How To Start A Blog In India? Ultimate Guide

How To Start A Blog In India? Ultimate Guide

Starting a blog in India involves several steps, and it can be a rewarding venture if done strategically. Here’s an ultimate guide to help you start a blog in India:

Step 1: Define Your Niche and Audience

  1. Identify Your Passion: Choose a niche you are passionate about and have knowledge in. This could be anything from travel and technology to finance or lifestyle.
  2. Research Your Audience: Understand your target audience and their preferences. This will help you tailor your content to meet their needs.

Step 2: Choose a Blogging Platform

  1. Select a Blogging Platform:
    • Popular choices include, Blogger, and Medium. is highly recommended for its flexibility and customization options.
  2. Choose a Domain Name:
    • Select a domain name that is relevant to your niche, easy to remember, and reflects your brand. You can use domain registrars like GoDaddy or Bluehost to purchase your domain.

Step 3: Set Up Hosting

  1. Choose a Hosting Provider:
    • Select a reliable hosting provider to host your blog. Bluehost, SiteGround, and HostGator are popular choices for WordPress hosting.
  2. Install WordPress:
    • Most hosting providers offer one-click installations for WordPress. Follow their instructions to set up your WordPress site.

Step 4: Design Your Blog

  1. Choose a Theme:
    • Pick a visually appealing and responsive theme. Customize it to align with your brand. There are many free and premium themes available for WordPress.
  2. Install Essential Plugins:
    • Enhance your blog’s functionality with plugins. Yoast SEO, Akismet (for spam protection), and Jetpack are commonly used plugins.

Step 5: Create Compelling Content

  1. Develop a Content Strategy:
    • Plan your content ahead. Identify the type of content you want to create, whether it’s informational, educational, or entertaining.
  2. Write High-Quality Content:
    • Create engaging, well-researched, and original content. Use a consistent writing style and include relevant visuals.

Step 6: Optimize for SEO

  1. Optimize for Search Engines:
    • Use SEO best practices to improve your blog’s visibility on search engines. This includes using relevant keywords, creating meta descriptions, and having a clean URL structure.
  2. Submit Your Sitemap to Google:
    • Submit your blog’s sitemap to Google Search Console to ensure that your content gets indexed by search engines.

Step 7: Build an Audience

  1. Promote Your Blog:
    • Share your content on social media platforms. Join relevant communities and engage with your audience.
  2. Build an Email List:
    • Set up an email newsletter to stay connected with your audience. Offer incentives like free guides or resources to encourage sign-ups.

Step 8: Monetize Your Blog

  1. Explore Monetization Options:
    • Consider various monetization methods such as Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or selling your products/services.
  2. Adhere to Legal Requirements:
    • Familiarize yourself with legal requirements, such as disclosure policies and adhering to copyright laws.

Step 9: Analyze and Improve

  1. Use Analytics Tools:
    • Install Google Analytics to track your blog’s performance. Analyze data to understand your audience and optimize your content strategy.
  2. Seek Feedback:
    • Encourage feedback from your audience. Learn from their comments and make improvements accordingly.

How To Start A Blog In India? Ultimate Guide

Starting a blog takes time and effort, but with dedication and consistency, it can become a valuable platform for expressing your ideas, connecting with others, and even earning income.

Do you want to learn How to start a successful blog in India 2023 and make money? You are welcome on the MyHackersGuide blog.

In this guide, you will learn everything from starting up your blog to becoming a successful blogger along with some blogging tips.

Stay tuned, I’ve also shared a Road-map to instant success in Blogging.

  1. Step 1: Choose a Niche for Your Blog.
  2. Step 2: Pick a Suitable Domain Name.
  3. Step 3: Choose a Web Hosting Service.
  4. Step 4: Install WordPress on Your Blog.
  5. Step 5: Choose an Appealing Design for Your Blog.
  6. Step 6: Install The Essential WordPress Plugins.
  7. Step 7: Start Creating Quality Content.

Let’s get Started,

Blogging is becoming so popular that everyone wants to come into it. Indian internet users are increasing rapidly. It’s opening high opportunities to make money online. To start a blog in India. Blogging can be life-changing for you if you do it right.

