How to Add Captions to Your Instagram Stories? (Two Minutes) In 2023

Instagram is adding a new accessibility tool that lets you add captions or subtitles to Instagram Stories and, soon, Instagram Reels.

With the captions sticker, brands and creators can work together to give their communities a more inclusive experience.

Here’s everything you need to know about Instagram’s newest feature and how you can use it for your business: 

And it’s easy to put a caption on, so let’s get going.

How to Add Captions to Your Instagram Story?

Adding captions to your stories is one of those things you should be doing on Instagram. Here’s how to add captions next time you make a story.

1.Create a Story in the Instagram app. The icon is your profile picture and a plus sign. You can only add captions to stories that contain speech.

2. Tap the Stickers icon. It’s located in the options tray.

3. Choose Captions. Instagram will automatically transcribe the speech in your video.

4. Tap the transcript. Use the color picker at the top to change the color. To change the font, choose one of the other font options at the bottom.

5. Edit the captions. If you see any translated words incorrectly, double-tap the transcript, then tap the word to edit it. In this case, “I” will be edited to “I’ll.”

6. Share your story. After editing your captions, use the arrow icon to share your story. Anyone who watches it will be able to see captions.

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Automatic Captions on Instagram?

Some people do not add captions to their Instagram stories. It would be best to turn on automatic captions to see captions on these posts. Some devices have the feature turned on by default, but others must turn on the subtitles. Captions make things easier to understand for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, but they also help in other ways. Think about adding captions if:

  • You watch videos in a non-native language
  • You are practicing reading, regardless of language
  • Your comprehension is helped by reading.
  • You use Instagram without volume.

Don’t Have Access? Here Are Other Ways to Add Instagram Story Captions

If you don’t have access to the new comments sticker, don’t worry.

Instagram is “first adding the captions sticker to Stories, then testing it in Reels, and then making it available to more people.”

There are other ways to add comments in the meantime, which is good.

The first is to directly add text overlays to Instagram to summarize your main points:

You can also use apps made by other people to make captions for your Instagram stories. The following tools can be useful:

  • Clipomatic
  • CaptionMax

Save time and make it easy to make and plan your Instagram Stories by scheduling them with Later.

It’s easy. Add your movies to the Later Media Library and choose when you want them to appear on your profile.

When it’s time to post your stories, you’ll get a message on your phone, and your links and text will be copied to your clipboard.

What’s the best? Since you’re posting the stories by hand, you can add the captions sticker before the story goes live to ensure everyone can read it.

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Why Instagram Stories and Reels Captions Are Important?

The comments on Instagram Stories are easy-to-read subtitles for your videos. It makes it easier for your audience to understand what you’re trying to say.

It was one of Instagram’s most-anticipated features and for good reason.

As a brand, your Instagram content should be as open as possible, and the new Instagram captions sticker helps you do that.

Instagram video comments are important for people who watch without sound and those who have trouble hearing. Especially since 466 million people, or more than 5% of the population, can’t hear well enough to work.

If a user is scrolling Instagram Stories or Reels without headphones in a quiet public place, they may leave your video.

Thishouse5000 posts comments about plants on their Instagram reel.
But if the same story had subtitles, it would be much easier for people to stop, watch, and understand the video.

How to Add Captions to Instagram Stories on an iPhone?

Now that Instagram has added captions, your fans will be able to read or better understand what you’re saying. The captions tool is helpful when you can’t turn on your sound and makes Instagram easier to use for people who have trouble hearing. Once you turn it on, Instagram will automatically comment about what you or someone else says in the video.

Remember that you can only use this function if your Instagram Story is a video. With pictures, it doesn’t work. You can use it on videos you’ve already made or Instagram Stories to make a video and add captions later. Remember that it only works for the English language right now, so it can only be used in places where English is spoken. But this could change soon.

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If you want to add captions to your Instagram Story on your iPhone, this is what you need to do:

1. Open Instagram on your iPhone.

2. Tap on the “Your Story” bubble in the top-left corner, or simply swipe left on your home page.

3. Record a video or upload one from your gallery.

4. Tap the sticker icon on the top menu.

5. Choose “Captions” from the list of options.

6. Decide on a text format.

7. Edit the text’s format any way you want.

8. Select “Done” in the upper-right corner.

9. Tap on the “Your Story” tab in the bottom-left corner to post it.

You can add comments to your Instagram Story, and you can also change the way the text looks. For instance, you can change how big, what colour, and where the text is. Also, you can choose from four different text styles. There’s always a chance that your speech must be recorded correctly, and you can’t change the text itself now. When you make the video, you should speak as clearly as possible.

Right now, you can only add comments to Instagram Stories, but soon, you can also do it with Instagram Reels.

How to Add Captions to Instagram Stories on an Android Device?

The caption feature is also available on Instagram for Android devices.  Also, it won’t take you more than a minute to turn it on. To add comments to your Instagram Story on your Android, follow the steps below:

1.Launch the Instagram app on your Android device.

2. Go to your profile picture in the top-left corner or swipe to the left side of your screen.

3. Make a video or upload one you’ve previously recorded.

4. Proceed to the top menu and tap on the sticker icon.

5. Select “Captions.”

6. Choose the font, colour, size, and location of your captions.

7. Continue to “Done” in the top-right corner of your screen.

8. Post your Story by tapping on the “Your Story” tab.

That’s the end of the Story. People who follow you or look at your Story can read your comments.

If the captions option isn’t in your sticker menu, Instagram Story captions might be available in your country later. Make sure you’re using the app’s most recent version. As we’ve already said, you need to learn English to be able to add captions to your Instagram Story.

You can still add text to your Instagram story, even if your video is short and you only say a few words. You have to type it in yourself. Here’s what you do:

1. Open “Your Story” on your Instagram app.

2. Upload the video or film one to use.

3. Tap on the “Aa” button on the top menu.

4. Manually type in what you said in the video.

5. Choose the text’s font, colour, size, alignment, transition, etc.

6. Tap “Done” in the top-right corner.

7. Post your Story.

Even though the regular text feature isn’t like the captions feature, it’s an excellent alternative for shorter videos.

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Make Your Instagram Stories Even Better With Captions?

Adding text to your Instagram stories has always been useful, but captions made for you automatically are even better. They let your fans read your words when they can’t hear you. Even though this function has yet to be available everywhere, there are ways to add captions on your own.

Have you ever put words on your Instagram Story? How did you do it? Did you do what this book said to do? Let us know what you think about the area below.

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