What To Ask Your Movers Before Hiring Them

What To Ask Your Movers Before Hiring Them

We all depend on professional movers for a hassle-free and well-organized relocation. With their expertise, they can turn a potentially stressful and backbreaking experience into an exciting and rewarding one.

The good news is that there are a lot of professional movers and moving companies in the market. But like other service providers, they are not the same. Some offer exceptional and budget-friendly services while others do not. And there are also unscrupulous providers that you need to beware of, especially that you’re entrusting to them your valuables.

It is important to look for an experienced and dependable moving company to get the job done. When looking for long distance movers to assist in your relocation, there are many important questions to ask prospective movers to trim down your list and ensure that you make the right choice.

Here are the top questions to ask your movers before hiring them.

1. Is your company licensed and insured?

This is the foremost question to ask a moving company. You want to work only with properly licensed and insured movers. 

You can inquire if they are a member of any accredited logistics associations, such as the American Trucking Association (ATA). Membership in associations ensures that the company complies with federal moving and storage regulations and code of ethics.

You should check if the business is duly registered with the local business licensing authorities. This protects you from possible fly-by-night contractors that only aim to rob your money.

Likewise, check if they have current insurance coverage. Ask to see their policy number and provider. You can also confirm the validity and status of their insurance with the insurance company.

2. What’s your physical address?

Much of transactions now happen online – and perhaps, you will find prospective moving companies through the Internet. To ensure that you’re dealing with a legitimate provider, you want to visit their physical address or meet up with them. 

Although movers will normally do a site inspection before making a quote, you should try to schedule a meeting in their office. This is a perfect opportunity to check their licenses, equipment, vehicles, and employees. A face-to-face meeting also enables you to assess their trustworthiness and professionalism. 

According to a consultant from a moving company from Mississauga, Torex, checking the physical office of a prospective mover is the best way to avoid fraudulent companies.

3. What services do you offer?

As mentioned above, not all moving companies offer the same services. Typically, full-service move includes planning and coordination; full insurance; packing; loading, transport, and unloading; and disassembly and assembly of belongings. 

Some companies offer limited services while others offer specialized services like piano moving, interstate, or international relocations. Make sure you choose movers that can satisfy your specific needs.

4. What are your references?

Choose a moving company that has completed a similar moving project in the past. You want to know their clients and what they can say about the company. Positive feedback and recommendations from past clients speak a lot about their service. 

5. Can you provide a near-accurate moving quote?

Making a budget for the relocation is one of the main concerns of many homeowners. As such, you want to get the most accurate moving estimate.

Before hiring a moving company, ask them if they can give you an exact moving quote. Not only will this help you prepare financially, but it will also avoid unforeseen costs. Frequently, unexpected expenses make up most of the moving budget. 

6. Are there additional fees?

Again, you don’t want to get caught in a scenario wherein you will be charged extra once the project is completed. To avoid these, make sure to clarify with them all the fees that you will pay. It is best to get them in writing so everything is clear before they commence with the move. Some potential additional fees include parking fees, tool fees, use of an elevator, and equipment rental.

7. Do you have cancellation fees?

Usually, you’ll hire movers several weeks or months before the move. But in the event the move is rescheduled or canceled, will there be additional costs? Before hiring movers, be sure to check their cancellation policy. 

Typically, canceling a scheduled move two weeks in advance is free of charge. However, as the cancellation nears the moving day, fees may be collected.

8. Who will do the move?

Before hiring a prospective moving company, you want to know whether their employees will do the move or they will enlist subcontractors. You want to be sure that their workers are experienced with various moving tasks. This ensures that they will safeguard and handle your belongings with care. Aside from the safety of your valuables, you also need to be careful who enters your home.

Asking your movers these questions can help you ensure that you get only the best contractor for the big day.


What To Ask Your Movers Before Hiring Them

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