Many people have made their life with blogging and many on the way too. Although it seems super easy to make money just by sitting on your computer. But it required a great deal of effort to achieve.

You’re gonna be okay with these great efforts, if you have great enthusiasm. You have to show your desires toward writing contents, meeting new people on the internet and inspiring an audience.

Before diving into the main process of starting a successful blog, please give yourself some time to learn how MyHackersGuide came into existence.

Why I Started Blogging?

MyHackersGuide is also a new blog launched in March 2020. My blog has a big reader base and I am happy that I am pursuing my dream. With my passion for becoming a copywriter, I am here enhancing my skills by writing regularly on topics I have faced difficulties in the past.

I am earning a decent amount of money from my blog to support myself. But my main objective behind this blog is to learn how to make amazing content and learn how SEO works.

Blogging is a great way to share everything I am learning endlessly and see how this affects my skills by implementing. I am taking this blog as my project and my challenge is to learn SEO by improving the visibility of my blog on Google.

As for me , I always stay excited about learning new things and writing about them. I want to share everything that I have learned till now.

The main objective behind this blog is to learn how things work then bounce back strongly with my enhanced copywriting and SEO skills.

As I said money is not my first priority but still who doesn’t want to earn from home. I am already an Introvert who doesn’t like to go outside. If somewhere I manage to earn some money from my blog it will be a happy moment for me, especially as an introvert.

How Did I Start This Successful Blog?

With my passion for web development and learning programming languages, I used to play with the HTML for creating web pages.

I always dreamed about starting my own website where I can upload songs, wallpapers so can others download from my website.

That time I didn’t even know about Blogger or WordPress. 

I created my first blog on Blogger almost 7 years ago and bought my first ever hosting on Hostgator in 2015 but due to some personal reasons, I had to shut it down.

After that, The idea of blogging never got out of my mind, but never started blogging again due to personal reasons that I don’t want to share.

Now I have again started my blogging journey since December 2019 and registered this domain name with Google Domain.

How To Start A Blog In India? Ultimate Guide

Luckily I got the same domain name that I used on the way back. I don’t even know what the reason was behind buying this domain name. But I like this domain.

After buying this domain name, I started working on a Blogspot which is free to use but I can say that I totally wasted my time on it. Now I have purchased a hosting and moved to WordPress.

But every effort that I made on blogspot turned to dust.

That’s why I recommend everyone to choose a WordPress over free blogger. Otherwise regret later.

I will share everything I have learned so far.

But before starting a blog you must need to know some handful of important things.

Things To Know Before you Start A blog in India

 Choose The Right Platform. Find The Perfect Domain name. Choosing The Right Hosting is Very Important. Always Keep Regular Backups. Setup Google Analytics from Day 1. Setup a Professional Branded Email Address. Start Building an Email List Right Away. Setup Unique Contact Forms for Each Use Case.

Here’s everything you need to know all on one page. … In this post, I‘ll walk you through the entire process of starting a blog – step by step. … you have an audience and monetization options before you build your blog.

Determine the goals of your blog · Decide what the blog will be about · Research your competitors · Choose a blogging platform & hosting 

1. Passion: To Start A Successful Blog You Need It

Blogging is a challenging thing where many people start feeling discouraged after some time. Some of them even shut their blogs down.

Many professional bloggers also feel bored sometimes from blogging but this doesn’t mean they terminate their blog and start doing other things.

That’s where passion comes in if you have a passion for blogging then you will never feel tedious.

But if you have passion and still you feel that way, you know how to overcome it.

Blogging life isn’t easier as it seems.

2. Know Your Audience: Before You Start A Successful Blog

Before building your blog, you must find your readers.

Blogging is all about solving others problems by using your own experience. Before starting a blog, first ask yourself these questions.

  • Why are you starting this blog?
  • What am I Going to share on this blog?
  • What do others want?
  • What they will learn from my blog?
  • Which problem are they facing and How can I solve them?

By asking these questions to yourself. You can easily find what your target audience will be.

