What are some good beta testing sites

What are some good beta testing web sites

Beta testing is one of the types of acceptance testing that is used to evaluate the requirements of software or product along with customer requirements.

In other words, we can say that it checks whether the software or product meets the needs of the users.

Alpha testing is followed by beta testing, but it can be challenging to accurately locate the participants testing the product, as is done on the user side, before releasing the product or software to market.

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  5. Where can I get beta testers?
  6. What are some good beta testing websites
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  8. Do beta testers get paid?
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what is beta testing sites

Beta testing is one of the accepted test types, which adds value to the product as an end-user (intended real user) validating the product for functionality, usability, reliability, and compatibility. Inputs provided by end-users help further enhance the quality of the product and lead to its success.

How many types of Beta Testing Sites

Therefore, there are 6 types of beta version releases below:

Closed beta version:

The closed beta version, which is also known as a private beta, is released to a group of selected and invited people, who test the software and evaluate its numerous features and specifications.

Though performed at the end of the software testing life cycle (STLC), beta testing is a salient testing type, executed after the culmination of alpha testing.

This sort of testing could be thought of as a kind of outside consumer acceptance testing, through which a variant of this software, called a beta version, is introduced into a restricted audience to be tested for accessibility, reliability, usability, performance, and much more.

Carried out in the customer’s or client’s site by the end-users or stakeholders, that is the final testing period, before application entrance on the marketplace.

Beta testing can be seen as the second phase of testing after the completion of the first phase comprising unit testing, integration testing, and system testing.

Here are some Common Types:

  1. Exclusivity Junkies
  2. Problem Solvers
  3. Product Enthusiasts
  4. Knowledge Hounds
  5. Social Networkers
  6. Freebie Seekers

what are the uses of beta testing sites

The objective of beta testing will be to make sure that users can successfully finish their tasks and put on a broad assortment of users interacting with this item, in addition to the scalability, performance, and dependability of the item under real-world utilization situations To test.

Beta testing is just one of the approved evaluation types, which adds value to this item as an outcome (designed real user) advocating the merchandise for performance, reliability, usability, and compatibility.

Inputs supplied by end-users help further boost the quality of the merchandise and result in its achievement.

what are the disadvantages of beta testing sites

Below given are some of the disadvantages of beta testing:

  1. During this type of testing, software engineers have no control over the testing process, as it is done by users in real-world environments.
  2. Another disadvantage of beta testing is that it can be difficult to find end-users willing to test the software.
  3. Beta testing can prove to be a failure in case of poor test management as it is done outside the office premises and monitoring every tester of their performance and timely feedback is one of the most difficult tasks.
  4. It seems useless and a waste of time if an unstable / underdevelopment product is released to the testing team.
  5. It is very important to get feedback from end-users and understand their various perspectives. If no appropriate response is received and no corrections are made accordingly, the beta test will be rendered useless.
  6. Sometimes, beta testing takes a lot of time, which can be a reason for the delay in the release of software and hence affects the project deadline.
  7. Knowing the right beta users that a good knowledge of using the product and its features is challenging in the market.

Where can I get beta testers?

The important feedback that beta users can provide is an important step to ensure that your app is ready for the public.

But where to find the first 10 or 100 or 1000 beta users for your mobile app who are ready to spend their time and test it?
More importantly, how fast will you get them to sign up?

In this article, I will be sharing the right and most effective places to find early beta users for your mobile app.

But, before you start marketing your mobile app in all these places, it is necessary to create a custom, decent looking landing page.

You can use LaunchRock or Unbounce or any other similar service for this. Just make sure that your landing page has all the necessary information about your mobile application solution/product and a simple sign up form.

Once you’ve created a beautiful and attractive landing page, start marketing your mobile app to the locations listed below, and you’ll have your, early beta users in no time!

  1. BetaList
  2. Betabound
  3. PreApps
  4. KillerStartups
  5. UserTesting

What are some good beta testing websites

Back in 2014, game programmer Red Winter needed to pull on the sequel to its hit match Dungelot in the program shop, only two days after first discharging it.

The reason? The match has been riddled with bugs, and it’d switched out of a pay-once-play-forever version to a freemium version.

