20 Proven Ways to Earn Money from WordPress Blog

Do you want to make money from your blog in genuine ways? Here you learn about 20 ways to earn money from your WordPress blog without any SCAMs.

Blogging can be a satisfying hobby, a great way to express your passion in any particular subject. But don’t limit it only up to your passion, take it to another level and make money from WordPress your blog.

Blogging is a great way to make money online, either as a part time or full time carrier.

If you don’t believe in me, read the latest income report of Pat Flynn who made over $2 million a year through his blog. And Anil Agarwal who owns Bloggers Passion is making around $70,000 a year from his blog.

There’s lot of examples already on the internet of people who are making millions of dollars from their blogs.

Let’s come back to the main article, so whether you want to make $1000/month from your blog or want to leave your full time job, this article is really gonna help you out.

Earn Money From Your WordPress Blog!

Before Reading further, remember these methods are not going to make you rich. Nor these are the quick rich schemes, if you are thinking just by starting a blog and applying these methods you can start making thousands of dollars a month. Then it’s not real but not impossible.

If you are really focused on your blogging carrier then work smart and make money from your blog.

Again, blogging is not a quick rich scheme, it takes time.

Please don’t get fooled by others who are posting images from big-hotels, expensive cars and working from beaches. These are not real and they just want to sell you their expensive course without providing any value to you. So be aware of any activity.

Read only legitimate money making articles, and work smart.

If you don’t have started your own blog yet, here we have published a detailed step by step guide on How to start your own Blog?

20 Ways to Earn Money From WordPress blog!

1: Monetize Your Blog With Google Adsense

Whenever you think about making money from your blog, advertising is the thing that comes to your mind. It’s really easy to make money from advertising networks such as Adsense.

Google Adsense is a great way to make money from your blog, just copy & paste the script from Google Adsense and paste it on your blog. Adsense will start displaying ads on your blog.

Everytime a user clicks on these ads, you will get paid. This method is also called CPC.

Now if you don’t know what CPC is, CPC stands for Cost Per Click. There is a set fee behind every ad that shows on your blog and you will get paid according to the fees.

Suppose if the CPC of ad is $0.50 then for every click on your ad you will earn half of the dollar. The CPC is set by the advertiser whose ad Google is showing on your blog.

There is one more way you can earn with Google, despite ad clicks you also earn per 1000 impressions.

Google Adsense is the best method to earn money from wordPress blog.

2: Promote an affiliate product

Affiliate marketing is the main source of every blogger’s own online blog. In affiliate marketing you recommend someone a product and when he/she buys it you earn a commission.

All the affiliate links contain a tracking link so the real owner of the link gets the profit. So if you are interested in affiliate marketing think and make the list of all the products you use and your readers also may be interested as well.

Then search for if they have an affiliate program that you can use by signing up. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money from the WordPress blog as you already have lots of products to promote from Amazon and from other affiliate networks.

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money from your WordPress blog without using Adsense or other kind of ads network.

You can easily find a huge number of products to promote from:

1: Amazon

2: Commission Junction

3: ShareASale

4: Click Bank

3: Sell Sponsored Blog Posts

If you just like many others bloggers who don’t want to put ads on their blog.

Also with Ads you don’t have the control on what type of ad should show up on your blog and many people are using ad blocker which really affects your earning with ads networks.

So the best alternative to ads is the sponsored posts. Also, best to monetize WordPress blog and earn money.

Sponsored ads works the same as it works on T.V, sports or on any other media. Basically a company pays you to describe and indicate the features of their product and promote with your readers.

Before you approach any company, it’s a good idea to put together all the details of your blog on a single page such as traffic stats, social media following, audience demographics, and any other data that will make your blog look more appealing in the eyes of advertisers.

4: Get Paid By Writing Reviews

This method is similar to Sponsored Posts, you also make money by writing reviews about a product.

In this, you will get a product for free to try out related to your niche, or even you will get paid for writing a review. It totally depends on the company who is giving a product.

