Dishwasher does not drain water – Causes and solutions 2023

Dishwasher does not drain water – Causes and solutions 2023

It’s likely the result of the entire garbage disposal that won’t allow the drain water to enter the machine, so it backs up in the bottom of the dishwasher. The problem is probably a kink in the drain hose or a clog in the hose, the drain, or the air gap.

The dishwasher has finished washing, we open the hatch, and inside instead of clean, shiny dishes – the water is standing in the dishwasher. Not a very attractive sight, is it? However, you should not write off the device immediately – it is probably enough to unplug something or replace one of the parts. In the beginning, we can conduct a little investigation ourselves and find out why the dishwasher is not draining.

Table of Contents

  • While the water is standing in the dishwasher: empty the washing chamber
  • The aqua stop inlet hose has failed.
  • Clean the filter in the dishwasher
  • Rinse the drain hose from the dishwasher
  • Check the drain pump in the dishwasher
  • Dishwasher drain blocked
  • If the water is not draining from the dishwasher:

While the water is standing in the dishwasher: empty the washing chamber.

When there is water standing in the dishwasher, the first step should be to disconnect the power and water supplies to the dishwasher for safety reasons. Then, remove the water remains from the chamber and take out the dishes, shelves, baskets, and cleaning agents’ containers.

If water is standing in the dishwasher, there may be several reasons. Check the solutions step by step – most of them can be realized by yourself.

The aqua stop inlet hose has failed.

If, after the washing cycle, the dishwasher is dry, and over time, water begins to accumulate at the bottom of the dishwasher, the cause may be a failure of the solenoid valve or the aqua stop hose closing access to the inlet water. Unfortunately, Aquastop hoses cannot be dismantled, and we are not able to fill them ourselves.

Clean the filter in the dishwasher Dishwasher does not drain water – Causes and solutions 2022

If the dishwasher does not drain the water, it could be because the filter is clogged. If the dishes are not rinsed before placing them in the dishwasher, food particles may be deposited on the filter and impede the drainage of the water in the dishwasher. In this case, please take out the filters and clean them thoroughly, then put them back in the dishwasher.

Rinse the drain hose from the dishwasher

Like on the filter, the drain pipe can be left with fragments of unrinsed food, which may also confuse when the dishwasher does not discharge water. In this case, the tubing must be rinsed

The drain hose may also be positioned incorrectly, e.g. twisted so that the drainage of the water is complex – then it is enough to correct it or unscrew it and reinstall it. If you still have a problem, take advantage of our offer to repair dishwashers in Wrocław.

Check the drain pump in the dishwasher.

Suppose other methods have failed and have not indicated the cause of the defect, and the water is standing in the dishwasher. In that case, a more difficult task awaits us – we have to tinker a little to get to the internal mechanisms of the dishwasher. First, remove the top cover (this does not apply to built-in kitchen dishwashers), turn the device upside down and unscrew the bottom surface. When we have all the dishwasher elements in front of us, we can start inspecting and looking at them separately. The pump motor is the most necessary washing and drains pump, responsible for pumping water out the dishwasher. If the problem is with the engine, we will probably need to replace it. However, when it comes to the drain pump – remove it and check that the impeller rotates smoothly and clean it of sediment. It may be where some undesirable element is stuck, which you need to draw for the whole thing to start working correctly again.

Read more in the article: Dishwasher does not drain water – check the reason.

Dishwasher drain blocked

If everything works as it should in the mechanism of the dishwasher, the cause of problems with standing water in the dishwasher may be a clogged drain. More significant amounts of waste may have accumulated there as well – then the drain should be pushed through with a hydraulic spring. Another reason why water is standing in the dishwasher is because of sediment on the pipes, caused by detergents and hard water and grease. We can try to unblock the pipes using home methods, such as boiling water with vinegar or baking soda or chemicals available in stores. 

