100+ Interesting Blog Niche Ideas To Start A Blog & Make Money In 2024

Here are some blog niche ideas:

  • Personal financeA popular niche that can earn money by teaching readers how to manage their money. Personal finance topics can also fit into other niches like parenting or lifestyle.
  • FoodA lucrative niche with many sub-niches, including simple dishes, particular diets, and home cooking. Food has universal appeal and many cuisines to choose from.
  • EntertainmentA popular and engaged niche that can help bloggers build a following and generate revenue through affiliate marketing, advertising, and brand partnerships.
  • Personal developmentA popular niche that includes tips and strategies on self-care, becoming better, and happier in every aspect of life.
  • TravelA popular niche that can provide a lot of potential because people take research before going on vacation.
  • FitnessA micro niche that can be important because many people are suffering from obesity, illness, and many diseases. 

Other blog niche ideas include:

  • Pets and pet care tips
  • DIY and craft projects
  • Music lessons
  • Test preparation
  • Cooking and food recipes
  • Gardening tips
  • Parenting
  • Self-improvement tips for specific audiences 

When choosing a blog niche, you can consider:

  • Knowing your target audience
  • Looking at the submarket ecosystem
  • Defining a unique value proposition
  • Filling the gaps
  • Exploring micro niches
  • Validating the profitability of your niche 

Do you want to start a blog? Wait! Before you start a blog you just need to identify your passion and choose the best blog niche ideas to start.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to think much about that.

Here we have gathered a list of 100 Interesting Blog niche Ideas To Make Money while enjoying your blogging carrier.

Choosing a blog niche that aligns with your interests, expertise, and has the potential to attract a target audience is crucial for starting a successful blog. Here are some interesting blog niche ideas that could potentially generate income:

  1. Personal Finance and Budgeting:
    • Provide tips on budgeting, saving, investing, and achieving financial goals.
    • Offer advice on reducing debt and building wealth.
  2. Health and Wellness:
    • Cover topics such as fitness routines, healthy recipes, mental health, and self-care.
    • Share personal journeys or experiences related to health and wellness.
  3. Home Decor and DIY:
    • Showcase home improvement projects, interior design ideas, and DIY crafts.
    • Share budget-friendly decorating tips and renovation experiences.
  4. Sustainable Living:
    • Focus on eco-friendly living, sustainable practices, and green technologies.
    • Share tips on reducing waste, adopting sustainable habits, and eco-conscious product reviews.
  5. Travel Hacks and Destinations:
    • Provide travel tips, destination guides, and budget-friendly travel ideas.
    • Share personal travel experiences and recommendations.
  6. Parenting and Motherhood:
    • Offer parenting advice, product reviews, and personal anecdotes.
    • Cover topics like pregnancy, child development, and family activities.
  7. Technology and Gadgets:
    • Review the latest tech products, gadgets, and software.
    • Provide tutorials and troubleshooting guides for popular technologies.
  8. Career Development:
    • Share insights on career growth, job hunting, and professional development.
    • Offer resume writing tips and interview advice.
  9. Personal Development and Self-Improvement:
    • Cover topics related to personal growth, motivation, and self-improvement.
    • Share success stories, book reviews, and productivity tips.
  10. Food and Cooking:
    • Share recipes, cooking tips, and food photography.
    • Focus on specific diets like vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free.
  11. Fashion and Style:
    • Showcase fashion trends, outfit ideas, and styling tips.
    • Review clothing brands and accessories.
  12. Entrepreneurship and Business:
    • Provide advice for startups, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.
    • Share success stories and business strategies.

Remember, the key to a successful blog is consistency and providing value to your audience. Choose a niche that aligns with your passion and expertise, and be prepared to invest time and effort into building your blog and engaging with your audience. Additionally, monetization methods can include affiliate marketing, sponsored content, selling digital products, or offering services related to your niche.

Finding Best Blog Niche Ideas Sometime Become Hard

Many people when they listen about blogging from anywhere, whether from their friend or cousin or relative, who are already earning with blogging.

They jumped in excitement, that they also wanted to make money like this. They want to jump into online business (blogging) and start thinking about these questions-

Which topic should I choose?

Which Niche is more profitable?

How to find a perfect domain name for their blog?

Also which hosting should i choose and many other things.

Well starting a blog is the most easy part. But publishing content regularly and keeping your blog fresh is difficult and more important.

So it’s a good thing that your mind reminds you about these things. This way you never make a mistake in your very initial stage.

Only Choose Blog Niche Ideas Which You Love

Here, before finding a profitable niche, before doing any kind of research on choosing your domain name. You must have to know your passion.