3. Don’t Blog For Money: If You Truly Interested To Start A Successful Blog

If you really want to start a successful blog, don’t write a blog for money.

Money is not guaranteed in blogging.

There are many Bloggers who haven’t made enough money to make blogging as a carrier.

On the other hand, some have built their fortunes.

Blogging is a fun thing, you have to enjoy it while working on it, if you are not enjoying it then maybe you are in the wrong race.

Don’t think about making money at least in the first five month.

4. Choose the right Platform to Start A Successful Blog

Don’t make that silly mistake by choosing a free blogging platform like Blogger(blogspot) or WordPress.

I also started my blog on Blogger and later moved to WordPress. WordPress is the best blogging platform to make money as well as to start a successful a blog.

Q: Why did I move to WordPress?

A: Because of the lack of SEO, I Manually need to write codes like meta tags, there is not any plugin like things and not even that professional-looking themes.

There is not any security on blogger, your blog gets banned any time by Google. In short, you are not the owner of your blog.

I always recommend you to go with WordPress, if you really want to start a successful blog.

Q: What if I don’t have money to buy Hosting?

A: Not having money? no problem, but don’t go with a Blogger. I bet you regret later.

Start saving money until you have enough money to buy a hosting.

Till then learn new skills on udemy or skillshare like content writing, copywriting and SEO.

Then start blogging after buying hosting. Blogging is never going to end, only the competition may increase.

5. Learn content writing and SEO before you Start A Successful Blog

Before coming into blogging, learn about SEO and must have the ability to write great content.

As the competition is increasing in blogging, these things are going to help you forever to grow your business in difficult times.

6. Make One Time Investment

Never made a mistake to buy hosting for just one year only. If your main objective is to make money from blogging then always go with at least two to three years of hosting.

Money is not guaranteed in blogging. If your blog is unable to generate income in the first year then you will still have 2 years to recover.

With three years of hosting you don’t need to worry again after a year to renew hosting.

Become stress free with three years of hosting.

Before you start a blog in India, be certain about SEO, WordPress , Content writing.

Now Get Ready To Buy Hosting and Start A Successful Blog in India!

So now you are ready to buy a hosting. My advice for buying hosting is to always go with Bluehost.

Why Choose Bluehost To Start A Successful Blog?

Bluehost is a great platform for WordPress hosting. They provide a free domain name, cheap hosting plans, Unlimited storage, unlimited database, fast servers and 24/7 support.

Many popular websites are hosted over Bluehost due to their excellent services.

Also, their one-click WordPress installation service is widely popular. Even WordPress recommendation is Bluehost for installation of WordPress. But don’t start a blog with Bluehost India. instead of Bluehost India choose (US), which is fast and more secure.

Bluehost is the cheapest hosting provider. Their basic hosting plans start from $7.99 per month.

But on special request they are giving 65% off for MyHackersGuide readers.

For that reason you can sign up using our sign up link and begin the process.

Why Bluehost is best for wordPress?

  1. 24×7 Support

Bluehost Promise 24×7 experts team support via phone, chat, and email for any hosting-related issue.

You can email or chat with them for any hosting related or any technical problems, they definitely help you out.

  1. 45 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Bluehost also gives a 45 days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their service or facing any problem with the Bluehost then you can simply apply for refund within 45 days.

  1. 99.9% Uptime

Uptime is the most important metric for any hosting company and a website.

It is the percentage of a hosting provider used to estimate how good a company is at keeping their server running.

In simple words, uptime is a time that estimates how long a service stays available or operational.

It must be 99.9% to 100% because if your website goes down for an hour it can cost you heavy loss in traffic and sales.

Bluehost promises 99.9% uptime in their systems.

  1. Free Domain

With Bluehost you can save your $10 to $20 which you had to spend on buying a domain name.

But if you already bought a domain name from another domain name provider you can move it to bluehost or directly connect with your hosting without any hassle by contacting bluehost support.

Buy Bluehost Hosting (65% off & free Domain)

Bluehost provides a great discount for our users. If you go through our link you will get 65% off + free domain name + free SSL Certificate.

When you sign up using our discounted link, MyHackersGuide will earn some commission without any additional cost to you.