However, if we do not want to risk repairing ourselves and we are not sure whether such a temporary intervention will not cause more serious faults, the safest thing to do is to call a plumber or a service technician to repair washing machines. Such devices.

If the water is not draining from the dishwasher:

  1. Empty the dishwasher’s washing compartment
  2. Clean the filter in the dishwasher
  3. Rinse the drain hose from the dishwasher
  4. Check the drain pump in the dishwasher
Dishwasher does not drain water – Causes and solutions 2022

Dishwasher does not drain water – Causes and solutions.

There is water in your dishwasher, and you don’t know what to do with it? Don’t worry; I have as many as seven potential causes of this problem for you – with solutions, of course!

Table of Contents:

  • Filter clogged
  • The problem with the drain hose
  • Drain hose malfunction
  • Drain pump failure
  • The wrong motor in the drain pump
  • Problem with the water turbidity sensor
  • Dishwasher drain blocked
  • Summary

Filter clogged – Dishwasher does not drain water – Causes and solutions 2022

Sometimes you don’t have to search long, and the most straightforward solutions are the best. You might be surprised to know that a blocked filter is one of the more common reasons your dishwasher won’t drain.

More significant food residues, greasy and sticky food residues, and even coffee grounds can quickly clog the small filter channels and effectively block the water flow. You do not need a specialist to solve the problem – you can easily handle this task.

  • Solution: Unblocking a clogged filter is not difficult. Locate the item in the dishwasher, take it out and clean it under running water. Pay attention to its condition – if you notice any mechanical damage (for example, a broken mesh), replace the filter with a new one.
  • Extra tip: Remember to always rinse any sizeable leftover food in the sink before putting the dishes in the dishwasher. Thanks to this, you will have to clean the filter much less often, and in addition, your dishwasher will last longer.

The problem with the drain hose

The new dishwasher is not draining? So be sure to check that the fault is not in the wrong position of the drain hose.

It happens relatively often – especially with the impractical arrangement of the water connections or when the space is limited. A twisted or unfavourably laid drainage hose significantly impedes the smooth flow, which usually ends with water in the dishwasher.

Another problem with the drain hose is that it is clogged. As in the case of the filter, this situation occurs when you put dishes with unrinsed food residues into the dishwasher.

  • Solution: If the problem is with a new dishwasher – Bosch, Beko, Samsung or any other brand, check the position of the hose and reposition it so that it flows freely. On the other hand, if you suspect that the reason for not draining the water is clogging, unscrew the cable and open its lumen. You can use, for example, a hydraulic spiral.
  • Extra tip: In addition to impurities, limescale build-up reduces the duct’s permeability. It is difficult to avoid if hard water is flowing in the pipes. So use dishwasher salt regularly and consider installing a water softener if necessary. You can check the water hardness in your home with a meter. You won’t spend much on it, and thanks to that, you may extend the life of many of your household appliances.

Drain hose malfunction

The drain hose, like any other part, can fail. It’s not a problem if you are dealing with a standard type of cable – you can easily replace it with a new model. The situation is much more complicated when the water is standing in the dishwasher, and the dishwasher has an Aquastop drain hose connected.

It is a particular type of cable with a locking device that protects the equipment from flooding – for example, in the event of a hose burst. Unfortunately, its specificity makes it impossible to replace it in the event of a failure.

  • Solution: If your dishwasher has a standard drain hose, you can disassemble it yourself and connect a new hose. The aqua stop type is unfortunately not dismountable, so you will have to use the help of a service technician.
  • Bonus tip: It is not uncommon for a dishwasher to be blamed for a faulty solenoid valve that does not effectively shut off the water supply. Remove the element and give it voltage – if it is out of order, it will not open.

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Drain pump failure – Dishwasher does not drain water – Causes and solutions 2022

The above methods have failed, and your dishwasher is still not draining? Unfortunately, sometimes the problem lies a bit deeper and to solve it, you have to roll up your sleeves. However, everything has to be done.

