Where can people legally buy a panda?

Where can people legally buy a panda?

Unfortunately, you cannot legally purchase an actual live panda. Not even zoos can buy them. You can’t. Aside from being endangered, all pandas currently in zoos worldwide belong to the Chinese government and are on loan. Panda cubs born in foreign zoos also belong to the Chinese, and they are super protective of them. In China, possessing a panda is a good way to get dead.

Can I have a panda as a pet in my house?

Even if you could, you’d quickly discover that you don’t want to. Pandas are assholes. A) their antics are cute until you’re trying to clean their enclosure. B) they’re such a pain in the ass that experienced zookeepers in China are hiring panda handlers with no experience because nobody who has any experience wants the job, and C) At least part of your life will be spent trying to convince pandas to fuck, which they hate doing.

Where can you own a panda?

Legally, no. All pandas belong to China. Even if the country receives a panda from China, it is only ‘on loan’ and must be returned. They won’t even let trusted allies, let alone random civilians, have them. The only way you can own one is either to rule a country and ‘loan’ them for a few million dollars to be exhibited in your zoos or illegally poach one.

What do I need to do to keep a Giant Panda as a pet?

Oh, oh, I know this! I could do this. I just coached a team of 4th and 5th graders who researched Giant Pandas. (Not on how to steal them. On how to collect their poop for biofuel. But that’s another story.

As others have said, I’d have to steal the Panda. I’d have to hire a ninja to infiltrate China and steal a Giant Panda shortly after he was released into the wild from a sanctuary. It would be OK if that step took a few years because 

I’d need to grow a hundred acres or so of bamboo forest. I could do that in the Mississippi Delta. My mom grew up there, and we used to take summer vacations there. Bamboo grows wild there.

Getting a healthy forest would take a few years, but bamboo grows fast. I’d also want a plant geneticist to hybridize the bamboo strain that Pandas like best with another strain that’s easier to digest. Pandas don’t digest bamboo well, so they eat most of the day.

 And produce 60–90 pounds of poop per day. (Hybridizing was another team’s project. They won for best project at our tournament. Cool idea.) And, as Mercedes Lackey always says, you need a vet within 45 minutes. So, I’d have to go back to school, get a degree in biology, get admitted to veterinary school, and become a veterinarian. Figure 6 years for all that.

Once I had my Giant Panda, I knew I could play with him. When raised in sanctuaries, the trainers don’t want them to become comfortable around humans. So the trainers always dress in Panda suits and soak themselves in Panda pee. It would be worth it to play with a Giant Panda. Of course, I might not have any human friends to play with. But, I mean, look at these guys.

Pandas cannot legally be purchased or kept as personal pets. Here are some key reasons why panda ownership is restricted:buy a panda

  • Pandas are an endangered species. Their scarcity means they are not available for private ownership.
  • All giant pandas alive today are on loan from China as part of international conservation breeding programs. Pandas belong to China and are just leased to zoos and institutions.
  • Pandas require specialized care and habitats with strict diet, climate, and space requirements that are not replicable in a home.
  • In most countries, purchasing or owning endangered wild animals or their body parts is illegal. National and international laws protect pandas.
  • No accredited zoo or breeding program will sell a panda into private hands. And panda trafficking is illegal and unethical.
  • The only exceptions are a minimal number of antique panda pelts or taxidermy that pre-date conservation laws. But the sale of these is increasingly restricted.

So, in short, while many adore pandas, they cannot legally be purchased or kept as pets by private owners. Viewing them requires visiting accredited zoos and conservation centers where they are adequately cared for.

Can I have a panda as a pet in my house?

No. Pandas are a critically endangered species, rare and sought after by zoos, and even if you had Bill Gates’ money and you could get the Chinese Government to part with one and get the permit for one, you couldn’t afford it. Here’s an idea. Get a dog and do Extreme Grooming on it to make it look like a panda.