The process is similar to Sponsored Post, you have to write a review about the product that is related to your niche.

You can manually reach out to companies to write reviews about their product or use a website like PayPerPost that can help you to connect with other businesses who may be interested.

5: Earn Money Online by Flipping Websites

Building WordPress websites is really easy. But still many people don’t know how to build. If you know how to set up WordPress and then build a WordPress website, you are already ahead of many people who don’t even know.

There are many entrepreneurs who want to buy already established websites instead of creating from a scratch.

If you can build a wordpress website and start getting some traffic to it by putting some efforts., then you can sell it online and make money.

This requires a skill of knowing the type of websites in demand and how to set the price and sell.

There are many websites who help you in buying and selling websites and blogs.

But our favorite one is Flippa which is an auction site and helps you through the whole process. They also have a valuation tool which helps you to decide the exact price of your blog or website.

This is the method to make money from wordpress without putting lots of efforts in your blog.

6: Create a Paid Membership Website

If you don’t want to use a Sponsored Posts or review method to earn money from your blog. Then there are more ways to make money.

One of the most popular methods is by having your audience to pay for accessing certain contents on your blog. This can be anything: an article, videos or courses. Here are a couple of shots you can use to do that.

  • Create Restricted Member Only Area,
  • Create Private Forum On Your Blog,
  • Create a Question and Answers Community.

7: Create Restricted Member Only Area

This part of your blog only those members can access who buys your premium membership. Your most loyal readers who already fan of your writing skills and contents will be willing to pay you to read more of your work.

You can create a member only area and post more in depth content, courses, downloads, audio series etc, where only those can access who buys your membership.

The Medium website is a great example of this. On medium, most professional writers write content and medium also pays them. Medium only gives three articles per month to read for free and for more you have to buy their $5 premium membership per month.

This is a great strategy to make money with WordPress blog.

8: Create Private Forum On Your Blog

Another way for creating a paid membership is to create a Private Forum. Where your user must have to visit to get some advice from you.

Where they also can interact with other community members and help each other out.

9: Create Question and Answers Community

Quora and Stack Exchange are big question and answer websites on the Internet. Where you can find almost any type of questions and their answers.

But still people who are in the same niche like me and you, have questions that nobody has asked before and never have an answer on the internet. And if there is an answer it is not trustable.

So only a professional blogger and answer those questions who is already in the same niche. Because he/she must experience it in their life.

So create that kind of forum and restrict them to only premium members.

10: By Selling Digital Products With WordPress

If you are looking for a more easy and low maintenance way to earn money online with WordPress blog then selling your own or selling affiliate digital products is a good choice.

You just have to put some of your time in creating any digital product and after that your work becomes very minimal. Ebooks, courses, webinars, are the best digital products to sell.

11: Sell Ebooks

E-Books must be your first Digital Product to create and sell online. E-Books are very simple and easy to produce. If you are already blogging for sometimes you can create an ebook within your niche on a specific point.

Like we publish content contents on Blogging then we can create an Ebook on Traffic Increase or SEO.

You got the point.

Once you create an Ebook you can design its cover and design pages using Canva and create a pdf of your ebook. Selling digital products to your loyal audience is really easy because they trust you.

12: Sell Online Courses

Selling courses is also the best way to earn money by selling digital products on your WordPress Blog. Courses can make you even more money than ebooks.

Because courses take more time to create and also you have the responsibility to make it better than your competitor to sell more easily.

You will need to collect and create so many resources to create a course. From creating lessons, adding any supporting media, download, checklists, slides, templates etc.

You can also earn more by providing additional lifetime support and diverse your product in two categories: basic version without supposed and premium version with email, chat and call support.

13: By Hosting Webinars

Webinars are a great way to earn money through WordPress blog along with building more audience, sharing your experience and growing your business.

Webinars are also similar to courses but they host live and often include questions and answers.

WordPress also makes this process easier. You can use your own blog to host webinars or even for registration purposes for your webinar.

