Best US Cities for Sports Superfans

Best US Cities for Sports Superfans

If you’re a major sports fan considering a big move or a weekend getaway, you may be looking for a destination that sleeps, eats, and breathes sports. Truthfully, there are so many great cities across the country for sports superfans, it’s hard to pick just one.

No matter your allegiance, there’s something to be gained in each of these incredible cities that hold so much history when it comes to local sports. Here are a few of our favorites, some which you might expect and some which might surprise you.

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte has not always been known as the hub of all things sports, but that’s quickly changing. Until the ‘80s, there were no major league sports teams in the Queen City, but slowly, teams emerged and became part of the local identity. Teams like Charlotte Hornets and the Carolina Panthers emerged and gave locals more skin in the game when it came to major league sports.

This is also one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. thanks to the low prices of Charlotte houses for rent and homes for sale, combined with ample job opportunities. As the city grows, hopefully this means an MLB team will soon be on the horizon for this great city.

Madison, WI

Major league sports are usually what someone thinks of when they think of sports, but lest we forget how important college sports are to so many cities around the country. Madison not only has multiple major league teams, but it’s often ranked one of the highest college football towns in America.

The iconic location for Madison sports is Camp Randall Stadium, home of the Wisconsin Badgers—the pride and joy of the city. Located on the campus of University of Wisconsin, Camp Randall Stadium was built in 1917 and is one of the largest on-campus stadiums in the country.

New York, NY

New York is one of only two U.S. cities with two or more teams representing each major league sport: hockey, baseball, football, and basketball. In fact, the New York metro area is home to three NHL teams when you count the Jersey Devils along with the New York Islanders and the New York Rangers.

In NYC, the largest city by population in the entire country, sports are ingrained in not only the culture and the history of the city, but in the hearts of residents as well. Even fans from competing areas visit iconic destinations such as Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden when in the city, just to experience the little slice of sports history that this area holds.

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia may get a bad reputation for having the rowdiest sports fans. In fact, GQ voted Philadelphia the number one spot in the country with the worst sports fans, specifically fans of the Phillies baseball team and Eagles football team. Maybe that’s the national perception, it’s likely because Philly locals take their sports very seriously and take every win and loss to heart.

Compared to other teams, Philly may not take home the most championships across their sports teams—in fact, the Eagles have only won a single Super Bowl championship in 2018—but the loyalty they have for their teams is unmatched. Sure, the behavior of locals may be considered a bit…odd…even when they’re winning, but we can chalk that up to passion, right?

Boston, MA

Sports are everything when it comes to Boston, and it’s no wonder why. Their sports teams are consistently some of the highest ranking in their leagues, and teams like the New England Patriots are believed to be some of the best in history. Sports are a huge part of the culture in Boston, and let just say—as witness to the 2007 World Series win, I can tell you the amount of energy this city has for its teams is almost unparalleled across the country.

Here, it’s not about the amount of sports teams or the size of the population, it’s about the heart the community has for the athletes and the heart these athletes put into each game.

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Best US Cities for Sports Superfans

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