Where can I buy kosher salt UK in London?

Where Can I Buy Kosher Salt UK In London?

In the UK, “kosher salt” is called “coarse salt“, or sometimes “rock salt“. If you ask for kosher salt in the UK, you’ll get blank stares, because that isn’t what we call it. A popular brand in the UK is SAXA which makes coarse sea salt.

It’s available in most supermarkets. Obviously, this is not the only brand available, just the one I happen to have in my food cupboard which I photographed below. I am not affiliated with SAXA, nor am I making a brand recommendation here.

Kosher salt is coarse, less refined, and takes a while to dissolve; however, because it is composed of larger flakes, it’s not as dense. … Like sea salt, it adds brine and crunch to savory dishes, which is why chefs prefer it over table salt. It’s about 20% more expensive than table salt if you buy in bulk.

Alternatives to Kosher Salt UK

  • Table Salt. This is one of the easily available replacements for kosher salt.
  • Sea Salt. In some cases, table salt is not preferred as a replacement for kosher salt.
  • Pickling Salt. This is an ideal option if you need a substitute for pickling and canning.

Sea salt offers the same benefit as kosher salt only if it’s a coarse-grained variety. On the other hand, “fine grain” sea salts have the same high sodium content as traditional table salt and therefore don’t offer any health advantage.

But really, kosher salt is called kosher salt because the size of its crystals is ideal for drawing out moisture from meat, making it perfect for use in the koshering process. That’s also why we love to use it for cooking almost everything.

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Where Can I Buy Kosher Salt UK In London 2021?

Kosher salt (or koshering salt) is a more American-known name for what we in Britain call flaked sea salt. It’s not Jewish or anything like that, it’s just the kind of salt they use in the koshering process to draw the blood out of the animal.

The difference with table salt (as explained by Alton Brown) is that sea salt is more naturally grown (like a wheat crop), and harvested rather than manufactured, and forms hollow pyramid shapes.

These don’t need any added ingredients (eg. desiccants) to stop them clumping, and you often don’t need to use as much salt as you would do with table salt.

After watching practically all of the Alton Brown cooking show ‘Good Eats’, I’ve invested in a salt cellar/pinch pot similar to the one he uses and some Maldon Sea Salt Flakes.

I bought a small box, to begin with, to make sure it was the same as the Diamond Crystal salt, and it is, so I’ve now bought a bigger box.

You’ll find Maldon Sea Salt Flakes in the majority of British supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose all stock it), alongside the spices, usually on the lower shelves. The Maldon site also has a stockist list if you’re interested.

How To Use Kosher Salt?

  1. Seasoning the finished dish. The crystal size makes it easy to control the intensity of kosher salt – because a pinch of kosher salt is less powerful than a pinch of standard finely ground table salt.
  2. Seasoning while cooking. Once you have mastered the “saltiness” and smelled kosher salt, you will want to season all your dishes with it – naturally reaching the right amount when seasoning pasta, sauces, and fries.
  3. Salting and drying food. Kosher salt is very popular for salting food because the flakes stick easily to the food and do not contain anti-caking agents that affect curing.
  4. Flavored salt mixtures. The consistency of kosher salt makes it a good match with finely chopped herbs, citrus peel, chili flakes, or dried garlic for homemade flavored salt. Serve your salt mixture with good olive oil for dipping bread.

1. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt – Full Flavor, No Additives and Less Sodium – Pure and Natural Since 1886 – 3 Pound Box

Available at a lower price than other retailers that may not be offering Free Prime Shipping.

No additives and less sodium: the only pure kosher salt with 53% less sodium compared to regular table salt. Perfect for everyday use.

Maximum Taste: Recognized by professional chefs, gourmets, and home cooks for bringing out the uncompromising flavor of their dishes.

Light Texture: Known for its distinctly thick yet delicate texture, our empty kosher salt flakes can be crushed between your fingertips for unparalleled spice control.

Naturally Produced: Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is different from other kosher salts because its light salt flakes are produced naturally rather than by thickening granulated salt.

Trusted quality since 1886: Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt was developed over 130 years ago using a gentle evaporation process and has even been approved by the American Culinary Federation.

2. Morton Kosher Salt, Coarse, 35 Ounce

An extremely versatile salt that chefs love for its taste, texture, and ease of use. Morton Kosher Salt, the staple ingredient in the kitchen, brings out the natural flavor of food in many different dishes.

Sprinkle the steak, toss in vegetables, or use it as finishing salt for extra crunchiness.

Coarse texture makes it easy to grab and sprinkle the perfect amount, allowing you to easily control the amount of salt added to all dishes. Morton Coarse Kosher Salt is Kosher-certified for the preparation of Kosher dishes.