14: Offer Freelance Services

When you work in any field for some time. You become an expert of that niche and knows everything about it. As you are already working in your blogging niche and you are earning money for your WordPress blog.

Now you can start earning more by offering freelancing services from your blog. Freelancing is a great way to earn money from WordPress because it doesn’t require any initial investment of time and money.

So you can start offering your freelancing services to your audience at any time.

Once you start doing freelancing you need some tools to manage and collect your payment and create invoices. For this purpose we recommend you to use a freshbook.

15: Start Your Own Consulting Business

Blogging is the best way to start your own consulting services by sharing your expertise. A good consultant not only provides their services but also shares their advice and strategy so their clients can work more efficiently.

Similar to freelancing it also does not require any investment, you can create a simple page on your blog or website and set up a form where users can contact you and request for more information.

16: Become a Coach

If you don’t want to become a consultant or consulting title doesn’t suit you then you can become a Coach.

Here, don’t take them both as providing the same values to their client.

A life coach provides advice on improving someone’s life by giving them advice, guidance and accountability for setting up their goals in life.

Not only in life there are more types of coaches who provide advice on improving their thinking skills, writing skills, time management, study planning and future planning and more.

Just set up a contact form, booking or appointment from on your blog so your clients can contact you easily.

17: Convert Your Simple Blog To Amazon Store

This business is similar to dropshipping. But dropsshiping’s disadvantage is that you have to 

find a good supplier, which is really challenging.

And also you need a big store and a lot of items to buy from wholesale then turn it into an online business.

Which is really difficult and requires lots of investments.

But there is good news for you, you need to spend lots of money on buying and shipping products on your own. You can turn your blog into an Amazon Affiliate shop.

Amazon has almost every type of item which you canchoose and publish on your blog. But make sure not to add all the items on your Amazon store blog, try to focus on a single niche, on mobile phones or only on mobile accessories.

Don’t include everything by picking up from Amazon. Take advantage wisely of Amazon and monetize your WordPress blog.

18: In-content affiliate links

Do you have a particular blog post that ranks high in Google and can be easily monetized? Then add affiliate links within your blog post. If you don’t know where to find affiliate links. Then join Amazon, ShareASale, or Clickbank to find relevant affiliate products links and add them to your blog post.

19: Create a resource page

While resource pages are a great way to tell your audience what type of services you use and recommend others. Include all the products you use for your blog to other purposes and also add the affiliate links of those producers.

So whenever someone buys that product you will earn a commission. So it’s also the best opportunity to earn from the WordPress blog.

20: Native Advertising

Native ads are the best network to earn money. Is also little bit similar to Adsense but Native  ads provide highly relatable content. They placed links to the contents that your audience may be interested in.

With Native Advertising you can earn a huge amount of money from your blog. These are best suited for news and jobs kind of blogs.

Here are two best networks you can Join:

1: Taboola

2: Outbrain

That’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to earn money from a free wordpress blog?

Ans: No you can’t make money from a free wordpress blog. That’s why every professional blogger always suggests you to never start a free blog on wordpress. Free WordPress blogs never allow you to use Adsense or any other kind of affiliate links into your free wordpress blog.

Q2: How to make money with wordpress in 48 hours?

Ans: Within 24 hours? No, it is not possible to make money with WordPress in 48 hours. To make that amount of money within a limited time you can take advantage of Facebook and Google Ads. Although you have to spend some money on it, it is really worth the effort if done right.

Q3: Can I monetize my free wordpress blog?

Ans: No WordPress.com, not allow you to monetize your free WordPress blog. But still, if you want to take the risk you can join an affiliate network and try it out. They will immediately block your blog if you are caught doing this kind of stuff.


These were the best ways a blogger can make money from his blog. There are enormous ways you can make money online but these are genuine and proven ways to make money online from your blog.

Just focus on quality content and sell only the product or give only that service from your blog that matches with the interest of your audience.

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