For a dog that is an extrovert with the right temperament, Extreme Grooming is a lot of fun. I have seen these animals in person at Extreme Grooming shows, and they are all pleased, just soaking in the attention like many rock stars.

The dog must be an extrovert, steady, and love getting attention from strangers. You must be very gentle, make bath time and grooming time a fun and enjoyable experience, and praise your dog during the whole procedure. Never be gentle when brushing, and add lots of love and petting while doing it.

Where can I buy a panda online?

You can’t. Pandas are a protected species that should, where possible, live in their natural environment. Just because they look cuddly doesn’t mean they are. Pandas are not pets. If you want a pet panda, buy a BIG toy one.

Can I own a panda someday?

Sure, just like this one.

$42.95 on Amazon. Or this one is only $16.95

We sell these in the gift shop at the zoo where I work.

If you’re talking about a real giant or red panda, no, you will never own one. Giant pandas, even in other zoos worldwide, are owned by the Chinese government. They are only loaned to zoos. A private individual has no legal means of obtaining one of these.

Red pandas are on the endangered species list, and it is entirely illegal to trade them from the wild. Zoos will trade among themselves, which is okay as those pandas are born and raised in captivity. The Red Pandas at my zoo had three babies in 2020 and, about a year later, were sent out to a zoo in Tennessee.

But legally owning any panda is not going to happen.

Where can I buy a baby panda?

Pandas are not allowed to be kept by private individuals. They are endangered, hard to raise in captivity, and require a special bamboo diet. They get big and need space. Why not adopt a cat? They come in black and white.

Every panda that you see alive is the property of China. Any panda seen outside China is rented out, not sold to other countries, and China is particular about the regulations that must be followed in caring for these species.

Furthermore, you can only buy a panda in India as they can only survive if you make highly favorable conditions for them to stay in, which might sum up to at least a Crore or so.

Sorry to have broken broken your heart with this, but I know how adorable they look. Do invite me if you end up buying(read renting) one.buy a panda

Does China legally own every giant Panda in the world, including those born in zoos outside China?

Lovely answers here. Yes. Each Panda is a Chinese citizen dip,lomat, and secret agent. So, I will add my observations.

In 1971, China gave the Japanese PM Tanaka pandas. Three years later, he was forced to resign for taking bribes.

In 1972, China gave pandas to President Richard Nixon. 2 years later, he stepped down. Watergate. In 1974, China passed the British PM Edward Heath pandas. One year later, he was forced to resign.

In 1976, China gave Holland pandas. That same year, Prince Bernhard was stripped of his royal title for accepting bribes.

There are Pandas in Hong Kong in Ocean Park. We all know what Hong Kong went through. They were a gift from Beijing in 2007.

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In 2009, China gave two pandas to Singapore, and in 2015, Lee Kuan Yew died. In 2014, China gave Malaysia 2 pandas, Fu Wa and Feng Yi. Najib, his loathsome wife, and his entire majority Muslim apartheid government were defeated after 60 years. 1MDB happened, along with loads of smaller-scale thefts.

Russia was given two on 5th June 2019. Now, it has to make sure Ukraine gets a few, too.

The only quirk is China is doing great. Many pandas mean good luck. Your call. There are about 500 pandas in captivity in Wolong National Nature Reserve. Assuming they give out a pair to every country, China can jinx every country. I recommend your leaders accept any other animal. Take koalas instead. Polar Bears even.buy a panda

Is it possible to get a red panda as a pet?

You could get one (illegally unless you have a special permit to keep/breed/rehabilitate wild animals like a zoo). But it would never be a pet. It would be a wild animal that would be extremely dangerous to handle, similar to a wild raccoon. If you got it as a baby (again, very much illegal and unethical), it would probably be friendly with you, but probably not with anyone else.

If you were ambitious and had a zoo-like facility, you could dedicate years to domesticating red pandas. You would get several red pandas from a zoo breeding program, selecting the ones least averse to humans handling them and breeding those. 

