30 High-Paying Manufacturing Business Ideas In India

In simple words, Manufacturing business is the process of converting raw material into finished products by using labour, machines, tools, and other chemical or biological processes. So in this article, I am going to share some best Manufacturing Business Ideas In India which are really high-paying and cost-effective for you if you want to start.

Also, these manufacturing business ideas don’t require higher investment to make. You can start these manufacturing businesses with low investment.

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In these manufacturing business ideas, if you take any franchise of any brand, then the brand will give you all the raw material and your work is to convert those raw materials into products.

So your earning will totally depend on the supply of raw material and finished product. The more you supply finished products the more your profit will be.

30 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas

#1: Paper Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Paper is the basic need of every type of modern work. Papers are only media for communication through wiring. It is used everywhere i.e., education, office, research, engineering, art, book printing, magazine, newspaper, etc. So this is the best manufacturing business in India to start.

This is a low cost manufacturing business with lots of demand for paper in the market. Mostly the education sector uses more paper to take exams, making books and doing other offices work.

The demand for paper is rising every day. Although smartphones and computers have taken all the paperwork but still it is used extensively in every field.

#2: Folders File and Envelopes Manufacturing Business

Even in today’s internet era, the envelopes and Folder files are still an important office and school stationery item. There is a need for envelopes while sending a greeting card to someone. Also, folder files are needed for many purposes, including students and office use.

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It’s one of the most profitable home based manufacturing business ideas which you can easily start even as a part-timer. You can manufacture the desired quantity of paper folder file and envelope automatically by setting up a small envelope making unit.

#3: Charger Manufacturing Business Ideas In India

This is one of the easiest businesses to start. If you are interested in starting any kind of electronics parts manufacturing business then Charger Manufacturing Business idea is best to start.

Making a mobile charger usually requires 3 to 4 components such as a case for charger, PCB, USB. In the start you can buy these parts from the manufacturer if you don’t have the larger budget. Otherwise you can also manufacture all these parts on your own.

Take the help of the Indiamart website to buy raw materials for starting a Charger Manufacturing Business.

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A charger Manufacturing can cost you around 20 to 40 rupees and you can normally sell it for 100 to 150 rupees. This business does not demand high investment and can give you a higher return. So this is the great small manufacturing business idea in India.

#4: Sweet Manufacturing Business (Bakery)

This is one of the best manufacturing business ideas to start in India. Also you can start this business from home. If you are interested in making food items or sweets then go for this business.

In India, people love to eat sweets. At every festival, they brought sweets for themselves and for their relatives. It’s also a common tradition in India to bring sweets whenever we visit our relatives.

So this type of business can never get faded especially in India. If you love making cakes, chocolate and other sweet dishes at homes convert it into a small scale business. Sweet Manufacturing Business ideas best suited for women also.

#5: Ball Pen Refill Manufacturing Business Idea

Overall process of making a ball pen refill is quite simple. Also this is a home made Manufacturing Business Idea, so this can easily be operated from home. The startup capital investment is also moderate.

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This is also the essential instrument for schools and colleges and other educational institutions. This kind of recycling business is growing more than any other business. As we all are used to using and throwing pens. So this can be stopped by using more Refill Manufacturing Business.

Even many shopkeepers don’t have pen refills to sell due to less supply but the demand is increasing now. It’s basically a small scale manufacturing business idea, but highly profitable.

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#6: Toys Manufacturing Business Ideas In India

Children love toys. Anywhere we go we see hundreds of toys handing outside of the toys shops. There are thousands of types of toys already available in the market. But many of them are chinese products and some of them are even harmful for small kids.

Indian government is also trying to ban such kinds of chinese products like toys and encouraging youth to grab this opportunity to start their own manufacturing business.

Everything from making RC cars, dolls, funny toys, video games comes under toys. Toys Manufacturing Business will never have a bad future.

#7: Plastic Bottle Manufacturing Business

Plastic has become a part of our daily life. The plastic bottles are the most utilized parts on the earth for packaging water and fluid as a rule. Many types of food, cold drink and chemical industries require plastic bottles to contain their item.

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So with the higher demand, Plastic Bottle Manufacturing Business is a highly profitable business to start.