A number of these problems could have been averted had Red Winter followed a broader beta testing approach.

And that is something which does not only apply to cellular games, however all mobile programs.

Red Winter managed to mend Dungelot two and relaunched it successfully 3 months afterward, but there’s no assurance your program will recover as readily.

Here is some famous sites list for beta testing:

  1. Ubertesters
  2. Betalist
  3. Killerstartups
  4. Reddit
  5. TestFairy
  6. UserTesting
  7. Mobtest
  8. Betabound
  9. PreApps
  10. Beta Family
  11. Validately
  12. Startup Lift
  13. Test.io
  14. Erli Bird
  15. HockeyApp
  16. Crashlytics
  17. TestFlight
  18. Deploygate

How do you become a beta tester?

First, set your goals. Make a list of your favorite video games and ask yourself if these games are like you want to do a beta test. If yes, do research on the companies behind these video games.

Do these companies manage their beta tests in-house or do they outsource? How do they recruit their beta testers? Who is in charge of their testing programs, and what is the best way to contact them?

Second, you will want to find out if the testers of these companies have been paid. Most gaming companies want beta testers who are familiar with their game and really care about improving it – not just getting paid.

If you want to get your foot in the door, the best approach is to offer to be an unpaid, volunteer examiner. That way, companies know that you are honest about helping them (and their game), so they will usually try their best to return the favor.

Write a professional, thoughtful email

In most cases, the best way to contact the game’s development team is through email. This is a shot of you to impress their beta team, so it is important to write a well-crafted, professional, and thoughtful message.

Avoid sending an exclamation mark or tons of emails. A team will find that you are excited via an email, but will be unaffected by bad grammar or annoyed with sorting through the maximum gap.

From your research, try to address your email to the appropriate head of the beta program (ie, Dear Mr. Smith). If you can’t find the first name, something like “Dear [company] beta team,” or “who might worry it” does some common work.

Next, share your passion for their video game so that it answers the question: Why do you like this game and want to beta test it?

Attach a copy of your resume to the email to learn about their beta testing, and briefly explain why you would be a great fit for their tester team.

A short and sweet email that can effectively answer why this question is usually best for you to consider a company’s beta program.

Start networking

One of the best ways to become a gaming tester is to network with other similar testers. Connect on Twitter with individuals involved with product and QA teams at local beta testers, LinkedIn, or gaming companies that you love!

For opportunities to chat with individuals in the gaming industry, see Subreddits like Gamedev on Reddit. Each connection created is an opportunity to answer your burning questions, as well as network with other gamers who can point you in the right direction!

The gaming industry is booming, and beta testers are a major factor in that success.

One of the goals of our community is to build a foundation of beta testing experience and education that our members can take with them while pursuing professional testing efforts.

Do beta testers get paid?

Whatever the case may be, there’s a product out there for you. Beta-testing is a great way to make some extra money while sampling a product or activity that you enjoy.

Beta-testers typically make between eight and ten dollars an hour, while more experienced testers can make upwards of fourteen dollars an hour.

So what does it actually take to become a beta-tester?

For starters, companies rely on beta-testers for honest feedback. They need to understand how their products work, how people respond to it, and how it can be improved.

Therefore, beta-testers are responsible for creating data. They usually serve to create logs or spreadsheets that record the specific information the company is looking for. Additionally, they report any glitches that are the problems they face for the company.

Beta-testers also provide unbiased feedback. Alpha testing is the initial phase of testing and usually involves a core engineering group.

Demographics differ fundamentally between these two groups of testers, and companies can obtain specific, unfiltered information from a randomly selected group of users and testers.

Interested in beta testing? If you are eagerly awaiting the release of new video games, contact the provider, and express your interest in becoming a beta-tester.

On the other hand, if you want to make some money through general testing, then find new beta-testing projects on Google.

Some of the top, most in-demand companies are looking for a beta-tester. Do your research to make money, you might be able to do something you love.


Considering the features of beta testing, it can be concluded that beta testing can be considered desirable for organizations as it provides feedback from real users, which is useful in improving software quality, it’s final Just before release.

This is the full detailed article about the Beta Testing Sites, If you have any questions or query then you can ask me in the comment box or contact us page.

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