EachYou would select only the most friendly babies to breed each generation and spay/neuter the others. Maintain a few lines to avoid inbreeding. After a few generations, the red pandas would become more tame and more like house cats in temperament.

They could only be pets, and breeding would still have to be tightly controlled for the next 100+ years to prevent inbreeding and undesirable traits. That sounds like life’s work, so if you want a pet red panda before you die, you better start now!

How can you own a baby panda?

You cannot own a giant panda. The Chinese state owns all of them, and if they are exhibited in zoos in other countries, they are still owned by the Chinese.

Red pandas are different, but virtually none exist in private hands. Even if they did, it would take a lot of work to get a private breeder to sell you one, simply because CITES regulates them. They are not available in large numbers to allow for a pet market.

I don’t think they would make good pets anyway. They are pretty specialized in their diet, though not as much as giant pandas are. They also spray urine to mark their territories, and most wild carnivorans can’t be dissuaded from scoring in the house.

Pandas are protected as critically endangered species. You can not own a Panda bear; it is the national bear of China, and it is banned by Chinese Laws forbidding private ownership.

China owns every panda, even the babies born outside of China; it is part of their politics; they lend them to various conservation programs and zoos for a massive fee and on the condition that any young produced remain China’s property.buy a panda

Loans of giant pandas to American and Japanese zoos formed an essential part of the diplomacy of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in the 1970s, as it marked some of the first cultural exchanges between the People’s Republic and the West. This practice has been termed “Panda diplomacy”.

By 1984, however, pandas were no longer given as gifts. Instead, the PRC began to offer pandas to other nations only on 10-year loans, under terms including a fee of up to US$1,000,000 per year and a provision that any cubs born during the loan are the property of the PRC. Since 1998, because of a WWF lawsuit, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service has only allowed a U.S. 

zoo to import a panda if it can ensure that the PRC will channel more than half of its loan fee into conservation efforts for the giant panda and its habitat.

Even Zoos don’t own them; they are on loan by the Chinese Government. There are only 200-300 years in the wild, all in China.

They are So cute . .. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t look like you can get a baby panda after all. Yes, it could cause many legal issues if you tried to poach one out of that country.

Are there giant pandas in India?

No. There are no giant, kung-fu-performing, adorable pandas in India. (My mom differs and says I am one for her).

But, if you remove the term giant and inquire about the species of Panda. Then, indeed, there is one cute little one, which will instantly create an awwww moment.buy a panda

These are the RED PANDA.

The red Panda is a small arboreal mammal found in the forests of India, Nepal, Bhutan, and the northern mountains of Myanmar and southern China. In India, the Red Panda, also known as the red cat bear, is found mainly in the sub-Hindistan states of the northeast, such as Sikkim, western Arunachal Pradesh, Darjeeling, and Kalimpong districts of West Bengal and parts of Meghalaya. It is also Sikkim’s state animal.

5 National Parks to Spot Red Pandas in India

  • Singalila National Park, Darjeeling

Singalila National Park is located at Singalila Ridge in the Darjeeling district, and Sandakphu is the highest peak of West Bengal in Singalila Ridge. The park has several small mammals, including Leopard cats, yellow-throated marten, pangolin, endangered Himalayan newts, and Red Pandas.

  • Nokrek National Park, Meghalaya

Nokrek National Park is a hotspot of biodiversity in Meghalaya and is listed as one of the Biosphere reserves in India. Nokrek Biosphere Reserve is an important habitat for Asian elephants and has a remnant population of the Red Panda in India.

  • Neora Valley National Park, Darjeeling

Neora Valley National Park is one of the richest biological zones in Northeast India and home to an elegant red Panda and five species of civet. The park is a vital wilderness zone in the Kalimpong hills known as birders paradise.

  • Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh

Namdapha National Park of Arunachal Pradesh is one of India’s largest natioparksparks and has the largest area in terms of biodiversiNamdapha area is also known for its extensive Dipterocarp forests and Himalayan biodiversity hotspot.

