Nova City NoC Approved Or Not: Guide


Nova City Islamabad, a society in the vicinity of Islamabad, was developed by Nova City developers. This housing society is a well-known developer of real estate and now manufactures Nova City Housing Society Islamabad. Their high-quality infrastructure development is what makes them popular. It is located right next to the CPEC route and Fateh Jang Road. It is being planned and organized to provide a central location close to Islamabad or Rawalpindi. Friends, it will grow in popularity once the Nova city NOC approval is achieved.

Nova City Islamabad’s residential scheme has been approved and accepted. Nova developers plan to launch the society with all the luxury facilities at affordable rates. Although the housing society has not yet been officially launched, reports suggest it will be soon. Let me first clarify the Nova city NOC. Nova City is currently awaiting approval from the NOC.

The Nova City Islamabad Location

Nova City Islamabad can be found in one of the most desirable locations in the twin cities Rawalpindi & Islamabad. It is also close to the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, and CPEC route. The main entrance to the Ring Road is on the opposite side, as well as the social links to CPEC. Nova City is located close to the CPEC route and is almost to the new Islamabad International Airport. Only a few minutes drives from Nova City is the New Islamabad International Airport. It is a great option for frequent travellers because of its proximity.

Nova City No Objection Certificate

NOC is the first consideration for any housing society or investor. Acceptance of NOC gives power to housing society and creates trust between the community and developers. Nova City had already received Planning Permission (Fateh Jang TMA) and the final NOC approval is currently in process. Although it is still being granted by the relevant authorities, Planning Permission approval indicates that it is in process.

Nova City Islamabad already has Planning Permission PP – 1 approval by TMA. This is the No Objection Certificate. It means that the authorities have allowed the developers to develop their projects. Simply put, PP -1 is a strong indication that authorities (TMA), will soon issue a legal NoC to Nova City Islamabad.

When the NOC is approved, the developers will legally launch Nova City Islamabad housing society Islamabad. Due to the NOC process, the advertising period for the organization has not been initiated.

Nova City NOC Approval

Nova City’s NOC is an important indicator of the success of the society. Approval of the NOC is a key requirement for potential investors as it adds authenticity and credibility to the housing project.
A NOC approval means that the related municipal organizations have authorized the housing society to access basic facilities. These facilities could include electricity, gas and water. Nova City NOC approves the project, signifying that TMA has reviewed the file tracking process.

Once you have paid the down payment for your plot, the TMA will oversee and determine the file’s status in order to prevent corruption. The NOC approval improves transparency in the real estate market.
TMA will also be reviewing the payment plan and plan of the project before approving a NOC. This is to ensure that investors do not lose their money.

Residential plots

The following Residential Plots are available:
1-5 Marla
2 – 10 Marla
3 1 Kanal
4 2 Kanal

Features and Facilities

Nova City Islamabad is close to many facilities that are vital for comfortable living. An extensive road network has been established to ensure that traffic flows smoothly throughout society. Electricity is available 24 hours a day. There are many places for families and a large-scale sports complex that can be used to refresh your mind. In the future, there will be many other benefits to being connected with CPEC Route Nova City.
1- Electricity
2 Clean Water System
3 Community Club
4 Educational and Health Facilities
5 Football play area
6 Security
7- Sui gas
8- Gated Community
9- Hospital with Experienced staff
10 Parks
11- Sport complex
12- Tennis courts
13-Waste Management
14- Well-attained cricket grounds


Nova City Developers has established Nova City Islamabad in a prime location close to Islamabad. It is located near the CPEC route, Rawalpindi Ring Road and makes it the most lucrative housing society in the future. Nova city NOC approvals are in process.
Nature is the most reassuring thing about society, as it can bring high-yielding and profitable returns. 

For those who are optimistic about a bright future, now is the best time to act. Society ensures that the residential area is developed at the highest quality and with the most luxurious amenities. You can find more information on Nova City Islamabad at our website Sky Marketing.

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