The Best Paddle Surf Boards of 2023

The Best Paddle Surf Boards of 2023

For those of us who like sports, when we have a few days of vacation, we begin to think about where or when we will make our next getaway and what sports we can practice. If you have come this far, it is because you love adventure and paddle surfing, and you are surely looking for cheap inflatable paddle surf boards. And it is understandable. The freedom that an inflatable paddleboard gives you is not given to you by any other.

Paddle surfing or stand-up paddle surfing (SUP) is a sport that is becoming very popular on global beaches. It is a sport in which all the muscles of the body are put into play, and that is learned very quickly, without the need to have a great physical shape for it.

Index of contents

  1. The Best Paddle Surf Boards of 2022
  2. How to choose the best paddle surf boards for each case
  3. Paddle surf board prices
  4. paddle surf boards on amazon
  5. Easymaxx Stand Up Paddle Board
  6. Aqua Marina Breeze
  7. Aqua Marina Monster
  8. Bestway Hydro-Force 65302 – The cheapest among cheap paddle surf boards
  9. Bestway Hydro Force Freesoul Tech 65310
  10. Bestway Long Tail SUP Lite 65083 – The best value for money
  11. Apollo
  12. Aztron Aquatone Flame 12.6” – The best performing SUP board
  13. Duraero Paddle Surf Pump, Kayak Seat – The unparalleled 2 in 1
  14. Aqua Marina Fusion
  15. Zray X-rider Deluxe
  16. Bluefin Cruise Carbon
  17. Nemaxx PB335
  18. aquamarine steam
  19. redder stand up paddle board
  20. Bluefin Stand Up Paddle Board, Mammoth 18” Model – The ideal paddle surf board for the family
  21. Klarfit Spreestar
  22. Klarfit Spreestar WL
  23. Comparison table

The Best Paddle Surf Boards of 2023

Buy the paddle surf board that best suits you.

  • Aqua Marina Vapor, Aquamarina Breeze, and Bestway Hydro-Force 65302: The cheapest for beginners in this sport.
  • Klarfit Spreestar: For high speeds and medium experience at a very affordable price.

Navigating the sea on a  paddle surf board and paddling to catch the most spectacular waves or simply enjoying a pleasant journey are great ways to get carried away by the sensations that this very special sport offers.

As in any sport, using the appropriate elements ensures that you enjoy the experience in its entirety, with guarantees of safety and fun, an unbeatable combination of physical activity and perfect leisure. Choosing which paddle surf board to buy is the first step toward sailing the seas. Several considerations must keep in mind to make the right decision. The size, the shape of the board, the athlete’s weight, the volume, etc., are aspects that condition this decisive step.

You can find a wide variety of boards in the market, differentiating basically into rigid boards and inflatable boards. The manufacture and materials used in inflatable boards have evolved over the last few years and currently constitute one of the best options. An inflatable paddle surf board is a resistant board that allows descents, including rivers, offering adequate performance both in navigation and stability. In addition, these types of boards offer an additional advantage: they can be stored and transported in a very comfortable way. Once deflated, they can be placed in your transport backpack and take up very little space, making them ideal for carrying in the trunk of the car or even on a plane. To inflate them, a classic pump is used, an electric pump or there is also the option of connecting them to the car’s cigarette lighter—an unbeatable way to always take sport anywhere without problems.

Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished athlete, there are no limits when it comes to enjoying the sea. Inflatable paddle surf boards have become an escape to freedom. Technology hand in hand with adventure provides us with more comfortable, lighter, and more stable models every day; that present great buoyancy and rigidity, generating a lot of confidence in new users.

SUP boards are versatile, portable, and a lot of fun. You will find many models in the market, including the cheapest boards, which monopolize favoritism and purchases. We have made for you a selection of the best paddle surf boards, so you can compare and decide which is your ideal paddle surf board.

How to choose the best paddle surf boards for each case

To answer this question, it is necessary to answer a series of questions that will make it much easier to decide which paddle surf board to buy.

What skills do you have? Depending on the control you have over the table, its shape will vary. The outline of the board is known as the outline, and it is an aspect on which its behavior on the water depends to a great extent. If the rear, known as the tail, is wide and square, the board will have more stability, but it will be less maneuverable than narrow.