  • Khangchendzonga National Park, Sikkim

Khangchendzonga National Park of Sikkim is a world heritage site and India’s first Mixed Heritage site. Kanchenjunga Biosphere Reserve has a fantastic list of animals like Asiatic wild dogs, Himalayan tahr, snow leopards, clouded leopards, and red pandas.

The Endangered Red Panda is the only living species of Ailuridae and is also found in Assam, northern Arunachal Pradesh, near the Bhutan border and Meghalaya Plateau. It can be spotted at other wildlife sanctuaries of North East Indian states, such as the Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary, Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary, Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary, and Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary.buy a panda

Why does China retain ownership of all pandas born in foreign zoos?

Because inbreeding is harmful to this already endangered species, it causes genetic/congenital disorders and gene mutations, which causes the panda to have a possibility of losing his smoky eye, making him look ridiculously funny and sad.

All pandas in foreign zoos have nannies (panda specialists) from China. Breeding pandas is incredibly hard. Many countries have tried and have failed. China retains ownership of all pandas because it is the only country in the world with a panda research center and a breeding base.

How much will a panda (pet) cost in India?

Originally Answered: how much will a panda (pet) cost in India?

  1. You cannot buy a Panda. Giant Panda is an endangered species; every Panda you see in a Zoo or else belongs to the People’s Republic of China. Legally, you cannot.
  2. Pandas need a lot of bamboo to survive, and if you somehow manage to get a Panda, you would need to live in a bamboo forest to stay or have a constant supply of bamboo. They eat about 20–35 pounds of bamboo each day.
  3. If you have utter admiration and care for the Panda, and since it is legally problematic for you to own a Panda. You can adopt a Panda Virtually. Here’s the link: Adopt a Panda! | Pandas International
  4. If spending $10,000 is too much of an ask for a Panda, you could also adopt a stray dog or a cat. Animals, be it any, if loved, will reciprocate only in ways of affection. Cheers!

Is it illegal to own a pet white tiger?

There are probably no white tigers in the wild. I can’t say for sure, but if two tigers with the mutation for the white coats, only 1 in 10,000 will be born white. This is because it is doubtful. After all, it is not something where a tiger can survive in the wild. That’s why it is a mutation. 

They can’t hide and use camouflage to their advantage and are genetically inferior to their siblings. If a cub can’t keep up, the mother usually leaves it behind or kills it. It sounds cruel, but she can’t risk the lives of her other cubs by holding back the weakest one.

In 1951, a tiger family with one white cub was discovered in India. His mother and siblings were all shot so they could catch him. He was mated with an average female and then was coupled to a daughter from Begum’s 2nd litter. In 1958, Radha (daughter) produced one male and three females. The male, Mohini, was sent to the National Zoo.buy a panda

No white tiger that isn’t related to Mohan is alive today. Inbreeding is the only way to produce white tigers, mate father with daughter, mother son, and brother to sister. That is some severe inbreeding that gets worse with each subsequent generation. Suppose one of the tigers is orange and carries the recessive gene; white and orange tigers will be born. 

The oranges have the same deformities as the white ones; they are considered “throw-away tigers” and are killed. To top it off, these tigers are so cross-bred with other subspecies that they are useless for helping in tiger conservation. If you hear a white tiger called “Bengal” and “Siberian,” All white tigers are mixed with at least Bengal or Siberian. If not more.

The gene that carries the white fur mutation also carries a cross-eyes mutation. Suppose a tiger carries that specific gene; he has crossed eyes, even if it doesn’t look like it. The optic nerve is wired to the wrong side of their brains.

 Other problems include early deaths, stillbirths, and profound defects like immune deficiency, cleft palates, spinal scoliosis, mental impairment, organ deformities, clubbed feet, and in tigers where the crossed-eyes are noticeable, they are sometimes so bad, they look like they are going to pop out of their skull. 

White tigers are an aberration, bred for the sole purpose of making money. Deaths due to the necessary inbreeding to get a white tiger is 80%. Out of the remaining 20%, only a few tigers look “perfect” enough to put on display, and they usually die early. According to tiger trainers, only one in 30 is consistent enough to perform. The exotic animal black market is a multimillion-dollar enterprise. 