So it’s a win-win situation for both of us.

So let’s Start the Sign-Up Process-

step 1. visit Bluehost to start a blog

First Visit this link Bluehost.

On the next Page you will see this new window.


From this click Get Started. Then on the next page choose a plan.

step 2. Choose Bluehost Hosting Plan

Choose whichever plan suits you the best.

If you are a beginner I suggest you go with the Plus plan because this plan allows unlimited websites and unlimited storage.


You can go with the basic one if you will be happy with the 50GB of storage and do not want to host another website in the future.

step 3. Choose Your Domain Name

After choosing your plan, now you have to choose the domain name. In the new window enter your domain name whichever you want to register.

Don’t worry If you already have bought your domain name you can also use it.

For now, I assume you are a beginner, so search for your domain name if it’s available.

You can continue with the next step if your name is available, otherwise change it.

step 4. Enter Account Information

Enter your billing address. This is the process of creating a user account.

You can also sign up using your Google account if you want.


Enter the information manually and address where you live.

If you have done with this. It’s time to choose the length of your hosting.

step 5. Choose Package Length

Always go with 2 or 3 years of hosting because with three years of hosting you don’t need to worry again after a year to renew hosting.

You will get a Free Domain name plus Free SSL certificate with Bluehost.

step 6. Choose Add-Ons

Here you can uncheck all of these if you want, because you can get many alternatives of these at the cheapest price.

step 7. Make A Payment

After checking everything twice you can make a payment.

Bluehost gives you two options for payment. You can either pay with a credit card or Paypal.

After entering the details of your preferred payment option, accept their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and click Submit.

On the next page, you will get your order receipt.

Next click Create your password to complete your blog hosting setup.

Now you are very near to becoming a Blogger.

Install WordPress on bluehost

Now you will install wordpress, wordpress is free to use.

And also the WordPress installation process is much easier then it sounds.

Now Begin to next procedure By simple logging in.

On the next Step you will be asked to choose a theme for your blog.

For now you can Skip this and continue to the next step because we can set it later.

WordPress is now installed. Continue the process by clicking Start Building to go to your new blogging dashboard.

Note: If you ever get logged out, simply login by visiting, enter your new domain name (or username) and your password then click Submit.

After logging in, click Log in to WordPress

Your new WordPress Dashboard will look like this.

Apply WordPress Theme

After Logging into your WordPress Dashboard. You have to install a wordpress theme.

You can find many themes in the WordPress Library and download.

After downloading a theme go back to your WordPress Dashboard → Appearance → Themes.

Then upload your downloaded themes and apply.

Congratulations, you have successfully applied your WordPress Themes.

Install Important Plugins in wordPress

Now it’s time to install crucial plugins that help you to grow your wordpress blog.

Also it’s not recommended to use many plugins as they can slow down your website performance.

Still you can apply any plugins by going to Plugins menu. The process of installing plugins is quite the same as themes.

Let’s see by installing Yoast SEO Plugin.

  1. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin helps you in handling all the technical stuff on your blogs like optimizing your content for SEO, adding meta descriptions, keywords, and other technical stuff that can be confusing for you to add manually.

Go to the Plugins → Add new.

Search Yoast SEO and Install.

After that Activate It.

All Done. Now you need to do some basic setting by going to Yoast SEO.

These settings are so basic that you can do by your own.


There are many Plugins available to use. You can search → install → activate and use them.

  1. Classic Editor

WordPress has changed their classic editor for post and page to new Block-style editor.

This new update is called WordPress Gutenberg Editor.

But the classic Editor is easier to use and fast. So you can download it and use.

  1. Easy Table of Contents

Table of content allows users to easily navigate to the area where they want to go.

This appears on every page and post automatically. You don’t need to do anything, just make some changes in the settings of the plugins and finish.

Rest of the work it will do on their own.

I also use this plugin for my post and pages to enhance the user experience with my blog.

  1. WordPress Shortcodes Plugin

This plugin comes with a complete list of useful visual and functional elements.

You can use it to create buttons on your page, you can add tabs, boxes, sliders and carousels, responsive videos and much more.

