Top 5 Business Ideas in Mumbai With Minimal Investment

Top 5 Business Ideas in Mumbai With Minimal Investment

Mumbai as we know is one of the largest cities in India. It is reported that 70% of the capital transactions in the country take place in this city. This city calls for great opportunities for businesses and startups.

The metropolitan nature of the city allows people to come and set up their business base with comfort and ease. It is said, that Mumbai is a hub for work. If you are financially viable it won’t be an issue to start a business in Mumbai, though it depends on what kind of business you are planning to start with.

The city of Mumbai allows you several business options anyone from a poor vendor to a big businessman can start their business here. There are many business ideas like Snacks bar or a Cafe, Dietician services, Delivering groceries to Event Management, Pet grooming, Graphic designing, Digital Marketing, and many more to pen down.

Top Business Ideas in Mumbai

Among all the business ideas in Mumbai, the top 5 ideas are:

Snack Bars and Cafes

Mumbai is an overpopulated city. Many people among the crowd are outsiders like the students and employees who live there for education or job purpose. Snack bars and cafes are preferable places for them to have their breakfasts.

People choose to go to some hygienic snack bar. Varieties of food, taste, and hygiene can easily make your business a success. Cafes are places for refreshments.

After the busy days in Mumbai, people need breaks and cafes are the best places for refreshments and are in high demand in the city of Mumbai.


The city of Mumbai is rich in cultural diversity and it has a lot of information about the city to offer to the world. You can start writing about anything that people need to know about this happening city of Mumbai.

It can be about the culture of the city, about the people in Mumbai and how they are struggling in their lives, about any special events, and general topics too. Content writing and blogging are in high demand when it comes to the cyber world.

Just like the content writers who are writing day and night, people out there are equally busy looking at the cyber world. Hence, blogging is a kind of business that can bring you money.

Event Management

Mumbai is a happening city that never sleeps. Events are a part of lives in this city and managers are needed here.

Birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, concerts, entertainment shows, etc need event managers to get going with the event smoothly. Having good contacts can be the key to starting with the business of event management. 

Recruitment Cells

Starting with a recruitment cell in Mumbai is a good way to earn money. Big companies and industries need skilled employees to work for them. Helping them choose the right employee for the companies and helping the job seekers to get a suitable job is the work of a recruitment cell.

Working as a mediator between the companies and the job seekers, you can make a profit to a large extent. Recruitment cells are often needed for companies that are hiring employees daily. Hence it is a good business opportunity to start, in the city of Mumbai.

T-Shirt Painting Business

The T-shirt printing business is a low-investment business and people with a creative mind can opt for this business. You need to buy plain T-Shirts, paint on them and start your eCommerce or dropshipping business.

Though it looks like a hobby, it can make you earn money in the city of Mumbai. Contacting NGOs, schools, and other organizations who want a unique type of attire for an event or program you can get orders from a bunch of people at a go.

If you love painting, this work will be a joyous one for you and you can make a lot of money from it. Contacts with the right organizations are important with a little amount of hard work.

Tips for Business setup in Mumbai

Area of Interest

At first, you need to choose your area of interest. Starting with a business or job is easy but continuing and growing the same is difficult if you lose interest in the long term.

A business grows slowly and it takes time to achieve success in it, so if you enjoy doing the work, you won’t be tired of it. Take time to choose the best suitable business type for yourself and once you start with it, consistency is the key to success. 


Investments should be done wisely while starting with a business. Don’t invest a lot of money to start a business. Though no profit, in the beginning, is common, a loss isn’t a good sign.

Too low investment isn’t good either for starting a business since it hinders the quality of the product. Poor quality products will never be liked by customers either. Hence, a wise investment can make your business a success in the long run. 

Be Confident

Losing confidence shouldn’t be an option. No profit, in the beginning, is common, so don’t lose hope while starting with a business with no profit. You can start finding the mistakes and do some betterment in your business strategies rather than losing confidence.

Try getting better at whatever you are doing and be consistent. Mumbai is the city where you can be successful by working hard consistently and by being confident with your work.

Top 5 Business Ideas in Mumbai With Minimal Investment

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Top 5 Business Ideas in Mumbai With Minimal Investment

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