If the front part, called the nose, is thin and pointed, the board will be ideal for sailing in choppy waters and waves, but it will be less stable than a rounded and wide nose.

The rocker is the table’s curve from one end to the other. The behavior depends on it when you are practicing paddle surfing since it is responsible for sliding the board on the water. The greater the curvature of the board (the rocker ), the less slip, but the board will be much more comfortable. On the contrary, boards with a lower rocker will provide greater glide but less comfort on the waves.

What is the weight of the athlete? 

This feature is one of the most important points when making this decision. The greater this weight, the more buoyant boards will be required, resulting in more voluminous boards. Buoyancy is essential to maintain balance comfortably, but if the board has too much volume, it will be very heavy, and the slide will worsen, requiring more effort to move it. Generally, as skill is acquired in paddle surfing, there is a tendency to choose boards with less volume that are more maneuverable.

Several formulas can use to choose the ideal table. The easiest way is to multiply the athlete’s weight by two if you have a little practice. In the case of beginners, it is more advisable to multiply the weight by 2.2. In this way, the volume in liters of the most appropriate table for each person is obtained.

What type of paddle surf do you want to practice? 

Boards can be classified into all-round boards or touring boards. The round boards are all-terrain boards, very versatile, and a great choice for beginners in this sport. They have a fairly rounded “nose” and “tail,” which provides greater stability and comfort. These characteristics are highly appreciated when you learn to maintain your balance on it. The touring boards are faster than the previous ones, more stable in choppy waters, and allow for much faster acceleration. They are less maneuverable. They can be used to take long rides at high speed or to use them more technically.

If, in addition to paddle surfing, you are interested in windsurfing, you may be interested in buying a paddle surf board with a sail that is used for both modalities:

  • Klarfit Spreestar WL: For paddle surfing with or without a sail. It comes with the complete kit to practice both modalities.

Paddle surf board prices

Buying a paddle surf board is an important decision that requires a little thought. Choosing a board that allows you to enjoy this sport for as long as possible is a requirement that will pay off the investment in a short time. The prices of paddle surf boards vary from 300 euros and can reach prices of up to 1,500 euros in higher performance boards. There is also the option of renting the board on the beaches, bringing this sport closer to anyone interested in it.

With a bit of luck and depending on the season and the chosen model, it is possible to find interesting paddle surf offers. Buy cheap paddle surf boards, the best way to start enjoying this activity.

paddle surf boards on amazon

On Amazon, you can find a wide catalog of tables. Specifically, there is a wide variety of inflatable paddle surf boards at attractive prices, thanks to the current paddle surf offers. Below are the most outstanding paddle surf boards on amazon.

Easymaxx Stand Up Paddle Board

The Easymaxx is an all-rounder SUP with a unisex design that does not go unnoticed among cheap paddle surf boards. With its colorful design and its need to seek the sea with the slogan “I NEED VITAMIN SEA,” you will also feel committed to this journey. If you are determined to start activities in paddle surfing, this table represents an excellent option without having to make an exceptional expense. Both beginners and advanced athletes can use it.

All-terrain is an inflatable and very rigid board. It has 320x76x15 cm and supports a maximum weight of 110 Kg. To use it standing, kneeling, or sitting since it has a perfect width and is very comfortable; walk or travel distances at high speed. The central area is textured and anti-slip. With its 3-fin design and its great length, you can enjoy great stability while you make your journeys, whether in the open sea, in rivers, or lakes. The purchase includes an adjustable aluminum paddle, which you can adapt to the size of your body, a manual air pump, a repair kit, a safety strap, and a practical carrying bag where you can transport and store all the equipment.

It has a practical criss-cross tension strap at one of its ends, in which you can safely store everything from the oar, so you can rest while you make your observations to a small cellar with a snack or a backpack with your personal belongings. It also has a functional safety strap, allowing you always to keep the board within reach of your ankles. The shoulder straps of the carry bag are adjustable, so you can easily adjust them to your complexion.

It is noteworthy that it is one of the best-selling SUP models on Amazon; you may not have competition at that price and with that quality.

