How To Delete a Blog On Blogger Permanently?

delete blog on blogger

How To Delete A Blog On Blogger Permanently?

You cannot delete your account on blogger but you can delete a blog on blogger permanently. In this post, you will learn, How To Delete a Blogger Permanently?

Delete a Blogger Blog

Log in to Blogger using your Google account. Click the down arrow located in the top left and select the blog you want to delete from the list. In the left menu, click Settings > Other. In the Delete Blog section, next to Remove your blog, click Delete blog.

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Blogger is one of the best platforms to choose from for blogging. Every blogger who starts blogging has a fear that what if he fails in blogging. So keeping this in mind he decides to choose a Blogspot platform that is free to use and we don’t need to worry about buying any hosting or domain.

Blogger is a free and easy-to-use platform for blogging. You can create a free blog on blogger and start blogging. But, on the other hand, the blogger also has many disadvantages. So If you want to seriously become a blogger then Blogspot may not be recommended for you.

Blogspot lacks many features such as SEO, lack of themes and plugins and it is not as premium as WordPress.

Hence, deleting or migrating a blog from the Blogspot is the last option in the end.

So I recommend you to use WordPress if you really want to become a blogger.

Am assuming that if you are reading this post then you have a blogger blog and you want to completely delete a blog on blogger permanently for any reason.

Am sad to see you going from blogging, but happy if you have decided to move to WordPress from Blogspot.

Deleting a blogger blog is easier than you think. However, things might get worse when you forget login details or have no access to your Gmail account.

What was the last time you deleted your blogger blog? Was it easy? Is there’s anything I missed in this post, feel free to let me know in comments.

How To Delete a Blog On Blogger Permanently?

But first, take a backup of all of your content and themes before you delete your blog on blogger permanently so in case if you made your mind again to come back to a blogger you can directly start from where you have ended.

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Take Backup of Your Contents (Posts, Pages, Comments)

  • First login to your Blogger account.
  • Then Select the blog whose backup you want to create.
Delete a Blog On Blogger Permanently
  • Then Go to Settings > Others.
Delete a Blog On Blogger Permanently
  • From the Import & Backup Menu click import content and save it to your computer.

Take Backup of Your Theme

  • First login to your Blogger account.
  • Then Select the blog whose theme backup you want to create.
  • Click Themes (above the settings option) from the side menu.
  • Then select Backup/Restore and Download the theme.

Now you have safely created a backup of your content and theme. If in future you again decide to open your blog on blogger then simply upload this theme and import your content (Posts, Pages, Comments) on your new blog.

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Delete Blogger Blog Permanently

  • First login to your Blogger account.
  • Then select the blog which you want to delete permanently.
  • Then go to settings > Others > Delete blog and Confirm.
Delete a Blog On Blogger Permanently

Now you have successfully deleted your blog from a blogger. If you want to recover your deleted blog from a blogger you can recover it within 90 days of deleting it.

Restore Your Deleted Blogger Blog

After deleting your blog you can restore it any time before the 90 days of deletion. If the days are less then 90, you can still be able to recover your blog.

To recover your blog follow these steps-

  1. Log in to Blogger > from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the Deleted Blog section and choose your blog.
  3. Click Undelete.

drop down menu blogger

Immediately Delete Your Blogger Blog Permanently

After deleting a blog it still can be recoverable for 90 days but if you want to delete it instantly & permanently you can do this.

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Follow these steps to Immediately Delete Your Blog

  1. Log in to Blogger > from the drop-down menu.
  2. Again go to the Deleted Blog section then choose your blog.
  3. Click Permanently Delete.

Delete a Specific Blog Post On Blogger

If you do not want to delete your entire blog, only want to delete a specific blog post which you dont want to show up on your blog.

To Delete a Specific Blog Post On Blogger-

  1. First Visit Blogger.
  2. And open your desired blog.
  3. Click on Posts and select the blog post which you want to delete.
  4. Then click on the delete icon which shows as a dustbin.
  5. And confirm.

Delete A Page On Blogger

To delete a specific page on Blogger. Follow these Steps.

  1. First Visit Blogger.
  2. And open your desired blog.
  3. Click on Page then tick the page which you want to delete.
  4. Then click on the delete icon.
  5. And confirm.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that I come across on different forums so I decided to write all of them over here to help you out.

Q: How to delete my blogger account permanently after deleting my blog?

You can’t. You need to understand that your blogger account is associated with the Google account and Gmail. Friends, you just can’t separate blogger from Google account. Hence, a blogger account can’t be deleted without deleting your gmail account.

If you still want to delete your blogger account permanently simply close your Google account but be careful before taking this final decision.

Q: How to delete blogger blog without logging in?

First thing would be to recover your account if possible. If you don’t remember password then recover your email address from Google accounts.

If nothing works, simply submit the request to Google and they’ll verify if you are the sole owner of the blog and will solve your issue.

Q: How can I delete my blog when I don’t remember my email or can’t log in? 

If you created a blog with an old unknown email and you forgot it. There is no way to gain access to your get blog back. Unfortunately, blogger support does not help in solving ownership issues.


Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms that allow you to create your own blog for free without any charges.

You don’t have to worry about hosting, technical stuff, or anything like that. That’s why many people jump over to blogger to start their first blog and that’s absolutely fine.

However, at some point, you realize that you no longer want to maintain it and want to delete your old blogger blog account.

There could be many reasons, you made the mistake with your first blog, you did everything wrong, or whatever the reason may be.

So how can you permanently delete your blogger blog or account? This post is going to give you a step-by-step guide to delete a blogger blog.

I also added answers to some most frequently asked questions about deleting a blogger account or a blog to remove any doubts you have.

How To Delete A Blog On Blogger Permanently?

Warning: Deleting your blog will remove everything including posts and pages.

Thanks for reading this post. Hopefully, it helps you in deleting your blog on blogger successfully in addition to delete the blogger pages and posts.

If you still have any problem on you can comment down below. We will help you out.

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