As the name suggests, the drain pump is an element responsible for draining water. If it breaks down, the dishwasher cannot work correctly. What does this mean in practice? The equipment does not lead to the end of the washing cycle; in turn, you have to face a surprise in the form of dirty water pouring out of the device.

There are various reasons for the failure. The pump may be clogged, blocked, or not functioning at all.

  • Solution: To find out what type of glitch you are dealing with, play a tinkerer. Regardless of whether the problem is with a Siemens, Whirlpool, LG, Amica or another dishwasher, the operation scheme is similar. Remove the dishwasher from the recess or build-in and remove the rear plate. It is often enough to bend it at the top and bottom slightly. Before the proper operation, make sure that the equipment is not connected to the ground wire. Note the orientation of the pump cables. It’s best to take a photo of them – you will be 100% sure that everything is in its place after reassembly. Remove the item. To do this, grab the pump and turn it 90 degrees clockwise. Check her condition. It very often happens that water stands in the dishwasher due to food remnants that block the operation of the rotor. Sometimes the cause of the failure is its broken blades. If there is mechanical damage, replacing the entire pump with a new model will be necessary.

The wrong motor in the drain pump

Mechanical damage to pump components or food residues is not the only problem you may encounter. It is not uncommon that the reason why the dishwasher does not drain water is a burnt drain pump motor.

There is no more excellent philosophy here – the motor drives the pump and allows it to run; hence its failure makes the pump simply useless. If you want to make sure that the engine is out of order, remove the pump and check the windings and contacts. You can be 100% sure if you measure the continuity of the circuit.

  • Solution: Unfortunately, the only way out of the situation is to replace the engine with a new model. Remember to check when buying whether the selected element matches the dishwasher model in your kitchen.

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Problem with the water turbidity sensor

Modern electronics – it is thanks to them that Samsung, Whirlpool or Bosch dishwashers, and many other manufacturers’ appliances work efficiently and safely. Even she, however, is not foolproof, and sometimes she does slip up. The cause is technical faults; the responsibility lies with the user another time.

The turbidity sensor of water is an element that is responsible for various tasks. Its efficient operation is also essential in the case of water drainage. The sensor sends a signal to the control module to start the pump. So if it is out of order, the dishwasher will not drain the water.

  • Solution: The problem with the turbidity sensor is caused by a dirty or malfunctioning sensor. So it is imperative to disassemble the dishwasher. In most models, the element is located at the device’s base. Remove the left cover – the sensor should be in the connector of the circulation pump. Check its condition, and then, if necessary, clean it of dirt or replace it with a new model.

Dishwasher drain blocked

Sometimes the reasons why a dishwasher does not drain water are very mundane. Clogged drain – it would seem a relatively trivial matter, but as you can see, no less problematic.

The reason for this state of affairs? Incorrect use and lack of maintenance, as a result of which the accumulated waste and the grease and scale remaining in the pipes reduce the flowing light and ultimately cause the water to stand in the dishwasher. How to fix it?

  • Solution: You can effectively push the blocked drain of the dishwasher using the hydraulic spring. You can quickly deal with grease and limescale deposits with the help of special detergents – preferably those recommended by the manufacturer of your dishwasher. You can also always reach for home methods of unblocking pipes – soda or a solution of water with vinegar. They will not hurt you, and perhaps they will leave you with a few zlotys more in your pocket.


Most often, the dishwasher does not drain water through a clogged filter, damage or incorrect installation of the drain hose, and an obstructed dishwasher drain. It may also result from a failure of a specific part, e.g. the drain pump (or its motor) or the water turbidity sensor.

You can repair a large part of these failures yourself, which will make any standing water disappear from your dishwasher. The most important thing is that you already know what to investigate to fix the problem quickly.

Remember that additional support can always be found on my Facebook group – Porady RTV / AGD. Drop by for help or to offer assistance.

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Dishwasher does not drain water – Causes and solutions 2022

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