10 Awesome Blogging Tips & Tricks For New Bloggers

While following your passion and choosing your lovable niche won’t get you through the blogging. You also need some blogging Tips And Tricks to grow.

Especially when you are a beginner without using some tactics there won’t be easy to grow.

So in this article, I am gonna share some working Tips And Tricks which help many beginners in blogging.

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Alright, So let’s again come back to the main topic.

Blogging Tips And Tricks

Every Blogger will give you this advice including me, that you always follow your passion. Always choose a niche in which you love to write. So you will never get bored with your work.

Well, passion is a good thing to follow, but only a passion for writing is not enough in creating a successful blog.

If you only follow your passion and write what you love to write. Then your chances of becoming a successful blogger are significantly lower.

As long as you don’t want to make money from your blog, you can write about anything that you want.

But to go beyond blogging, you need some technical knowledge about SEO and writing.

Because, even if people are interested in what you are writing about, it’s impossible for them to visit your site if they can’t find you. So SEO is important.

Fortunately, even if they do find you then traffic is meaningless unless you can’t hook them to read your content fully.

Whether you are already good at writing. You still need to learn some writing tricks about hooking people into your content.

Blogging Tips And Tricks for Content Writing

Long story short, your passion for writing is meaningless if you don’t have anyone to read it.

And your traffic is also senseless if you are not able to hook your reader till the end of the article.

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Now, while there’s nothing wrong with blogging about your passions. It also doesn’t make any sense if other people are not getting anything from your blog.

You should be-

  • reasonably good at writing
  • understand the technical elements of blogging
  • as well as social strategies

So you can take your blog from nothing to something.

Rather than giving you all random blogging tips. I will only share some article writing tips and simple technical hacks that have helped many amateur bloggers consistently to get traffic to their blogs.

1: Write For Your Audience

Because blogging is all about solving other people’s problems by using your own experience.

Blogging is not a place to showcase yourself. Where you just write about yourself.

My point is, not only write what you love to write.

If you want to become a successful blogger and want to make a living with it. Then you have to understand other people’s needs and help them with their problems.

There must be a reason why you start this blog. Is this just for personal writing or for other stuff?

Furthermore, write for your audience first, then look for SEO. Never start doing keyword stuffing and creating unwanted heading just for the sake of SEO.

This will make your blog look spammy in the eyes of Google in your initial days. So once you get hit by the penalty it becomes more difficult to rank.

2: Don’t Cover Any Topic In Broad 

Suppose you have started a food blog. And you write about any kind of food on your blog. But by covering the topic of “food” as a whole, you may be spreading yourself too thin.

Even if you were able to publish two posts per day for an entire year on many subtopics like grilling food, smoothies, vegetarian diets, slow cooker recipes, nutrition and more.

Still, it would be tough to compete with larger blogs or those that are just focusing only on one of those topics.

Therefore instead of covering a whole “food niche”, just focus on a specific part of this “food” niche.

In my opinion, it’s better to focus on being a master of one jack of all trades. So narrow your audience.

Start a blog on only smoothie recipes or share only grilling techniques.

Focus on a single idea or you can say niche.

And after you dominate that niche audience, you can expand to other subtopics to reach a wider audience.

3: Create In-depth Quality Content

Unique, professionally designed and divided contents in headings are Quality Contents. These types of articles are worth mentioning and people love to read them. They easily get more high-quality backlinks.

If you don’t know what backlinks do.

Backlinks from other websites are important because search engines like Google, use them to help decide which page should rank higher in the search results.

How do you create content that’s worth referencing and Get More Backlinks?

Here are my three tips to create content that attracts more backlinks.

1: Create unique and interesting Content- Create unique content that is unwritten yet and make it more interesting by adding studies done in the past, statistics, images and infographics.

There are more than 500 million blogs on the internet. So writing unique content that is unwritten yet is impossible.

But you can improve your article more than your competitor. You can increase the number of words your competitors have written and gain more backlinks than them.

2: Add Statistics- Many blogs and websites are able to get thousands of backlinks by creating stats. Because naturally as people blog, they want to provide supporting resources that back up their claims.

3: Unique Images and Infographics: Creating high-quality images is a hard thing. This means that it’s a point of leverage for those who are willing to put in the effort.

So always put some effort into creating a high-quality image. Add graphs and illustrations that help better explain concepts.

Images not only help in creating a better user experience for the reader but also help you to get backlinks.

Suppose you created a beautiful and unique infographic, you can sell it or even give it to any blogger and ask them for a backlink in exchange.

Additionally, When someone finds your image in Google then he will try to put it on their blog and without giving credit it’s a shameful act which led him towards a copyright issue.

So he will obviously link the image.