#8: Automobile Parts Manufacturing

It’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. For this, you need a business and finance skill to start this Automobile Parts Manufacturing business. You can make all those basic parts which require most in every vehicle. So this is the most profitable manufacturing business ideas to start in India.

#9: Stationery Product Manufacturing

Pencils, Colors, Pen, Eraser, Sharpener, Staplers, Rulers, Glue, Notebook, Compass all these are stationary items. These all the items are the daily requirement for every student, teacher and also in some offices.

Even each and every company still needs stationery items because they use stationery for daily purposes. So Starting a stationery manufacturing business will be a good investment. You can tie up with stationery retailers for selling your Stationery items. It’s also the best manufacturing business opportunity in india.

10: Smartphones Back Cover Manufacturing

Nowadays many companies are producing mobile phone covers and cases. The unique selling point in this product will be the unique design of the back cover. The demand for new types of mobile cover is high and never going to die.

The cost of making a simple and unique design cover costs no more than 20 rupees. A simple plastic and rubber cover will only cost around 10 rupees. But you can easily sell them for 50 to even 500 rupees.

Just learn the skill of logo designing or hire someone to do this work for you. You can also sell them on popular selling platforms such as Flipkart, amazon, snapdeal etc.

11: Furniture Manufacturing Business

To start this kind of business you do not even have a college degree or any other kind of degree in furniture design or manufacturing. The people are getting bored with the design of old fashioned futon that only covers a lot of space and still look uninspired furniture, not attractive.

Growth in the furniture market is rising every day. According to some stats, the revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 7.9% CAGR in 2020-2024. So it’s really a profitable Furniture Manufacturing Business ideas to start in India.

12: Paper Cups and Plates Manufacturing

The demand for paper cups and plates is high in the market. These types of items we regularly use at parties, marriages, hotels and even in shops for serving any type of food.

Street food trucks use this type of stuff a lot so they don’t need to wash utensils. This way they can increase their productivity and save time. Paper cups and plates are also useful for replacing plastic products.

13: Towel Manufacturing Business

Design new types of towels to attract customers. Make special towels for kids, men and women with different designs. The towel Manufacturing business has less competition in the market so marketing and selling are easy. This business is easy to start and highly profitable manufacturing business ideas in India.

14: T-Shirts Manufacturing Business

T-shirts are not just a fashion essential but more a means to showcase attitude and beliefs. T-shirts are easy to wear, comfortable, stylish, suitable for almost every occasion and hence everybody has one. By printing new logos, shows logos, movies logos and even quotes can increase your impact on the market and increase your sales if you properly target the markets. This is also the best future business idea to start in 2020 in India.

15: Ear Cleaning Buds Manufacturing

Ear Cleaning Buds are our daily life product and available at everyone’s house. This business can also be started from home with low capital investment. Also, the manufacturing cost of Ear Cleaning Buds is also quite eligible. You can easily sell one packet for 10 to 50 rupees. This is a medium-scale manufacturing business ideas to start in India with great returns.

16: Papad Manufacturing Business

Basically, papad is an appetizer. The papads are quite popular in the Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. But, papad has popularity throughout the globe. Basically, we consume papad as taste enricher with the main course and as a snack item. Papad is nutritious as well as tasty. Generally, we consume papad as fried or roasted. The shelf life of papad is 2½ to 3 months more if made by taking care of more hygiene and technology.

You can start this business and make Urad Papad, Rice Papad, Palak Papad, Moong Papad many others. The demand is also high for this business as people want more healthy and hygiene items. So Papad Manufacturing Business ideas are good to start in India.

17: Scratch Guard and Mobile Screen Protector Manufacturing

Nowadays if the smartphone demand is high, on the other hand Scratch Guard and Mobile Screen Protectors also. Whenever we buy an expensive mobile we also want to make sure it has protection for at least 6 months to a year. So we apply a scratch guard and also a screen guard protector in case of falling the mobile.

They both use the mobile from scratch and damage the screen. So starting a Scratch Guard and Mobile Screen Protector Manufacturing is highly profitable.

18: Earphone Manufacturing Business Ideas In India

Music is a part of our daily life. Music gives a highly good feeling by releasing dopamine in our brain which makes our mood fresh and happy. Without headphones achieving the level of this kind of happiness is really tough.

Nowadays Everyone has headphones, people can spend hundreds of husband od rupees on headphones to find the best quality audio headphones.