Choose only that niche in which you feel more energized while writing and you love to read and write about that.

It does not mean whether it’s a profitable niche or not, when you work with your full concentration on your desired niche. Then it automatically becomes a profitable niche.

When you start a blog and work on what you love. Your audience will automatically start loving your blog. Because you are putting everything on your blog straight from your heart.

Then slowly your audience will become your loyal customers. You can sell them any product or service. Because now they trust you and love your content.

And the other big advantage of finding your passionate blog niche ideas,

Is that you will never get bored with your work. Because you love what you’re doing.

When you start a blog by choosing only a profitable niche (not what you love), you can easily notice, with time, you start feeling bored and end up quitting your blog because you’re not earning nor you have readers for your blog.

So work with a passion only. Money and your audience will start coming to you.

Now let’s pull up the curtains and find blog niche ideas.

From the list of hundred plus ideas. Pick only that matters to you can you love reading and writing about that.

List Of 100 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas

1: Travelling Blog Niche Ideas

Travelling is a great blog niche idea to start about. Write about the destination in your city or state. Doesn’t matter if you go there or not. You can research quite a bit and write.

Make sure all the information is genuine. Don’t try to fool your reader. Otherwise, you will lose all your credibility sooner or later.

2: Video Games Blog Niche Ideas

Do you love to play games? Are you a gamer? Like I am who always loves to play games all the time. But not now. I am focusing on my blog.

If you also like me and know you know everything about PlayStation and Xbox. Then you can work on this niche. You can do these things on your blog.

  1. Provide links to download a game.
  2. Comparison between Play Stations.
  3. Gaming Consoles Review
  4. And other stuff you use

3: Comics

From the birth to till date. We love reading comics and watching cartoons. Now it’s time to share those comic’s interesting stories with people around the world.

You can start a blog on comics niche and also earn by selling those comics. You don’t need to own those comics, just provide a link to the comics from where your audience can buy it.

4: Workout

How’s your biceps? “Oh nah you don’t need to show me”, just show me how I can build like these.

If you love hitting the gym regularly then you must have a great knowledge about bodybuilding. You can share it through your blog. This is also a nice blog niche idea to start.

Teach your audience how they can get a body shape the same as you.

5: Healthy Food blog niche

Who doesn’t want to eat something spicy, yummy, delicious and mouth watering food.

But many are on diets and don’t know how to eat everything they want without affecting their daily lifestyle.

Here your role comes in, if you also love to be on a diet and you also know how to cook healthy food.

You can start a healthy food blog and share your expertise.

6: Yoga Blog Niche

To keep yourself fit, yoga, exercising and meditation plays an vital role in every person’s life. Start a blog on yoga and show them some of the best ways to do this in the right way.

7: Gift Store & Advice

Whenever I have to buy any gift, for someone one special. Instead of asking any of my friends I searched it on Google “which is the best gift to buy for my mother”.

And immediately I get so many results and which seem good to me I buy.

You can start an online gift center using an E-commerce and sell online. List these gifts on your blog and monetize your blog with Affiliate Marketing and earn money.

8: Parenting Blog Idea

Caring a child is the most daunting task. It’s become more difficult when you also do a job.

So if you have some secrets or experience to do these both duties perfectly at the same time. Then pick this niche idea.

There are many mothers and fathers looking for this kind of advice.

9: Hair Styling Blog

Doing whatever you want is the most happiest work on this planet. If you are a hair styler or already running a salon. Then starting a hair styling blog is a wonder idea to kick start your second source of income.

10: Beauty Niche Idea

Suppose you have a beauty salon and someone calls you, “I need an appointment today”.

You- reply “but sorry Today is OFF” your customer “But I need this to be done today” now you send them your blog post link and tell them to learn from this.

Share beauty tips on your blog and some advice to follow to look more elegant.

11: Fashion

A fashion blog can include many things such as clothing, accessories, beauty tips, fashion trends in the market.

Share what you bought recently and review the item. Review about that product, what you like about it and what you don’t.

So other people who read your blog can make a better decision in purchasing any items.

12: Celebrity Blog Niche Ideas

Writing a celebrity blog  is not  a difficult task. You can write about any celebrity’s biography. Celebrity blogs receive million-billions of pageviews per month and make a lot of money.

13: Recipes Blog

If you love cooking, then starting a cooking or recipes blog is a good thing to earn while following your passion. Teach people how to make any special dish on a special occasion.

Or teach them how to cook food. There are many men and womens who have an interest in cooking and want to learn new recipes.

14: Exercising At Home

Home workout is also a superb blog niche ideas to start. For the people who do jobs they don’t have much time to go to the Gym.