3: Craft An Easy To Read Article

Always make content that is easier to skim. Because nobody likes to read. They only want information that is easy to download into their brain.

And for this, you need to ensure your posts are easy to read and use.

Tips For Writing Easy To Digest Content

1: Always use short paragraphs- Short paragraphs help readers progress through your article in small and easy steps.

2: Break Up Long Sentences- Break up long sentences by finding places where you used words like “and”, “because” and “that”. This helps readers to follow the sentence easily.

3: Use Multimedia in your Posts- Whether that be videos, images or GIFs, they can often help illustrate your points clearer than words.

4: Write in a Conversational Tone- The easy way to check your tone of writing is to read your copy loudly.

If it’s like you are talking to a friend, you are on the right track. Otherwise, you need to do more work to make it more interesting.

4: Write Catchy Headlines

Always write click-worthy headlines that are not clickbait.

Clicks are the things that detach your websites from the users. If you fail to get clicks then you also fail to get traffic.

Catchy headlines attract more clicks than a regular ones.

Now since most people will find your articles through search engines and social media. So you need to craft a headline that can properly represent your article without looking spammy and boring.

For example, an article titled 15 best watches to Buy gets the point across but it’s not that interesting. Instead of this write, 15 Premium High-quality watches Under $100, which look more click-worthy.

Because you are directly telling the user that these are professional-looking watches and under $100. Because high-quality watches are more expensive than $100.

5: Write Introduction Using AAP Formula

The headline’s job is to get the reader to click through to the page.

Then your intro needs to hook your visitor in so that they will read the rest of the article.

So, for this use the APP formula which stands for Align Present Proof.

1: First you need to align yourself with a reader’s problem. Means seeing through the eyes of your reader what problem he may have.

For example, your first sentence would be, Are you in the problem of storing longer database files?

2: Then you need to present your next sentence as a solution to the problem.

Don’t worry we have created software that will help you to store these files safely and in less time.

3: After that, you need to finish off with proof as to why they should trust you.

Now you can show them some proof, like your happy customers, and testimonials.

Keep your intro short and on Point. Then focus on addressing why the reader is on this page and what he is expecting from your headline.

Then by following this, write your whole article.

6: Take Feedback On Your Writing

Your first draft should never be your last. This means, that every blogger first creates an article draft and then reviews it from others from their team to get any suggestions on changes.

So, First, create an article and then send it to your team for review.

If you don’t have any team, then you can contact other bloggers to help you out.

Technical Tips And Tricks for Bloggers

So now let’s move to the next part which is Technical Tips And Tricks For Beginner Bloggers.

1: On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing your web pages to rank higher on Google. This is the only aspect of blogging where you have full control of the SEO of your blog.

For On-Page SEO you have to put your keyword strategically into the Title, content body, heading tags and URL.

Not only the main keyword but also gather some related keywords by doing some research. Related keywords should be closely related to your main keyword.

To learn more about On-Page SEO, you can refer to this On-Page SEO Guide.

2: Start Email List From Day One

This is not a From Blogging Tricks its from Blogging Tips.

Email is the secret weapon of every blogger. It helps them to understand what their audience wants.

And also email lists are the best to make money. Because you can directly send deals, offers, your newly launched course (whether it’s free or paid) and also your fresh published article.

When your audience becomes your loyal customer then you can easily sell them anything related to their interest.

One more thing is that once you start getting some traffic to your blog. Start catching the email addresses of every visitor who visits your blog.

Because no one knows if he will come back again or not. But when you have his email id in your email list. Then you can stay in touch with him anytime.

3: Write Guest Posts

Without guest posts getting backlinks is the most difficult part. Especially when you have just started. You can’t ask anyone directly for backlinks.

So the guest posting method is the best way to start.

Also, it’s helpful in increasing your Domain Authority which helps you in increasing your rank on Google.

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4: Connect With Other Bloggers

The only people who can help you in growing your blog are other bloggers. Getting successful without the help of other bloggers, in the beginning, is really hard.

Find other bloggers who are in the same niche as you and connect with them. You can find them on Facebook easily.

5: Promote Your Content

Whether it’s a paid promotion or free. Do whatever you can do to grow your blog. Ask others to share your content on social media.

Share your content in online communities but without looking spammy. Don’t just visit and through your web page link. It can get you banned into groups.

Add value to the group with your article, if you nail it you can easily get thousands of visitors to your blog.


In short, only your content and SEO knowledge can bring free organic traffic from Google. Use SEO to boost your ranking and content writing to hook your reader into your content.

Also, do share your content on social media to get traffic to your blog.

That’s it for now. These are some personal Blogging Tips And Tricks.

If I have missed something please let me know in the comments.

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