This kind of business really has a high demand in the market. Costs for making a headphones is around only 20 to 50 but you can sell them for 200 to 500 easily if they are good quality bass.

19: Nail Polishing Manufacturing Business

If you are aware of the latest fashion trend. You will know that a nail polish is a necessary accessory needed to complete a lady’s dressing. Most ladies now make it a fashion rule to ensure that the colour of their nail polish matches the colour of any clothing, which means they change their nail polish almost daily.

So you can take advantage of this trend and start a nail polish manufacturing business that will focus on making quality nail polish and nail polish remover for ladies.

20: Socks Manufacturing Business Ideas In India

Socks are not only worn by men but also for women. They both try to match their socks with the dress or suit they are wearing for any special occasions. Everyone men and women has at least 2 to 3 pairs of socks at their homes. Socks lifespan susuy for 2 to 3 months so they need to buy new socks after every 2 to 3 months.

So this kind of business you can also try and convert it into a big venture.

21: Electric Wire Manufacturing Business

Wires and cables play an essential role in today’s digitally advanced life. You can find extensive usage of Electric Wire across a number of applications in several industries. The extensive usage of wires and cables across various industries will put the wires and cables industry on the right path for the future.

The wires and cables in India have witnessed a growth in recent years. So this kind of Manufacturing Business will always be profitable for you.

22: Screw (Nut Bolt) Manufacturing Business

This type of manufacturing business is huge in demand. Nut and bolts are essential in the industry. If the parts are linked with the nut and bolts they are easy to replace. This type of work totally requires a mechanical working experience but not necessarily a mechanical degree.

23: Leather Belt Manufacturing Business

This is a small level Manufacturing Business business to start with low investment. Belt manufacturing process is simple and can be easily operated from home or from a small room or space. Belts are made according to the size of the waist of the person to suit customers of all age groups.

24: Rubber Band Manufacturing Business

The rubber band is the most commonly used item in our daily life. There is no other substitute product for rubber bands. As the demand of rubber increases more and more people try to come into this type of business to make extra income or to start a business from home.

This is a good Manufacturing Business idea in India not only for youths but home-based opportunities for women and housewives also. This is also the best home manufacturing business ideas.

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25: Cap Manufacturing Business

Hats will never get obsolete. These are in the market and still worn by people to enhance their personality. Nowadays wearing different colors and logos hats are trending. So if you are passionate enough to move ahead with the business and also want to make full-time income. Then go this type of manufacturing business. Caps trends again bouncing back and youth is taking it as an upcoming business idea in india.

26: Noodles Making Manufacturing Business

Noodles are one of the most popular snacks food items in India and also the Noodle making process is simple. Generally, noodles are of two types: One is instant noodles with spice, oil etc and another is packed plain noodles. The first ones are high in demand and fetch more profits than the second one because they get prepared more easily and fast.

27: Fashion Jewellery Manufacturing Business Ideas In India

If you are interested in making any kind of artificial fashion jewellery or you stay with the latest trend in the market about fashion you can start this type of business from home. After that, you can do your own wholesale business.

28: Aluminum Manufacturing Business (door and window, kitchen appliances)

The use of aluminum is rising. All the people want to set up windows and door build with aluminum. Because they are lightweight, rust free and free from any type of other Rusting problems. Aluminum products look professional and premium then old fashioned iron gates and windows.

29:  Organic Fertilizers Manufacturing Business

Organic is best if we talk about making our fields more healthy and Fertile. We all know that all the nutrients in our food come from the soil. So to create healthy crops full of nutrients, farmers need to work with healthy soil. Instead of using chemicals to grow food, now farners look forward to organic fertilizers because they make fields more fertile and also do not affect our health.

So starting this kind of business is best to produce organic Fertilizers.

30: Bread Manufacturing Business

You can start your own venture to produce quality products, not only breads but also other snacks items. Bakeries are booming. This opportunity can be very profitable if handled properly. Bread is an important bakery product and consumed a lot. It has become an important nutritional food item in cities and towns. This is also one of the best manufacturing businesses to start.


Every type of manufacturing business has a huge demand and supply. Pick any of these ideas from these 30 profitable manufacturing business ideas and start. You will not regret if you work smart instead of hard.


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