It’s a comprehensive package of 50+ beautiful shortcodes.

Setting Up Your WordPress Blog Permalink Structure

Urls are a very important factor for SEO. You can change your blog post title, meta description anytime but the url must remain the same.

When you create a blog your page and post’s URL will look like this (see after the dot com).

That’s neither user friendly nor SEO.

It’s better to change it before even publishing your first blog post.

By default, your permalink is set to “”

You have to change it to “”

For this go to Settings → Permalink and select Post name from this.

Now save the Changes.

Note: It’s better not to change any url after publishing your blog posts. Otherwise it starts throwing 404 errors due to the loss of the link.

So, you would rather redirect your old url to new or never change it.

These were some basic settings you can apply and plugins you can install.

In the next section you will find out some tips to become a successful blogger and how to make your blog popular.

How To Become A Successful Blogger and make your blog successful?

Starting a blog is not as difficult as maintaining it. Only Hard Work can make you a successful blogger.

As you see, building a blog is quite a straightforward process.

But what now?

Now you have to become successful in blogging. Work hard and grow your blog everyday, not in a hurry but gradually.

Start writing great contents from day one.

Don’t delete that Hello World post from your blog, transform it into a big gigantic post that describes who you are? Why did you start this blog? What’s your main motive behind your blog.

Share something new about yourself.

Write it like a story so others start loving your blog from the day one.

Success does not come overnight, you have to make every effort to grow your blog.

1. Treat You Blog Like A Business

By taking your blog as a business you can easily build brand awareness, credibility.

Provide relevant valuable content consistently through blogging.

It’s not an offline business, it’s digital.

Start your day like you have to get ready to go to work.

Wake up Taker Shower  Get ReadyHave Breakfast → Start Working.

Planning is an important part behind the success of every organisation.

If you don’t know What you are doing? What you have to do? Then Why are you doing it ???

Plan everything before doing anything.

Design unique Logo for your brand that reflects your business from miles away.

Make some more investment if you need. As long as you are not very confident about work.

Hire someone who can advise you, correct your mistakes.

Fiverr and Upwork are freelancer websites where you can hire someone for designing your logo and proofreading your articles.

2. Consistency

If you really want to successful in blogging, stay consistent about your work.

If you post one article today and another after months. Then success won’t even come near to you.

Stay consistent about your work. Post regularly, not everyday, once or twice a week is perfect.

Make a weekly plan on when you will have to post an article and when you promote your blog.

Consistency is the key for bringing more and more traffic to your blog.

3. Grow Your Email Email

Who knows whether a visitor will come back again to your blog again or not.

That’s why Start your email list from day one. When someone visits your blog, ask him/her for their Email in exchange for something useful like Ebook.

You can use a side widget to collect email addresses or use any plugin which helps in more conversion.

4. Adsense or Affiliate Programs

Decide which suits your blog the most and makes you the most money. A ads network or affiliate networks.

For ads, Adsense is one of the best platforms to choose from. You need to make your blog compatible to get the AdSense approval.

On the other hand, there are lots of affiliate networks available to make you money.

The majority of the bloggers depend upon the Affiliate programs. They are their primary source of income.

5. Use Social Media Platforms

There are many social platforms to promote your blog like Facebook.

You need to create so many social media accounts that it may be annoying to manage them if you are handling your blog alone.

So it’s better to choose 2 to 3 platforms only where most of your audience spends time. Rather than excessive accounts.

Social media is not as effective as directly asking other bloggers to promote your content. 

Instead of simply posting an image with some text to promote your content, approach other bloggers, show them your work and in case they like they promote it on their social media accounts.

6. Create Your Own Product

How long you stay on these affiliate networks and ads. All these networks make you dependent on them. They are not your own.

What if they ban you from selling their products on your website?

Your all revenue will go in a minute.

To prevent this from happening create your own product.

In addition it also gives you more freedom over your content moreover you can set your own price on your product.

Or atleast what your audience is willing to pay.

7. Read A Lots of Books

By reading books you can learn something new daily. Books not only have the power to make you savant.