You can teach them how to stay healthy by exercising at home. In addition to the blog you can also start a YouTube Channel on this niche.

15: Teaching Guitar

Before teaching a guitar to others, you should also know how to play any cords on it. Only Then start a blog.

You can start a YouTube channel on it. Instead of writing, people learn much easily with videos instead of reading this kind of blog.

16: Drawing & Painting Blog

Post articles, tutorials and guides to learn to draw and paint. There are many people who want to enhance their painting skills at home.

So teach them through your blog. Drawing and painting blogs also supply reviews, galleries, tips and share their thoughts about featured artists.

17: Meditation Blog Niche Ideas

I want a peaceful life, if you start a blog on this topic please let me know bubby. I will surely follow your advice (if it’s better).

Not only me there are millions-billions of people who want peace in their life. So it’s a great blog topic to start.

18: Organize Your Budget

If you are running your house finance budget and everybody trusts you that you can save some money. Then teach others also how you manage your family budget and how others can.

19: Knitting

Do you know knitting? There are many curious people who want to learn this also. Instruct them.

20: Pregnancy

Share your experience about pregnancy. How you suffer the pain and manage your life in those 9 months. Your Pregnancy blogs cover anything from guides to personal birth stories and others.

21: Gadgets Blog

Gadgets are small machines or devices which are helpful and useful. You can see many blogs are out there who share everything about the gadgets and upcoming gadgets.

They bought a gadget and reviewed it on their blog. You can also do the same if you are also interested in gadgets.

22: DIY Niche BLogs Idea

If you don’t know the DIY means, then this is an art of repairing or making things by yourself without calling any professionals.

If you also have mastermind of repaign things by oneself, then start DIY Niche blog.

23: Online Supplements Store or Advice

Provide with the help of nutrition, health capsules, and other natural health benefits on your blog.

24: Make Money Online

If you already have some experience about earning money online then teach people how to become successful in the world of online.

Show them the best methods and other websites where they can earn decent money daily by working.

25: Health Care

Unless you are not a doctor, starting a blog about health care is not a good idea. But you can share some health tips on your blog that are beneficial for people in their day to day life.

26: Automobiles Blog Niche

Sharing cars, bikes and other heavy machinery details on your blog is a great idea. Also this is not a competitive niche due to less people writing about it.

Write about newly launched cars and bikes with some pictures and people will surely love your blog.

27: Animals Blog

If you are a pet, cat, rat  or any other animal lover. Then you can share about them-

  • How to take care of them?
  • How to train them?
  • What do they eat?
  • Cost and many other things.

28: Language Blog

If you master any language or many languages. You can teach other people on the internet. With your blog or website you can reach a wider audience and connect with a large audience.

29: Weight Loss Or Gain Blog

There are already almost many blogs on this niche. This is highly successful blogging niche ideas to start.

If you already have an experience in this field. Then show to others how you get to this and achieve.

30: Android Development

This is the most professional tech related niche where you can share your android related tutorials, making apps in android, android news etc.

31: Quotes Niche Blog Idea

Who doesn’t have inspiration and motivation in their work? Without motivation normal humans can easily get bored from their work and do not come back until they get some motivation.

I am also a fan of some quotes websites and read quotes daily to keep myself motivated.

32: Gardening Blog

Gardeners are a way to heaven if you set and decorate them properly.  Gardens help people to lower body mass index, depression, and anxiety.

Instagram, YouTube, Blog are the ways to promote your work.

33: Photography Blog Idea

If you love to take photos and know all the skills that everyone has to become a perfect photographer. Then you can start a blog or instagram page to showcase your work.

Use instagram to protore your work and blog to write tutorias on becoming a photographer and taking good shots.

34: Tech Blog

Tech blogs’ niche idea is for those who are already a little tech-savvy guys. This is the most profitable niche to start. Where you can share new tech tutorials, guides and many other tech related news etc.

35: Life Goals

Everyone has some life goals like to earn million dollars in their life, buy a ferrari or have a private jet. Making them successful is looking like a difficult task but in reality everything is possible if you focus on your dreams.

If you already have some experience on achieving something great in life, then teach others how you achieve and how others can.

36: Work From Home Ideas

Many people in every country want to do jobs that they can do from their home. There are many articles on the internet also but you can also start. 

Find which topic yet other bloggers have not covered.

37: Product Reviews

Use any product and write a review about it. This helps customers to find the pros and cros of the product.

Also provide full detail about the price, description and location to buy it easily.

38: Life Hacks

Life hacks are the methods to live life easily with shortcuts. These are the strategies, tips and hacks to increase your efficiency on a daily basis.