Right below it is the illegal drug trade, and right above it is the illicit gun trade. Tigers are very popular because they are the largest carnivore. It’s “tough” to own a “big cat” along with the “big truck” in the “big house.” Only tigers aren’t a status symbol. They are living, feeling beings.

Buying a white tiger for a pet allows these cruel practices to continue. By deciding you’re not going to get a big cat (Lions and cheetahs are bred for mutations too – who wants a “normal” cat?), in some small measure, you are making a stand, even if a person thinks it’s not a big deal, it is.

I also would like to mention logistics. Even though you may keep a large exotic animal as a “pet,” it has to be contained in a large enclosure with safety and security built-in (double doors. It has to be more than spacious. 

They have room to run around, water features, and places high and low that they can sleep on or in. And if you live in a cold climate area, you must have a heated building. A tiger should be fed 50 pounds of premium raw meat a day. 

To provide or clean the cage, the tiger should be trained to go into an area where it can go into a locked, enclosed area while you clean. And that’s some massive poop scooping! Any contact has to be between a cage.

 You cannot come into complete contact with an animal that can top out at 550 lbs. Even playfully leaping at you will kill you. Or batting you. Those paws can cause damage. People who pose with their animals are idiots and are just asking for something to happen. People who become complacent and swear their animals won’t attack usually don’t see it happen. They become comfortable and stop paying attention, and the animal notices.buy a panda

Also, consider the illnesses and extra medical care they will need as their lives progress. If you were to get a white tiger, I would like you to think about the hundreds upon hundreds killed for you to buy this one. Starting with your tiger’s siblings. And make sure that the cub spent an appropriate amount of time with his mother and wasn’t torn away a few days old so someone could charge people to have their picture taken with him. It is legal to do that at four to 12 weeks old.

The plain fact of the matter is that abuse is everywhere when it comes to large exotic animals. They are exploited. Exploited and abused, and that is what you would be contributing to. Here are some things to remember.

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What is the value of a Red Panda in India, and where can you legally sell one?

Red pandas are protected under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act of India, 1972, which prohibits hunting, killing, and trading. As a result, it is illegal to sell or buy red pandas in India.

Red pandas are also endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. They face numerous threats, including habitat loss and fragmentation, poaching, and climate change.

Given their protected status and endangered status, it is not ethical or legal to put a value on a red panda in India. Protecting and conserving these animals and their habitats is essential to ensure their survival. Instead of buying or selling red pandas, one can support conservation efforts and contribute to their protection by supporting reputable conservation organizations working towards their conservation.

How can I find a panda?

Pandas have lived in the mountain area of Sichuan, Shanxi, Gansu province of China, for about 8 million years. Due to the climate, history, environment, and so on, pandas only appear in China. They are scarce; there are only 1600 pandas left in the wild. Pandas in institutions or zoos are carefully protected. It isn’t easy to care for pandas, so China doesn’t usually give pandas to other countries. If you want to see a panda, visit a zoo.

Can I legally own a panda?

Only a handful of conservation-oriented organizations are lucky enough to house giant pandas, which they “rent” from the Chinese government. Nearly 350 pandas live under human supervision at breeding centers or zoos, with only around 50 living outside of China. You can’t legally own a giant panda.

Can a person buy a panda?

Moreover, buying a red panda is illegal. “Red pandas are protected by law in the countries where they originate. They may not be captured or killed legally,” Glaston said. Red pandas are also protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Where in the world can you pet a panda?

Dujiangyan Panda Base

There is one place in the world where you can hold a baby panda bear, and it’s at Dujiangyan Panda Base and Center for Disease Control, which is two hours outside of Chengdu, China. Chengdu, a four-hour plane ride from Shanghai, is the capital of Sichuan Province.

How do I tell if chicken is bad?

Where can people legally buy a panda?

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