However, they help you to build your vocabulary, enhance your writing skills and expand your knowledge.

They never let you run out of content ideas.

Books are always behind the success of every blogger.

8. Be Creative

By creative means never stops yourself from experimenting new things. Creative people always stay curious about learning new things.

They want to know the science behind every mechanism. They love to learn.

If you are not willing to learn anything, How do you grow?

If you are not willing to learn anything then how do you influence someone to buy from you.

Find ways to get yourself out from the box of imitativeness.

Frequently Asked Questions by who want to Start a Successful Blog

q: Is WordPress Free?

Yes WordPress is free, yet, for using it you either need a Hosting or locally setup environment such as Wampserver.

q: Difference Between and You can host your self hosted blog on and you need a hosting domain name.

It’s paid though you have full control over your blog. It’s possible to monetize your blog with any ads network. Whereas is free use where you are under full control over your blog. Your blog gets closed anytime by if they find any unusual activity.

You are not allowed to use your own domain name unless you buy their premium plans.

q: How Bloggers Earn Money?

Every self hosted blog can be easily monetized with any ad network or affiliate network. These are the main primary sources of bloggers to make money.

However they can also sell their own product on the blog to earn money.

q: Will I start Blogging in 2021?

Yes you can start a blog anytime in India. However, competition may has increased.

q: Is Blogging Dead?

Unless you start ignoring the internet and stop reading contents online It’s never going to end. Especially in India, now too many people started using the internet. So start a blog, it still has much scope in India.

q: Difference between Blog and website?

Blogs tend to be regularly updated daily or weekly with fresh contents. MyHackersGuide is a Blog.

In contrast, a website is a static page of any business or organisation which tells us about the page of business, contact, address and other details.

q: Can I Start A Free Blog in India?

Yes, you can start a free blog in India as long as you are not interested in making any money. Blogger and are free platforms to create a blog.

If you seriously want to become a blogger then self hosted blogs are an excellent choice.

q: Which languages should I choose for blogging?

In any language, you can start a blog. But to reach more audience and to double your earning, your local languages won’t help you much.

So the English language can be a good choice. It is spoken intentionally. Even if you are from India or not always choose English to start a blog.

Congratulations, YOU’VE STARTED YOUR FIRST BLOG and Learned Almost Everything to Grow it as well.

As you see, learning to start a successful blog in India is not that hard as it seems. Now it’s totally up to you how you make it more popular and make your first $100 dollar.

Find out How to monetize it and which one is best for your blog, Ads network or affiliate networks.

As i also have shared some tips on how to start a successful blog and how you can make your blog successful.

Implement all the things you have learned so far and enjoy Blogging.

Please Don’t forget to share this article with others, therefore, they can also learn something on how to start a successful blog in India.

How To Start A Blog

  1. Decide a niche. The first step in starting a blog is deciding your niche and target audience
  2. Get a suitable domain name. Next, choose a unique name for your blog
  3. Select a right platform
  4. Get a web hosting
  5. Write and customise your blog
  6. Publish your first blog post.

How can I earn $1000 from blogging?

It’s not that easy, but yeah, it’s entirely possible. People are making huge with blogging.

How can you make your first $1,000?

Follow the answer!

Do you have ever heard of Event Blogging? If not, then let me tell you, what exactly does it mean?

“A blog which is made to target a single day or week or month for receiving the huge amount of traffic is called event niche blog. Example: Happy New Year (Target: one day or week) Indian Premier League (Target: Almost 50 Days) In the short span of time, you can make huge income.”

Still with me?

Now, How can you do Event Blogging?


Suppose today is Valentine’s Day, and you have an internet connection and a Smartphone or laptop; what will you do?

Most probably, you will search for something about valentine’sValentine Day like

  • Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriends

You are not alone in the world; millions and billions of people do similar searches about a particular topic.

And mostly, they go through Google or any other search engine.

So in event blogging, we create a blog on a particular topic (e.g. Valentine), and by doing search engine optimization, we rank our website at the top position in the search engines.

If my website is on the first page, with a good keyword, I will get millions of traffic daily. By monetizing my blog with Advertisements (Adsense), I can make $$$$ in a single day.