39: Self Defence Blog

Many people are getting trained by going to the center to learn the skills to protect themselves. This is a technique every one must have to care for themselves or their loved ones at any point in life.

40: Swimming

Start a blog on Swimming where you can educate and improve the transparency of swimming science. Provide everything you know about swimming including all the latest news, training tips, swimwear guides, equipment reviews, competitive swimwear articles and much more.

41: Home Decor Blog Niches

Starting a blog or website about home decor and furniture has become extremely popular. If you’re really passionate about a home decorative style, then just go for it! You’ll surely find a way to make your blog unique.

42: Writing Blog

To become successful online everyone must need writing skills to put their thoughts on paper. But still there are many who don’t know how to write well.

If you know about writing and have experience already then you can teach others with the help of a blog.

43: Books

Books are the great source of learning. Poele loves to research before buying any books. You can provide review on any book you read in the past. So others don’t face any difficulty to find a useful book.

44: Web Development

Web development is designing websites for your clients. But if you want to teach web development through your blog, then blogging is the best way to reach your target audience.

Not only free but you can also sell a course on your blog to make money.

45: Smartphones Review

Smartphones review means building a source for your affiliate income. You can see there are many youtube videos on unboxing smartphones.

You can also start a youtube channel on this topic but though reading people learn to get getter and easily.

You can easily find your audience in this niche.

46: Accessories

Write about any type of accessories you bought online or offline. Whether it’s jewelry, clothing related or any other.

47: Dancing

Teach online how to dance. Whether it’s classical, Ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary.

48: Restaurant Reviews

These types of blogs are very popular. We all want to go to a clean & fresh food restaurant. Write about them how you feel about any type of restaurant, what they are providing and the price list.

49: Time Management Blog

It is the process of controlling and managing your time effectively. You divide your time between your works and spend it wisely.

It helps you to get more work done in less time. Lack of time management causes stress and effectiveness. So start your blog on time management hacks to provide better undertaking of how other people can get more in less time.

50: Investment

Invest money to get more money in return, this is what one wants. If you know how to invest your money and where to invest it to get higher returns. Then you can grow your blog easily by teaching other people how to invest your earned money.

51: Computer Tricks and Hacks

Everyone loves to perform hacks on their friends computer. You can share some computer tricks on your blog.

52: Dating Tricks

If you have tips and tricks for couples on their first date. You already know what your niche should be.

53: Movies Review

I am one of those who loves to find the rating and user experience with the movie. I don’t waste my time on any boring or meaningless movie.

There are many others who do the same. Share the review of a movie you watched recently, and share what your thoughts were on the movie. Is it good for an under 18 years child?

54: Cheap Deals or Coupon Codes

Find the websites or stores which are giving discounts on their products, then share them on your blog so others can easily find that deal.

55: Travel Blog

Share the most popular tourist place to visit once in a lifetime. If you are already a traveler who loves to travel, every coroner in the world.

Then why not start a blog and share your experience with others also.

56: Foody Blogger

Earn while traveling around the world and eating the most popular food. What is better than this moment. Share your experience with the food, and other famous places where unique foods are served.

57: Confidence boosting Tips

If you ever faced a situation where you feel nervous but you manage to handle that situation. Then share this with your aucince on your blog and teach them how they can boost their confidence.

58: Skin Care Topics

Many people face daily life problems with their skin and mostly girls with pimples of their face. Share your tips on reducing pimples, acne and aging.

59: Hiking

Hiking is an outdoor activity of walking in natural environments. Write about-

  • Foot Trails.
  • Boardwalks.
  • Interpretive/Nature Trails.
  • Multi-Use Trails.
  • Hiking Without Trails.
  • Bikeways.

60: Astronomy and horoscopes

You can teach your reader about astronomy and tell them their horoscope.

61: TV shows

If you have watched any series on Netflix, hotstar or amazon prime share your experience with your readers.

62: Upcoming events

Write about any upcoming event into any city in the world. You can check about these on any website and put them on your blog. So people get to know about coming events easily.

63: Retirement Saving Plans

One day we will get old and we all want to have enough money saved for our future, So we don’t face any difficulty in our older age. You can write about it on your blog.

64: Advice For Relationship

Write about how to keep each other happy in the relationship and make it long lasting.

65: Career Advice

Write about career advice for everyone, whether it’s a student or other human. How they can most of his career.

Advice for students for finding a college or university and their future job advice.

66: Learn New Skills

Teach about the skills people can learn. Not only tell them which skill to choose but also teach them how they can learn it easily.