Aqua Marina Breeze

Breeze is the smallest SUP board and one of the cheapest paddle surf boards in Aqua Marina’s All-Around line. At just 9’10”, it gives you the stability you need to carry out your paddle sup activities in calm waters. It is a unisex design designed for beginners.

The Breeze is a thin, light, and very stiff inflatable board, hence the feeling of stability that will help you find your rhythm, from your first comeback, despite its single central fin design. It has dimensions of 300x76x12 cm and supports a maximum weight of 100 Kg.

Move to the rhythm that your heart tells you, whether standing, sitting, or kneeling. Its width gives you the perfect support and comfort to enjoy the summer in the sun, and its comfortable structure invites you to travel great distances with total freedom. It is built using Drop-Stitch ™ Light technology. Several layers of synthetic material provide light but a stable body, with a super rigid cover that guarantees its great buoyancy.

The central area features a comfortable EVA pad, textured with diamond-shaped grooves that make it anti-slip and very comfortable. Its front end has practical intersecting elastic cords, forming a bungee system, to keep your luggage, snacks, or personal belongings safe during the journey.

With the purchase of a Breeze paddle surf board, you will receive a removable aluminum paddle, a double-action pump, center fin, safety strap, and a sturdy carry bag to keep all gear safe when not in use.

It has a series of “D” rings in the central area that facilitate the installation of the kayak seat.

Aqua Marina Monster

The Monster model, at 12″ in length, is the longest and strongest inflatable SUP board in the set within the same Aqua Marina All-Around line. It can carry a payload of up to 170 Kg, with its dimensions of 366x84x15 cm.

Despite being the longest, thickest, and widest SUP board in the line, it is not the heaviest since it barely exceeds 10 Kg, making it easy to transport with the help of its practical neoprene central handle. Its proportions guarantee greater stability when moving, so you can enjoy your summers on the sea despite your inexperience.

Its red grip cover makes it stand out on any stage. It features an EVA footpad, a resistant thermoplastic configured in a diamond shape, non-slip, and very comfortable. It allows you to adapt the Kayak seat, which you can purchase at an additional cost.

It uses the Drop-Stitch ™ Light technology that combines several layers of material to build a lightweight body with resistant seams and a rigid shell, which gives it great buoyancy and stability. In addition, its thickness and construction prevent the board from bending in the face of any eventuality. Therefore, it is the ideal paddle surfboard for summer adventures in the sun.

Purchase includes everything you need to start gliding in the sun; an aluminum oar in 3 parts, which you can adjust to the height you require, but which is somewhat heavy if you have to make long journeys before reaching the sea. Also, a double-action pump will allow you to reach the 15 psi of its design easily. In addition, the removable central fin, safety strap, and a practical backpack with padded straps and a practical top handle.

Bestway Hydro-Force 65302 – The cheapest among cheap paddle surfboards

If you are looking for cheap paddle surf boards, this Bestway model will convince you, as it is one of the most popular brands in the Amazon universe. The Hydro-Force Aqua Journey is light, thin, and strong. It stands out in the selection of its orange and white colors against the infinite blue of the sky and the sea. It is an inflatable SUP of 274x76x12 cm, supporting a maximum load of 110 Kg. It is the ideal paddle surf board for young people who are starting to practice the activity and looking for a stable board to facilitate their first steps. It is also for the adventurous adult who challenges the waves and enjoys challenges.

For its construction, Drop-Stitch™ technologies are combined, which provide the materials that provide firmness to the light and stable body of the board, and TriTech™, which provides the resistant cover, which defines its rigidity and guarantees maximum buoyancy. In addition to the quality of the materials, the construction technique involves the use of several layers of plastic material to increase its resistance, which has earned it recognition as a manufacturing method.

The ease of handling and great stability is due to the base’s three fixed fins. It gives it great maneuverability in turns and ease of handling. For this reason, it is the “Stand Up Paddle” preferred by beginners. In addition, the entire cover of its unique structure is non-slip, which facilitates the enjoyment of rides, thanks to its manageability, even at high speed.

When buying a Hydro-Force Aqua Journey paddle surf board from Bestway, you will receive the high-pressure inflation pump, pressure gauge, adjustable fastening, ankle rope, extendable paddle, and a practical transport bag. We miss the elastic bands that are always very useful in any activity and tour.

