Story: How I get my Google Adsense Account Approval?

I’ve read a lot of blogs and noticed every people saying that the Google Adsense account approval process is pretty hard.

You need to make a lot of efforts for getting your Google Adsense account approved.

Read This Post to the end you will get to know how to get your Google Adsense Account Approval also.

How I get my Google Adsense account approval?

I compared many blogs and found written everywhere that the Adsense has changed their policies and make Adsense approval process hard for new bloggers.

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Everyone is saying that for getting Adsense approval you need 20-30 or even 50 posts and some are saying you need to use at least ten images on your blog before applying for Adsense.

On the other hand, others say don’t use any image from canva or even pixabay because Adsense has very powerful software so this will create a copyright issue.

I left all these things behind and applied for Adsense, it took me 4 days to get a reply from AdSense.

But the reply was disappointing for me they rejected my application saying “Valuable Inventory: Not enough content”.

And now I don’t know the reason for this rejection, why they rejected my application.

So I start posting this error into facebook groups and start messaging some other bloggers who also just started their blog. I thought maybe they knew the reason for this rejection.

But I got outraged by their answers, they say you have plagiarized from other articles and now you have to remove every content from your blog and start creating new articles on your own.

But I didn’t copy anything from others, every content was originally created by me.

Others said there is hacker word in your domain and Adsense doesn’t allow hack or hacker words in domain names.

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Other folks were saying your images are copyrighted.

Some people were saying you have mistakes in your grammar but I can admit this because I’m not that smooth in my English, it could have been accepted.

But hacker word in my domain and images I used are the reason for Adsense rejection, these things bother me.

But after that, I stayed confident on my myhackersguide domain, I read Adsense policy and nowhere found that you are not allowed to use hacker or hack on your domain.

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But yes they have clearly written into their policy that any sexual or hacking related articles that misguide others are banned from using Adsense, but I have not found that you can’t use hack or hacker word in your domain.

As people had already scared me by this argument that I need to change my domain name and also I have created social accounts, what will happen to them now?

I did spend money on them to attract my visitors, will I have to choose a new domain and create new accounts?


But by leaving all these fake advises I stayed connected with my domain and did not make any changes with it, except one(you will get to know it at last and it’s the most basic and essential for Adsense approval, so keep reading).

So after that, I concentrated on my blog and after reaching 14 posts I wanted to give one more try but at that time I applied just for the sake of experiment without any hope of approval.

I applied it at 4 pm and got their reply after two days. I was holding my mobile phone and reading some articles on the improvement of my blog then suddenly received an email from Adsense, “Your site is now ready to show Adsense ads”.

I was shocked because I didn’t think about it that I can get an approval with just 14 posts.

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I don’t know why I was so happy with Adsense approval, maybe because I had cleared my first hurdle and doing everything right so that google gave me clearance for using their ad network on my blog.

And whatever people are saying is completely wrong.

How I get my Google Adsense account approved in just second attempt? and how you can get in the first attempt.

These things matter a lot in the Google Adsense Account Approval Process.

You might have got the idea now that How many posts you need for Adsense approval?

Number of Posts

I think 10 posts are averages, not mandatory, you can even get Google Adsense account approval with just 5 posts, but they have to be unique and high quality, not any copied and gibberish content that doesn’t make any sense.

Design of your blog

Your blog design is vital and plays an important role in the Adsense approval process. A good design can engage more people in your blog and make it easier for visitors to read your blog.

So always use a clean template for your blog so they can navigate through your blog more easily.

Important Pages

Most importantly your blog must have an About page, Contact page, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer page. Without these pages, there are zero chances of acceptance by Google Adsense.

I know it’s hard to write privacy policy on your own, you can generate this by using online tools.

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Disclaimer and Privacy Policy pages can be generated by using these tools for free.

Comment Moderation

And lastly, as I mentioned in the post I will tell you very basic thing that is very important in the Adsense approval and that is comments moderation.

If you have already set it to moderation then good, if not set it to moderation.

I read about this in their policy that your comment must be moderated by you for Adsense approval.

This can also be the reason for my Adsense rejection. Because my comments moderation setting is set to never.

This means if anyone comments on my blog then his comments will automatically get published on my blog without my review.

Bottom Line

In the end, I just wanted to say never believe blindly on someone’s advice or as long as you are not completely satisfied.

Just keep working.

So, this is my Adsense approval story, I got Adsense approval in the second attempt, I can say in just second attempt, for many people may require a lot of effort even they have many blog posts on their blog.

I also want to listen your Google Adsense approval story, you can comment below, my comment box is always open for you.

I am keen to read other Adsense related stories.

Happy Blogging!! Don’t forget to this Article.

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