67: Beginners Guides

Beginners guide on anything, blogging, climbing, earn money online, knitting and many other things.

68: News

Keep your readers up to date with the latest news.

69: Job Interviews Advice

Share advice for people that how they can prepare for interview for jobs.

70: How To Blog

In this type of blog share all kind of DIY tips & hacks. People often search how to query on the Google Search Engine. You can answer any type of question that can within how to question mark. These are the best blog niche ideas and everyone loves them.

71: SEO

Seo tips to grow your blog from zero to 100. You can share all kinds of methods, guides on SEO to help people to grow their online business.

72: Web Hosting Reviews

Everyone often searches online for what type of hosting they need. They compare between two to three and then take a decision which is best.

You can compare web hosting and write reviews about them.

73: Speaking

Share your advice and tips for speaking in public or formal communication.

74: Business

Help people by sharing tutorials, guides on business related things. Advice people on how they can start their own business and then how they grow it successfully.

75: Servivalist

Write about survival tips in the jungle, water, islands. Share what they need to be taken before going there and how to take care themselves.

76: Singing Tips

If you know how to sing well. If you are already running singing classes. Then take this to another level with the blog and youtube channel.

Teach a wider audience with the help of the internet that how they can improve their voice and sing well.

77: Online Jobs Blog

Create a website or blog where you can share all types of current jobs and upcoming jobs.

78:Studying Tips

Write and share tips for students on how they can study in a smart way. How they can improve their vision and focus and concentrate more on study.

Not only study related, also teach them what they don’t learn in school.

79: Stress Relief Blog

Help people to reduce depression, stress, anxiety related issues.

80: Magic Tricks

Share magic tricks if you know and also teach how they can do it on their own.

81: PhotoShop

If you now photoshop very will, why shouldn’t you teach it through your blog or youtube channel

82: Copywriting

Copywritng is an art and very few are mastered into it. You can start a blog on this topic and teach and write about copywriting along with some tips and tricks to enhance copywriting skills.

Teach others how they can produce a great copy to sell their product without hiring a copywriter.

83: Programming Languages

Start writing about programming languages you know. This is a great blog niche idea to come up with.

84: WordPress

Write about wordpress and other blogging platforms. Share how to use wordpress and create a blog on it.

85: Social Media Tips

Write about social media tips to increase following and teach how they can get more exposure and sell through their social media accounts.

86: Memes

Share the latest memes on your blog.

87: Tatoos

If you are doing a job or have a business in this particular field. Then create a website and share your work with others. So more people get to know you and contact you for your work.

88: Blog Directory

If you hate writing daily, then blog directory is a good niche to start. On your website you don’t need to write many articles. Your work is to list the other blog and website  on your website.

As your domain authority increases you can charge for every listing. People want to list their blog in this kind of directory to get backlinks.

89: Running and Cardio

Share tips on running and show some cardio exercises to include in your daily routine to keep our body healthy.

90: Self Improving

Write about self improvement like personality development, saving money, staying fit and young.

91: Travel Under Budget

There are many people who love to travel but they don’t have much budget. So share with them some of the great tips to travel under budget and trip advice.

You can easily hit millions of visitor per month if you work under this blog niche ideas.

92: Pet Training

Write about how you can train your pet at home.

93: Writing book and Ebook

Write about writing a book and ebook and how to publish it online and offline.

94: Best Places Around The World

You know what you have to write on this kid ob blog. Most famous Beautiful places and their facts.

95: Iphone Application Development

There are many rare people who teach IOS development. You can pick this niche and teach and also sell your own course on it.

96: Car maintenance

How to keep a car maintained.

97: Successful People Stories

If you have good writing skills you can choose this niche and write about  stories and their struggle in life.

98: Farming

Teach people how they can grow vegetables and other stuff in their field. How they can care for it and save it from insects.

Also, you can write about organic farming as people know more about their health so without pesticides farming is more important. This is unique and great blog niche ideas to start.

99: Teach Basic Computer Skills

Start a blog and website and choose this blog niche idea to teach basic computer skills like excel, photoshop, typing etc.

100: Consulting Website or Blog

You can share your advice on your blog related to business or startup or any kind of consulting.

101: Life Hacks

How people can increase their efficiency and productivity in their work. How can they manage their daily routine and with some small changes how they can improve their life.


So this was the list of 100 blog niche ideas to start your own blog. Starting a blog is not an easy task. You can check my articles on How you can start a SuccessFul Blog. This is a step by step guide to help you out.

Coming up with great ideas sometimes becomes difficult when we want to join blogging. Hope this list will help you out in finding the best blog niche ideas.

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