Baby sleeping bag: Which is the best in 2024?

Baby sleeping bag: Which is the best in 2024?

When choosing a baby sleeping bag, you can consider things like size and age range, material, tog rating, zipper, safety features, and brand reputation and reviews. 

Babylist’s Top Picks for the Best Sleep Sacks

  • Best Overall: Halo Sleepsack Wearable Blanket.
  • Best Organic: Tiny Kind Wearable Blanket 0.3 TOG.
  • Best Newborn: Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original 1.0 TOG.
  • Softest: Kyte Baby 1.0 TOG Sleep Bag.
  • Best for Winter: ergoPouch Jersey Sleep Sack 2.5 TOG

One of the main concerns as parents is how our babies should sleep. Face up, with blankets, with pillows, alone? Endless questions run through our minds. One of the reasons these questions become relevant is the famous sudden death syndrome.

To minimize sleep risks for our children, there are several actions we can take. In this Super beautiful article, we will talk about one of them: sleeping bags for babies, which avoid the dangers of suffocation that would generate if we covered our child with a blanket.

Baby sleeping bag: Which is the best in 2024?

Selecting the best baby sleeping bag depends on various factors such as your baby’s age, the season, and your personal preferences. Here are a few popular and well-regarded brands that offer quality baby sleeping bags:

  1. Merino Kids: Known for their natural fiber sleeping bags made from merino wool. Merino wool is breathable and helps regulate body temperature.
  2. Halo SleepSack: A widely recognized brand that offers wearable blankets with various options for different seasons. They also have models with swaddle features for younger babies.
  3. aden + anais: Famous for their muslin products, aden + anais offers breathable and lightweight sleeping bags suitable for various temperatures.
  4. Grobag (The Gro Company): Grobag is a popular UK-based brand that provides a range of sleeping bags with different tog ratings for different seasons.
  5. Kyte BABY: Known for using bamboo fabric, Kyte BABY offers soft and hypoallergenic sleeping bags that are suitable for all seasons.

When choosing a baby sleeping bag, consider the following factors:

  • TOG Rating: This indicates the warmth of the sleeping bag. Lower TOG ratings are suitable for warmer weather, while higher TOG ratings are for colder temperatures.
  • Size and Age: Ensure that you choose the right size for your baby’s age to prevent any safety hazards.
  • Material: Look for breathable and comfortable materials like cotton or merino wool, especially if your baby has sensitive skin.
  • Design Features: Some sleeping bags come with additional features such as zippers for easy diaper changes, adjustable shoulder straps, or detachable sleeves.
  • Safety Standards: Make sure the sleeping bag meets safety standards to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Before making a purchase, read reviews, check product specifications, and consider your baby’s individual needs. It’s also a good idea to consult with your pediatrician for personalized advice.


  • 1. Top 10 best baby sleeping bag
  • 2. The most important
  • 3. The best baby sleeping bags on the market: our favourites
    • 3.1 The sleeping bag for babies most chosen by online users
    • 3.2 The ideal baby sleeping bag for animal lovers
    • 3.3 The most useful baby sleeping bag for changing diapers
    • 3.4 The best muslin sleeping bag
  • 4 Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Baby Sleeping Bag
    • 4.1 What exactly is the baby sleeping bag?
    • 4.2 Why is it recommended to use a baby sleeping bag?
    • 4.3 Why is it convenient to dress my child in a baby sleeping bag?
    • 4.4 How to use a baby sleeping bag?
    • 4.5 When should I use a baby sleeping bag?
    • 4.6 How should a baby sleeping bag be?
    • 4.7 What are the types of sleeping bags for babies?
    • 4.8 When is it time to leave the baby sleeping bag?
  • 5. Purchase Criteria
    • 5.1 Age
    • 5.2 Thickness
    • 5.3 Weight
    • 5.4 Sleeves
    • 5.5 Design
  • 6. Summary 

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The most important

  • Avoiding the use of blankets in the crib prevents sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Between 3 and 6 months, most babies are ready to use a sleeping bag.
  • The thickness of the baby sleeping bag is essential for a good choice. 2.5 tog is a suitable standard measurement for warm rooms.

The best baby sleeping bags on the market: our favourites

To begin to retrace this long road that involves the safety of our children, we want to show you four products that the majority of parents have chosen. These baby sleeping bags have similar and different characteristics simultaneously, adapting to various needs.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Baby Sleeping Bag

In the next section, we will analyze every detail of this product so that no feature is left to chance. Join us!

What exactly is the baby sleeping bag?

The baby sleeping bag replaces loose blankets in the crib that can cover your baby’s face and interfere with breathing. Generally, they have zippers on the front or side so that the little one cannot take them off. These “bags” contain the rest of the body; that is, the baby’s feet are inside the bag.

  • The advantages of having a baby sleeping bag on hand are innumerable. But we want you to walk away with at least the core benefits. Help babies not to move too much.
  • It prevents the child from uncovering at night.
  • And it maintains body temperature so that your child does not suffer from cold, but so that he does not suffer from the heat either.
  • It makes it impossible for the baby to cover his face, as it happens with blankets. This action avoids the risk of suffocation that translates into sudden death syndrome.
  • It provides a sense of security, like when the baby was in the womb.
  • It makes the baby sleep better at night by being warm inside the bag.
  • You can feed your baby without removing the sleeping bag. In this way, you prevent him from waking up completely.

Why is it convenient to dress my child in a baby sleeping bag?