Bestway Hydro-Force Freesoul Tech 65310

This Bestway brand inflatable paddle surf board is one of the best sellers on Amazon due to its high manufacturing quality and its ideal for all kinds of people, both beginners, and experts. The SUP board is so versatile that it can use for many activities: long or short water rides, touring, kayaking, windsurfing, and even yoga.

The Hydro-Force Freesoul Tech stands out mainly for its dimensions: 340x89x15 cm and its great resistance, which allows it to support up to 160 Kg. It is ideal for most adult users, who will not have to worry much about their weight, to have fun with this table. It is made with high-quality plastic materials and state-of-the-art technology, such as “Drop stitch” and “Tritech,” that give it enviable rigidity and lightness, guaranteeing its durability, even if used frequently.

It is important to highlight that it also has a non-slip surface that allows the rider to keep his balance, regardless of the position in which he is. In general, it is an ideal paddle surf board for beginners since it offers a lot of stability, resistance, and safety. The only negative thing about the board, which several of its users have criticized, is that the central fin is not removable and makes it difficult to fold.

The purchased kit includes a light and adjustable aluminum paddle, a seat with backrest and footrest, a manual inflation pump with pressure gauge, and a good quality transport bag.

Bestway Long Tail SUP Lite 65083 – The best value for money

Raising the bar at quality and price, as part of its Hydro-Force line, Bestway presents its Long Tail SUP, a longer SUP board, with greater stability so that you can enjoy your life of adventure in the sea.

Light, durable and resistant are the outstanding characteristics of this 335x76x15 cm SUP, which can support up to 145 Kg. Made using ultra-resistant plastics, in several layers, to increase its level of resistance, they can reach up to 12 psi of load pressure. It combines Drop-Stitch™ and TriTech™ technology, which guarantees a light, stable body, with a cover that gives it great rigidity and buoyancy.

Technology in materials never ceases to amaze. Bestway builds their inflatables with completely flat surfaces, which once they reach the filling pressure are as rigid as a rock. This rigidity generates the confidence you need to move on the surface of any body of water, where the adventure of the day awaits you.

In addition to the board, the three removable navigation fins are included; the inflation pump with pressure gauge, detachable aluminum paddle with variable height, and the practical carrying bag. Attachment ropes are included at one end of the board, so you can take what you need on the adventure: your snack to replenish your strength, water, sunscreen, or your notebook.

Its base is non-slip, and with the safety rope tied to your ankle, you won’t be afraid to carry out the most unexpected maneuvers in less calm waters. At first, you will have a lot of resistance when inflating, so you may have problems reaching the recommended pressure. It bothers less over time. The quality of the transport bag is not very good, and it is uncomfortable during transport, although it has a band to adjust the waist.


Apollo, a professional brand on the skate scene, is determined to cross the seas and fill up on the energy of summer with its eye-catching inflatable paddle boards. The Apolo Rock Waves Wood is one of the brand’s models that impresses with its design, resembling wood and its colorful touches on the anti-slip surfaces.

The Apollo Wood is a versatile SUP that you can have ready to use in a few minutes. When you buy an Apollo paddle board, you receive the inflation pump, an adjustable paddle, repair kit, safety strap, and a resistant bag, with a handle and padded straps, which will allow you to keep all your equipment well-protected.

The board measures 300x76x15 cm and weighs just 8 Kg. It can support a maximum load of 125 Kg. It is made using the best of Drop-Stitch™ materials with a double coating on its surface made up of resistant polyester threads, which give it rigidity. And resistance that is required, but with an ultra-light finish. All these benefits make it easier for you to enjoy the journey, and it makes it easier for you to store the material once you finish the activities.

The Apollo Wood is an all-around SUP that you can use on any occasion. Its wide design and short, rounded tip offer great stability and ease of handling. You can use it to enjoy a walk through calm waters or ride waves in a much more daring experience. Its design includes three fins with a somewhat longer central keel that gives it stability at all times.

These superior features keep the SUP Apollo one of the best stand-up paddle boards and an Amazon user favorite.

