention the per hour or day rent. 
  • Also, give the payment link for receiving rent, or you can also ask for cash payment.
  • You can also give the terms and conditions of usage of the item and that it shall be returned in the same condition without any wear, tear, or defect. 
  1. Blogging: 

You can start your blog or website and upload well-researched and informative articles for the readers. You can select to write on various topics such as finance, business, fashion, lifestyle, healthcare, and more. It would help if you chose to write about the current trends, and people would want to know more about them. 

Once your blog gains popularity and the number of visitors on your page increases, you can earn by placing ads on your blog page. Small and medium businesses and big businesses pay for placing the advertisement of their products and services on popular blogging sites. You can also add affiliate marketing links to your blogs to earn instant money.

  1. Start your own Youtube Channel: 

Youtube is a platform where you can earn with your creativity. You don’t have to make a considerable investment to create content on youtube. Initially, you can start with your smartphone. Make and upload videos on topics of your knowledge. You can make videos about education, cooking, motivation, dance, art and craft, or any other field of interest. Earning money from youtube requires patience and consistent effort. Once your content gains viewers, likes, and subscriptions, your youtube channel gets monetized, and your earnings have started.

  1. Freelancing: 

Many websites on the internet provide work for freelancers. You can pick up a specific project and bid for it. If your client approves the bid, you can complete and deliver the project. Freelancing requires knowledge about a specific field. If you possess photography or videography skills, you can also work as a freelance photographer for an event or occasion to earn instant money. 

  1. Cooking and Baking: 

If cooking and baking are your hobbies, you can earn money from them. It is also an instant money-earning option. Initially, you can start by selling your delicacies in your locality. Use social media to inform neighbours, friends, and acquaintances about your cooking and baking business. Mention the food items, rates, and mode of payment. Contact your clients, take orders, and deliver food. You can also expand your business and start selling your food items online by listing them on online food delivery websites.

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There are many ways to earn instant money if you are willing to invest your time and energy. Keep yourself updated about new e-commerce sites, referral schemes, freelancing jobs, etc., to take advantage of every chance of instant money-earning online in India. With the help of the internet and technology, you can start making passive income from various sites. However, to earn a regular income from an online source, you must be knowledgeable, patient, and consistent.

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Q: How can you earn money through affiliate marketing?


To earn money from affiliate marketing, copy-paste the product or service link to your page.

Q: Do I need a referral code to sign up for the Instamojo refer and earn program?


You should enter the referral code on the Instamojo signup page to refer and earn instant money.

Q: What are some ways of instant money-earning online in India?


Instamojo referral programs, freelancing, stock trading, and paid-to-click websites are ways of instant money-earning online in India.

Q: How to earn ₹10 per click?


You can earn ₹10 per click by signing up for Paid to click websites.

Q: Is it possible to get an instant loan?


Yes, you can get an instant loan by downloading an app on your smartphone and verifying your details.

With that in mind, let’s dive into different ways to earn 1,000 dollars daily.

  1. Make Money Blogging. 
  2. Start An Ecommerce Business. 
  3. Start A Service-Based Business. 
  4. Day-Trading Stocks. 
  5. Retail Arbitrage. 
  6. Passive Income Rentals. 
  7. Use Geo-Arbitrage.
  8. Crypto Trading.

How can I make 1000 cash fast?

  1. Food Delivery. It is one of the easiest ways to make $1,000 fast, and food delivery drivers can make anywhere from $15 to $25/hour on average. 
  2. Take Online Surveys. 
  3. Start Freelancing. 
  4. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking. 
  5. Earn Cash Back When You Shop. 
  6. Rent Out Your Unused Space. 
  7. Rent Out Your Car. 
  8. Open a New Bank Account.

Is it hard to make $1,000 a day?

Takeaway. Knowing how to make $1,000 daily is no easy feat, but it’s doable. As mentioned, you’ll probably need to juggle a few options while they grow into profitable businesses. A mix of passive and not-so-passive business can help you manage the work required to hit your goal.

How to earn 500 per day from mobile?

How to earn 500 per day?

  1. Instamojo ‘refer and earn program:
  2. Click on the advertisement to earn money:
  3. Start trading in the Share market:
  4. Affiliate Marketing:
  5. Rent your household items:
  6. Blogging:
  7. Start your own Youtube Channel:
  8. Freelancing:

14 Realistic Ways To Earn 1000 Per Day – Online in 2024