Now how to do the same as they do,

=> Choose An Event: Choose an Event that is popular such as a Festival or a Sports (IPL)

=> Buy a Domain: Buy a Keyword domain. For example, if you target Valentine’s Day, then Valentine’s Day should be in the domain name. Such as

=> Keyword Research: Do keyword research, Check and analyze the competition and then work. Keyword research is one of the most essential things for an Event blog.

=> Content Creation: Create content with targetted keywords.

=> Backlinks: Make Backlinks and make as much as you can. (Put anchors as a primary keyword)

Tip: Comment Backlinks are best for Event Blogging. You can use directory submissions as well.

=> Regular Content Update: Update your content regularly.

=> Social Shares on Posts: This is one of the things that Google loves. Social shares help a lot in rankings, so share your posts on social media platforms. (Google Plus helps me a lot)

Remember to upvote the answer if it helps you.

Where can I write a blog and earn money?

So I will tell you in just simple words. If you want to earn money from Adsense by showing ads on your blog, then two easy methods.

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress

Blogger:- Google Blogger is free, and you don’t have to worry about your domain and hosting. After signing up, Blogger chooses a theme/template of your choice for making your website. And after that start writing your article.

After writing approximately more than 20 articles, you can apply for Google Adsense.

(don’t apply for Adsense before writing a sufficient amount of articles because they will not go to approve your website for AdSense. Also, remember to write your article, and don’t copy-paste from others’ articles because it comes under plagiarism, and if you do it, then Google will find you, and they will ban your AdSense account ).

I am not going to tell you how to set up an AdSense account or how to put the AdSense code to a blogger. If you really have an interest in writing blogs, then you will learn this from searching on Google or youtube; many articles and videos are available about this topic.

Let’s go to the second method.

WordPress:- WordPress is also so easy, but it is advanced compared to Blogger. WordPress is for you if you are not interested in making a website using Blogger because it feels like it could be more professional. Most people, organizations and startups use WordPress because it’s easy, and you don’t have to learn html, CSS or PHP to make a beautiful professional website.

One thing WordPress is free, but to make a website, you have to buy a domain and hosting, which will cost you a little bit of money.

(but you can also buy a free domain and host; search on Google you will find many websites that will give you free domain and hosting, but remember that if you are buying a free domain, then it also doesn’t looks professional because no one will give you.Com/.In /.org is free, and if you are buying free hosting, then they will provide you with lousy quality hosting that is down maximum times. So if you are trying to learn WordPress, then you can try the free method, but if you are making a website for professional use, don’t think about free)

So to make a website on WordPress, first, you must buy two things.

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting

You can buy a domain from anywhere, like Godaddy, Namecheap, Big Rock.. etc. I will recommend GoDaddy.

And for hosting, there are also so many hosting providers. You will choose any good hosting provider like GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, etc.

(For your kind information, I will tell you that there are so many types of hosting

  1. Linux hosting
  2. Windows Hosting

For WordPress, we have to buy Linux hosting, and also, in Linux hosting, there are types of Linux hosting.

1. Shared Hosting

2. VPS Hosting

3. Dedicated Server Hosting

It depends on your budget or the type of website you are making on WordPress. If you are making a website for writing essential blogs, then use shared hosting, and if you are thinking of having a large amount of traffic on your website, then you will choose VPS or a Dedicated server, but I will recommend shared or VPS hosting)

After completing these two steps, you will have to connect the domain with your hosting by changing the nameserver in your domain (if you have a domain from a different website and hosting from other websites, then you will have to change the nameserver that is provided by your hosting but if your domain and hosting are both from the same website then you don’t have to do anything you are ready to go)

And last, go to your cpanel provided by your hosting and install WordPress.

After installing WordPress, you must use a theme; you will choose many free themes and customize them to your requirement. You can also buy paid themes from Themeforest, but I recommend using a free theme and customizing it properly.

And your website is ready for writing a blog. Write some good quality articles and apply for Google Adsense. You will be approved if your website looks good and clean and you have a sufficient article.

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