Astron Aquatone Flame 12.6″ – The best performing SUP board

The first thing that catches your eye is the color of its design, which lives up to its name “Flame”; to flare against the blue of the sea, which will stand out from anywhere. The stylized design of its lines betrays this 350x81x15 cm tourer, which weighs just 11 Kg and is made to fly over the surface of the sea. Remember that the longer the inflatable paddle board, the better it will glide, although it can be more difficult to master. Its resistant design allows it to support 160 Kg of weight.

The Aquatone Flame model, by Astron, is a high-performance touring SUP. It is designed to operate at a maximum pressure of 15 psi, containing up to 339 liters of air, giving it its great buoyancy and stability power. It has a 9″ central fin that gives it great maneuverability during the course, together with its ideal dimensions.

It is made using Drop-Stitch™ + Fusion double layer technology, which gives it quality, rigidity, and ultra-lightness in its finish. Additionally, it has a high-quality PVC layer, which creates rigidity and facilitates external grip. It includes an anti-slip and protective EVA pad, 5 mm thick, with which it achieves great grip and comfort on its surface in any of the positions you practice.

The purchase includes a hand pump, an adjustable aluminum paddle, a backpack for transport, and a safety strap, always to keep the board within reach.

In the front area of ​​the board, you have a system of flexible ropes to keep any personal item that accompanies you on the crossings safe, giving you the freedom to paddle. In addition, a pad, or grooved pad, is integrated into the arch design of the back end, with which you gain stability and safety when maneuvering on the board. For all these reasons, it is another of Amazon’s favorites.

Duraero Paddle Surf Pump, Kayak Seat – The unparalleled 2 in 1

If you are looking for cheap paddle surf boards, this is one of the most popular on Amazon. The Duraero model, which includes a Kayak seat, is the most popular 2 in 1. In addition, with the purchase, you acquire an adjustable and convertible paddle, with a double or single blade; air pump with pressure gauge, safety strap, repair kit, kayak conversion strap kit, and a handy backpack for transport. It is recommended for beginners but can be used by anyone who enjoys the thrill of outdoor activities.

The board measures 330x76x15 cm and is designed to withstand up to 130 Kg of weight, with a structure that barely reaches 7.7 Kg. It has three fins at its base, which give it great stability in turns and ease of handling. Either as a kayak or as aboard. It can reach high speeds in open environments and is very manageable. Its versatile design allows it to be easily integrated into any route, be it touristic, such as kayaking, windsurfing, etc.

It presents a comfortable rubber cover on its surface, which reaches up to 2.5 cm thick at its rear end. It is covered allows it to be comfortable in any of the positions you get on the board. Its core is built with the best of Drop-Stitch™ technology, making it light resistant and giving it great rigidity when it reaches its ideal operating pressure.

To convert it into kayak mode, the seat has a series of straps that must adjust to the set of 4 “D” rings that you will get in the central area of ​​the board.

Aqua Marina Fusion

At first, glance, what stands out most about this SUP board is its bright colors and striking design, but don’t underestimate it because it offers much more. It is ideal for beginners or anyone with little experience in the world of inflatable boards. Without a doubt, what is most striking about the Aqua Marina Fusion is its excellent balance between price and quality.

This table has the following dimensions: 330x75x15 cm. It can support up to 140 Kg of weight, but some stability is lost when you get close to that limit. Its characteristics make it an ideal paddle surf board for touring, short walks, yoga, or simply to relax on it while the water current carries you.

It is made of high-quality PVC material that guarantees its durability and light seams that make it very easy to transport. The handles and fins of the table are very resistant. The central fin is removable. In conclusion, it is a table of very good quality. Plus, its width and stiffness make it very easy to control, which is great news for first-time users. The board kit includes a backpack, paddle, and manual pump.

It is very difficult to find cheap paddle surf boards that have a quality like this; however, many users have criticized the manual pump that comes with the kit. They say that it is very fragile and you have to use it very carefully not to damage it. Another small negative detail is that the table may not be as fast as more experienced users would like, but it is an excellent alternative for less demanding users.