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests using infant sleeping bags instead of loose blankets to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). In general, this syndrome is latent in children younger than 12 months. Of course, it is not the only precautionary measure since it has been discovered that putting the baby to sleep on his stomach or using soft bedding increases the risk of SIDS.

How to use a baby sleeping bag?

  1. Although there are not many secrets to dressing your baby with a sleeping bag, you must analyze your home’s temperature to figure out how much clothing you are going to put under the load. Keep in mind the following precautions, and you will not suffer any problem during the night: The ideal room temperature to avoid overheating is 20 to 22 °C.
  2. If the temperature in your home changes during the day, but the baby sleep in different clothes during naps and at night
  3. Don’t dress your baby in more than one layer than an adult would wear to be comfortable in the same environment. A long-sleeved onesie is usually enough to keep your little one warm but not stuffy.
  4. The baby’s head should also uncover unless he weighs less than 3.5 kilos or is in a cold environment.

These tips lead to the conclusion of much research that indicates that if a baby gets too hot while asleep, they can fall into a deep sleep from which it will be much more challenging to wake up.

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When should I use a baby sleeping bag?

As your baby grows, he may prefer to have his arms free or begin to move in the crib and rollover. That’s when it’s time to stop swaddling your child (if you ever did) and start using a sleeping bag. Most babies are ready to wear this coat from 3-6 months at the latest.

What should a baby sleeping bag look like?

  • Although each manufacturer designs various models, there are some guidelines that all brands should strictly follow. It is then that the sleeping bags for babies must comply with the following: They don’t have to be too soft.
  • They must be breathable.
  • And they have to hold moisture without being suffocating the baby.
  • They don’t need to be too thick because if your baby sweats too much, he can end up with a cold. That is, the remedy would be worse than the disease.

What are the types of baby sleeping bags?

  • You can find different models, but we could classify them into two large groups: Sleeping bags for newborn babies: For the little ones, some bags keep their arms inside. In this way, the baby will feel contained, as when she was in the womb.
  • Sleeping bags for children from 6 months to 3 years: Models with and without sleeves are shown. They are comfortable and warm to keep your little one warm.

When is it time to leave the baby sleeping bag?

As you may have read, bags are made even for children around three years old, but the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that from 12 months, it is safe to use blankets in the crib. In any case, they recommend that the pillows be reserved for when the baby already sleeps in a bed. In other words, after a year, the probability of dying from sudden death plummets. The risk of suffocation is also decreased because most 12-month-olds can roll over and skill to remove blankets from their faces. Even though there are no longer any significant risks after a year, it is always recommended to keep the crib relatively empty.

Purchase criteria

Now it’s time to analyze five criteria that will rescue you from a possible shipwreck in your decision. In the following lines, we present them to you.

  1. Age
  2. thickness
  3. Weight
  4. sleeves
  5. Design


Although many parents want their bedding to last for several months, it is not recommended to use an infant sleeping bag much more significant than your child. The purpose of the sac is to prevent your baby from having any excess material that may collect around the nose or mouth.

It means that if your baby is wearing a sleeping bag that is too big, there is a chance that their head will slide through the neck hole or excess material will cover their face. Of course, the decision will always be up to the parents depending on each bag model, but it is an important feature to take into account.


When looking for a baby sleeping bag, you will discover that the name tog is used when talking about thickness. This unit of measure for thermal insulation is used in the textile trade. A British value has become the international standard for how well a baby sleeping bag keeps you warm.

To analyze this aspect, remember that the higher the number referred to the tog, the thicker the sleeping bag. But also keep in mind that it is better if the room is not so hot. To detect if your baby is feeling cold, you should touch the back of her neck since it is normal for her arms and hands to remain out.

tog numberroom temperature
0.5over 24 degrees
1.0Between 22 and 24 degrees
2.5Between 16 and 21 degrees
3.5less than 16 degrees
Baby sleeping bag: Which is the best in 2022?


You have to think that the baby sleeping bag is an element your child will use for many hours since the little ones spend a large part of their lives sleeping. So the bag’s weight is essential for your baby to sleep comfortably and move quickly. Therefore, the ideal weighs as little as possible, approximately 500 grams.


Baby sleeping bags can be short or long-sleeved. However, a third option that is very popular with parents is the jacket with removable sleeves. This latest design has buttons or zippers to take the sleeves on or off according to the room’s temperature. Always remember not to overdress your baby.


In addition to the thousands of designs that each brand offers, ranging from bags with embroidered drawings to the classic plain or striped ones, you can get them in their unisex variety for boys and girls. This alternative is not insignificant if you plan to have more than one child since you could take advantage of the same garment even if the babies are of different sexes.


After analyzing each point about baby sleeping bags, it is your turn to choose the one that most appeals to you. Your little one’s good rest is essential for developing healthily and displaying his skills during the day. So we should not minimize this outfit that will help your baby sleep peacefully.

Colours, materials, designs, sizes, weight and thickness are some of the essential features of these sleeping bags. Carefully read the manufacturer’s descriptions and analyze the consumers’ comments that will help you know the reality about each product. Do not hesitate to ask the seller if any detail is not entirely clear to you.

When you have already used one of these bags for your baby, please share with us if you are satisfied with your purchase. Do not forget to spread this guide among all those parents looking for a solution to the dangerous blankets in their babies’ cribs.

Baby sleeping bag: Which is the best in 2024?

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