Does Target Sell Car Batteries? In 2023 (Quality, Price, And More)

Target sells a variety of useful products for your car as part of its Automotive department, including car cleaning products, electronics, repair tools, accessories, and much more.

But what if the battery in your car is giving you difficulty and you need to buy a new Battery one? Here’s what I’ve learned about whether Target sells car batteries. To know that read this article completely

Does Target Sell Car Batteries?

Target doesn’t sell car batteries because it can’t be sure that they will be sold at low prices. Target instead sells special batteries for kids’ toy cars and power packs that can be used to restart car batteries. Customers can find the right battery for their car at Walmart AutoCare Centers, Pep Boys, and AutoZone.

Keep reading if you want to find out the full list of stores that sell car batteries, where you can find the lowest prices, and which battery types are the best.

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Why Target Doesn’t Sell Car Batteries?

Batteries for cars are bigger and can hold more power. Since Target has to pay shipping and commissions to the sellers, they are expensive. Car batteries are relatively inexpensive to sell. Also, high-performance batteries are in high demand, and Target can’t get them.

It is one of the main reasons Target doesn’t sell car batteries in their shops. Another interesting thing is that Target doesn’t do personalized car services like changing the oil or keeping the car in good shape. So, they might have thought selling car batteries to their customers wasn’t a good idea.

What Batteries Does Target Sell?

Even though Target doesn’t sell car batteries, you can expect to find good batteries for other uses.

For example, customers can buy well-known names like Up & Up, Energizer, and Duracell.

Aside from that, you can buy normal AA, AAA, C, D, and rechargeable batteries in-store and online. You can also buy the coin, button cell, and hearing aid batteries.

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What kind of Batteries are Available at Target Stores?

If you find out that Target doesn’t sell car batteries, you might be upset. But the standard batteries come in a lot of different types. You might not be able to find car batteries, but you can find cells for many other things.

There are AA and AAA batteries, C and D batteries, and even rechargeable batteries. If you want 12V batteries for the bikes, they might be easy to find in the shop. If you like brands, you can find all of them in Target shops.

What Is The Best Place To Buy A Car Battery?

There are a lot of places where you can get a battery for your car.

Here is a list of places where you will get the most for your money when you buy a car battery:

  • Walmart
  • NAPA Auto Parts
  • Pep Boys
  • Sam’s Club
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • Costco
  • Amazon
  • AutoZone

Except for Amazon, most of these shops will sell car batteries in-store and online.

Also, your car shop might have car batteries for you to buy, but you should call them first to make sure and avoid any trouble.

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Where Can I Buy The Cheapest Car Battery?

Based on our study, Walmart is the best place to buy car batteries because it has the most affordable prices. Its cheapest battery costs just under $70.

On the other hand, the most inexpensive car battery available at Amazon was priced at nearly $90.

Which Car Battery Brand Lasts The Longest?

You will want your car battery to last for a long time to get the maximum value out of your money.

We looked into which car batteries are the most effective and last the longest for you. These things are:

  • Optima RedTop.
  • Exide Edge AGM Sealed Battery
  • Odyssey PC680
  • ACDelco 94RAGM Professional

Battery Man Guide says that a lithium-ion battery will last 3 to 4 times longer than a lead-acid car battery if you want a more general answer.Because of this, consider looking into lithium-ion car batteries instead of the usual lead-acid ones.

Does Target Sell Car Oil?

If you’re looking for Car Engine oil, you can find it at Target. Car oil is sold at Target, and getting a can of it is easy. With oils of grade 5W20 and above, you can find one that lets you change the oil yourself. You can choose from almost all of the big brands at Target. If you want your car to run better, buy high-quality oil at Target. Ensure you have the right car tools to get to the engine, remove the old oil, and put in the new oil without much trouble. Target sells lubrication oils and sprays for cars in their shops and online marketplace.

Does Target Sell Car Jacks?

Yes. Target does sell car jacks, which make it easier to work on cars. The Floor jack is very important when getting to the engine oil drain point or changing a flat tire. Target does sell car jacks. You can find them in the shops and online in the Maintenance section. Car jacks are available for both beginners and experienced drivers.

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Target does not sell car batteries for automotive vehicles. However, you can find jump-start equipment for car batteries costing $80. Specialist car toy batteries and common Energizer, Duracell, and Up & Up batteries are available.

You should head to Walmart, Costco, Amazon, Pep Boys, or AutoZone for quality car batteries, with Walmart selling the cheapest ones at just under $70.

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