Zray X-rider Deluxe

The X-rider Deluxe is an excellent option for those who want to have their first inflatable paddle surf board without spending a lot of money to buy it. Both children and adults can use it, and its versatility allows for a wide variety of activities in calm or choppy waters.

It has 330x76x15 cm and supports a maximum weight of 145 Kg. It has “Drop Stitch Lightweight” technology, allowing greater rigidity, thanks to its thousands of polyester filaments located between the two reinforced PVC walls. It also features a non-slip EVA pad that offers stability and comfort. That makes it the ideal paddle surf board for beginners and people who like to practice yoga.

The accessories included with the board are an adjustable aluminum paddle, a manual pump equipped with a pressure gauge, a telephone leash, a central fin, and a storage bag to carry all the equipment.

It is important to remember that the board also has rings that allow you to place a seat in kayak mode. The Zray company offers it as a separate accessory so that you can navigate with total comfort.

It may not be the best paddle surf board in terms of quality, but it is an excellent low-cost proposal, which is undoubtedly very attractive. If you are a person who is looking for a cheap and good-quality paddle surf board that is fast and rigid, you should not hesitate to choose this alternative. Still, you must bear in mind that it is not very maneuverable, especially in situations where you have to make quick turns.

It is noteworthy that it is one of the best-selling SUP models on Amazon; you may not have competition at that price and with that quality.

Bluefin Cruise Carbon

The Cruise Carbon is possibly the best paddle board you can get on Amazon, but its price may scare you a bit. However, it stands out a lot, not only for its rigidity but also for the security it offers. It is an excellent alternative, which adjusts to the needs of any user and can offer excellent performance in any aquatic environment and under any mode of use.

The dimensions of the table are as follows: 325×83.5×16 cm. It can carry a maximum load weight of 130 Kg. The quality of its construction materials and the technology used in its production are its greatest strength. The entire surface of the board has high UV resistance. In addition, it has the densest seam design on the market: 11,200 seams of 500 Denier “Space Yarn” fibers for each square meter. It gives excellent stiffness and durability to the board. It also has carbon rails that give it aerodynamic capacity in all kinds of aquatic environments.

It has a non-slip platform that feels great underfoot and provides additional traction. Its “Air Duo” technology features two independent air chambers, which provide greater rigidity and safety. The table can be kept afloat, despite the failure of one of the two cameras. It also comes with a safety net to take extra equipment with you. It has a fixed amount for GoPro and, of course, many d-rings for further customization.

The best accessories accompany the board on the market:

  • A triple-action hand pump
  • A carbon fiber paddle
  • A US Box fin system
  • A neoprene reel leash
  • A conversion kit (kayak)
  • A high-capacity backpack

Quality to transport all your equipment

It is ideal for advanced users who want to obtain much more quality, stability, and maneuverability from their sup board. Still, it is not an option that is part of the group of cheap paddle surf boards, so it will not be available to everyone.

Nemaxx PB335

This inflatable surf board is a balanced mix between a beautiful design, good stability, and high comfort. It can be used in lakes, rivers, and seas by all kinds of people, no matter how little experience they have.

It has dimensions of 335x74x15 cm and can support a maximum weight of 130 Kg. It is developed with a “PVC/drop stitch” technology that guarantees durability and good quality while maintaining a very lightweight. It has a non-slip EVA surface that provides a lot of stability when you are on it. The center fin is fully adjustable and has an easy lock system. In conclusion, it is a board of good quality for its price.

With the table come all the essential elements to have a good fun time. Included is a hand pump with a pressure gauge, an adjustable aluminum paddle, a coiled leash, a repair kit, and of course, a good quality backpack so that you can store all your gear.

It is a perfect paddle surf board for children and beginner users due to its ease of use and stability. However, some people in the 85-100kg weight range comment that the board loses a bit of stability when using it.

Aquamarine steam

This board is designed for those looking for an element of fun and entertainment in the water, providing maximum safety and stability. Its affordable price makes it a very interesting option for those looking for specific features, but only a different way of experiencing the sea.

It is ideal for beginners and light rowers who decide to start their journey in this exciting sport, standing out in the touring model. It provides comfort and stability due to its design. It is equipped with a double-walled core that provides exceptional durability. The EVA platform has a honeycomb-shaped coating (hexagonal) that provides greater traction. Its lightweight and good quality make it an interesting option for those athletes looking for cheap paddle surf boards with good features.

