9 tips for nurses to maintain their wellness

The American nursing workforce participated in our combined endeavors against the pandemic and fought COVID-19 valiantly. However, nurses’ well-being suffered heavily during the last two years. 

Our healthcare practitioners shouldn’t neglect their well-being while catering to patients because ignoring their health prevents them from being productive at their jobs. 

So, how can nurses in 2022 maintain their wellness and stay healthy? We have answered this question by discussing top tips for RNs who wish to retain their well-being.

How can RNs ensure their well-being?

Being overworked and understaffed, nurses today cannot seem to perform their functions properly. Should they now sacrifice their well-being for their jobs? Burnout instances have become common in the health industry, as a large number of nurses are reportedly suffering from it, endangering their mental/physical health. 

It seems only proper for nurses to regulate their schedules to maintain their well-being. We’ve stated some tips below to help the nurses perform their duties without harming their health. 

So, without further ado, let us get straight to the topic.

  • Hone your education for wellness

Today, nurses shouldn’t neglect the importance of improving their education. 

Most professions demand continued learning even after you’ve achieved a master’s degree. It’s because improving your education constantly keeps you productive, thereby leaving fewer chances of medical mistakes. 

Moreover, pursuing continued education today isn’t that difficult anymore.

You can choose online learning programs to bolster your academic know-how. You can obtain a post-master’s certificate nurse practitioner online from an illustrious institution today. 

Expanding your knowledge about the nursing profession will provide ample opportunities to climb the professional ladder, giving you a feeling of fulfillment and increasing your mental wellness in return.

  • Adopt some hobbies

Do you have any hobbies? If you do, then these pastimes can distract you from the frustrating nature of your work. These hobbies positively influence your mood, keep you away from stress, and bolster your agility. 

There’s no need to adopt a big-time hobby that requires your constant attention. Select something that doesn’t need your attention 24/7, such as solving puzzles or collecting stamps. So, these simple hobbies can help you regulate your emotions. Find healthy distractions for your wellness.

  • Eat healthy stuff

Nursing requires a lot of energy, and you can’t get this energy without consuming nutrition-rich meals. Include more seeds, fruits, and vegetables in your diet, thereby honing your well-being. 

Don’t consume junk food excessively, and add minimal salt/sugar to your food. Don’t assume that eating healthy means munching on salad all the time. 

No, it means avoiding anything that makes you lethargic such as too much sugar. Eating sugary objects excessively gives you an energy boost momentarily but later makes you more exhausted than before.

  • Communicate your frustration

Recent reports have claimed that about one-third of nurses are planning to resign due to burnout and stress in 2022. However, communicating their frustration can help these RNs reclaim their wellness today and regulate their stress levels efficiently. 

Discuss your well-being with your manager and inform them of your current worries. Attend group sessions to learn how your colleagues control their emotions. Answer various surveys (in-person or web-based) to communicate your feelings too.

  • Drink more water

Don’t neglect the importance of constant hydration since drinking plenty of water makes you more productive. Dehydration damages your productivity and makes you vulnerable to diseases such as UITs and kidney stones. So, hydrate yourself constantly. 

Experts believe that female and male nurses should drink 9 and 13 cups of water daily. That’s how they can stay productive all the time and maintain their overall wellness.

  • Work-life balance

Nurses can maintain their wellness by creating a work-life balance. It means they should leave work-related worries behind after their shifts are over. Don’t take your work-related problems home and focus on your family once you’ve arrived home. 

Refrain from discussing work-related problems with your family and keep yourself well-organized by not taking your work home. Instead, you must spend this time with your family and attend to your domestic affairs. This is one of the most effective ways to maintain your mental and physical wellness.

  • Always sleep properly

Experts recommended 7-9 hours of sleep for adults. However, it is reported that about 55% of nurses today have insomnia, and they’re not sleeping the required 7-9 hours. 

Insomnia leads to tiredness as you constantly stay exhausted and can’t focus on your job. That’s why we suggest you contact some well-reputed doctors to treat your insomnia. Don’t compromise on a good night’s rest anymore.

  • Work out regularly

Exercise doesn’t just improve your physical well-being but also contributes to bolstering your mental health. Experts believe that a regular workout session stimulates endorphins’ release and makes you feel more confident. 

Also, exercises such as yoga, reiki, meditation, and mindfulness make you mentally stronger to face everyday challenges.

Meditating makes us more focused and thereby less distracted at work. This exercise allows you to become more productive at handling patients.

  • Meet your friends

Spend time with your friends because you must hang out with non-work buddies more often. Catch up with your buddies since it’s an opportunity for you to focus on things other than what’s happening at your workplace. 

These casual meetups can distract you from the problems you face at the hospital or the suffering you witness daily. Also, you must engage in non-work-related activities with your colleagues, like planning a vacation. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t engage in fun activities with your work-related pals. 

You and your coworkers can also plan trips to your favorite spots and spend some time in non-clinical settings.


We’ve established that nurses should maintain their well-being to stay productive. Adopt non-work-related hobbies, drink plenty of water, and hang out with your non-work friends to avoid frustration and exhaustion. Create a work-life balance to maintain your mental wellness and exercise regularly to prevent burnout. That’s how you stay healthy and function perfectly in the health industry.

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