About this item

  • Allergen information: squid_free
  • Easy, flip-top lid
  • Item Packaged Weight: 1.066 kg
    • Item Package Dimension: 6.858cm L x 9.398cm W x 20.574cm H

Kosher salt, on the other hand, has slightly larger crystals and thus a texture more prone to pinching and easy to control. We use it at any time during cooking, whether it’s salting water for pasta or seasoning whole chicken before baking.

But even in the kosher salt field, the size and shape of the crystals vary from brand to brand. In the BA test kitchen, we use Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt, which has a distinctly different texture than Morton’s Kosher – another very popular brand.

Morton’s crystals are denser and more rocky than the flatter, pyramid-like Diamond crystals. This means that there is actually more salt in Morton’s cup than there is in a Diamond cup.

Therefore, you will notice that whenever there is a significant amount of kosher salt in a recipe, we will tell you how much salt to use depending on the brand used. You see, crystal size matters.

But what’s even more important is that you choose a brand of salt and stick to it. Seasoning is all about consistency, and salting food with unfamiliar salt is like driving someone’s car – you can do it, but it’s just not the same.

You want the pinch of salt to be the same pinch of salt every time. Just get rid of the iodine, choose the brand of kosher salt you like, and start seasoning like a champ. Because when it comes to that, you are.

3. Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt 1 Pound Resealable Bag – Additive-Free, Delicious Sea Salt, Perfect for Cooking, Baking and More – Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Verified, Kosher and Paleo-Friendly

Perfect for cooking, baking, and more, our resealable pouch of light gray Celtic sea salt weighing 1 pound is a must-have in any kitchen. It is the perfect choice to refill your ceramic grinder or store it in your pantry for all your cooking and baking needs.

Celtic Sea Salt is authentic, unprocessed whole salt from pristine coastal regions. It is completely natural, with no additives or processing. Plus, it’s a nutritious choice that you can feel great with.

Our classic salt is more nutritious than table salt as it maintains its natural balance and the spectrum of essential minerals, providing the body with over 74 essential minerals and trace elements. A little bit of this sea salt is a healthy addition to any recipe!

Light Gray Celtic Salt is a mineral-rich, full-crystalline (coarse), moist salt that is completely unrefined and harvested by hand. Dried by the sun and wind, it traps the ocean’s moisture and blocks a wide range of important trace elements.

Celtic light gray acquires its light gray shade thanks to the pure clay lining of the salt bed in which it is harvested. This salt is also non-GMO verified, Kosher certified, low in sodium, and paleo-friendly.

Celtic Sea Salt is the original and most trusted brand of sea salt that is mentioned in culinary and nutritional books and magazines more than any other salt in the world.

Since 1976, we have become a national and global brand recommended by doctors and nutritionists for its unique health properties, and by chefs for its exceptional taste.


Kosher salt is loved by chefs for its fine crystals and delicate taste. Unlike many American salts, it is made with no added iodine, which gives it a softer flavor than traditional American table salt. In the UK, it is not compulsory to fortify salt with iodine, so we may not notice such a dramatic difference in flavor.

All of the suggestions that sea salt, coarse, fine, or flaked, are the equivalent of kosher salt are misleading at best. Kosher salt in the US is a standard kitchen salt, not used solely for koshering.

Its larger granules allow for more precise salting of foods during prep, cooking, and serving. There are two main brands, Diamond Crystal and Morton’s, similar but with different densities so salt is usually used by weight or taste.

4. Herbion Naturals Himalayan Pink Salt Jar Fine Grain, GMO-Free, Supreme Quality Chemical Free, Vegan, Kosher Certified, Fine Grain All-Natural Salt, Triple-Washed in Spring Water.

Chefs and cooks generally use one or the other (I am a Diamond Crystal person myself). The grain size and flowability of table salt make it difficult to distribute or control.

I have not yet found a UK substitute for Kosher salt in cooking. Maldon is great salt but the variety of crystal sizes makes for difficult precision and repetition and using flaked sea salt for salting pasta water say, is a bit over the top in the expense category.

The prices on say Amazon is extremely expensive compared to any grocery store in the states. A three-pound box of either Morton’s or DC will be $3 US or so. Once you start using Kosher-style salt or its equivalent, you can save the fancy salts and grinders for the final salting or the table.

The short answer is I have not found a local source in the UK for the two kosher salts in general kitchen (both home and restaurant) use in the US, specifically, Morton’s and Diamond Crystal.

Where Can I Buy Kosher Salt UK In London

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