It is a thin board, so it is recommended for calm waters. Its dimensions are 300 x 76 x 12 cm. It can purchase three fins, a metered pump, a carrying backpack, and an adjustable aluminum paddle. The drawback of this table is that it does not support much weight, so that heavier athletes could have problems during use.

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Redder stand-up paddle board

A table made with top-quality materials and designed for athletes up to 120 kilos provides great versatility. It offers perfect stability for calm waters with small waves. It is a highly recommended choice for athletes of all levels and those who want to row, practice yoga, or fish, a board that stands out in the versatile mode offering great versatility of use.

It has amazing durability thanks to the double-wall fabric used in its construction, as well as high-quality PVC, making it very suitable for those riders who are just starting out and still do not have absolute control of the board and can take hits. Its affordable price makes it a very interesting choice for those who want to start this sport or enjoy the sea—supplied with fins, adjustable aluminum blades, backpack for transport, inflation pump, and repair kit. Its durability is adequate, thanks to its double-wall fabric.

Bluefin Stand Up Paddle Board, Mammoth 18″ Model – The ideal paddle surf board for the family.

Fun is shared with the family, that was Bluefin’s feeling when designing the Mammoth 18″ model . He said for them: “the longest SUP in the world.” But it is because this super-SUP of 550x153x20 cm and 27 Kg is so resistant that it can support up to 650 kg, the weight of 8 average users. It is the ideal paddle surf board for you to celebrate your private parties under the sun, with family, or with friends; is that even the pet of the house can accompany you on the journey.

It has two chambers that distribute the air pressure inside the board and 11 grip handles. When it reaches a filling pressure of 15 psi, it can contain up to 1,300 liters of air, which gives it great stability on the water within all that floating surface. Imagine organizing a picnic or a game of ping pong at the end of the afternoon on your private island.

It is made of military-grade PVC, using ESL (Exo Surface Laminate) technology, which gives it great resistance, hardness, and stability. It’s 11,200 stitches of space thread, 500 deniers per square meter, for the stiffest SUP you can find. In addition, it incorporates a special HQ coating, which makes the surface resistant to UV rays. It includes a non-slip cover, so you can enjoy sitting, or standing, of all the entertainment.

The purchase includes:

  • Five removable fins.
  • A double-action filling pump with a pressure gauge.
  • Its practical transport bag.

With its 27 Kg of weight, you can easily carry it in the trunk, on the train, or in the subway since it deflates and is easily stored. Apart from the price, the only bad thing is that you will not want to leave the sea.

Klarfit Spreestar

This board is highly recommended for high speeds, especially in racing mode. It provides great stability on the water, a feature that beginner athletes highly appreciate. In addition, it has great robustness against overturning.

Its weight and its reduced volume make it very manageable. The upper part has an EVA padding that provides a pleasant sensation of comfort and non-slip material that improves grip during use. Its PVC chamber swells and deflates in a short time, making its transport very simple and fast.

The complete kit includes a paddle, foot strap, repair kit, and air pump. The maximum weight that it can support is 100 kilos. It is provided with three removable fins, one middle and two lateral ones—a very interesting option at a good price to get the most out of the sea.

Klarfit Spreestar WL

This inflatable paddle surf board model is very versatile and offers two modes of use. It can be used with a sail, included in the kit, to navigate windsurfing style or without it to enjoy calm and relaxed cruises on beaches and lakes with little agitation.

Due to its versatility of use, this table stands out in the touring modality. The sail is also inflatable, so it can conveniently store in the transport backpack after use. In addition to the sail, the blade, the safety footrest, the safety kit, and the air pump are supplied. The volume of the board and the weight is reduced, aspects that do not detract from its stability. Its robust shape and low incline make it the ideal choice for beginners.

The maximum weight it supports is 140 kilos. The upper board has been equipped with an EVA foam that provides a pleasant touch during use and a suitable grip. Due to the large number of accessories included, the price of this board is somewhat higher than that of other models. However, it must consider that the complete kit allows you to enjoy windsurfing and paddle surfing for the same price.

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