Has it ever occurred to you that the process of home moving can prove fatal to the environment? It can contribute to climate change, air pollution, and global warming through the emission of gas fumes. And if you’re wondering how – we could give you a hundred reasons. 

It’s because of the unwanted things and materials that you throw out in the garbage without a care in the world. The carbon exhaust fumes you release while transporting your household items to a new location. The list goes on. 

Thankfully, it’s not too late for you to minimize your environmental footprint the next time you move and set an example for others. There’s no doubt that you will have a boatload of things on your mind when preparing for a move – from wondering where to hire the best movers to pack your items. But with a bit of planning and extra effort, you can make both ends meet – an uneventful and green move.

In this article, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite tips for planning a move that’s as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • Never throw away; donate instead!

As you prepare for the move, decluttering is an important step. It can be tempting to throw away a handful of accumulated items as you clean our pantry, rooms, and closets. But before you dispose of anything, see if they can be given a second life through donation. You can give your stuff away to charities such as Value Village, Salvation Army, or your local donation center.

Rent a storage unit if you want to hold onto some things, preferably furniture or memorable items. Or, you can ask a dear friend or family member to look after your stuff, but that usually never works out. Hence, renting a storage compartment is the best option. These days, it’s not easy to find a storage provider that is both efficient and eco-friendly. However, if you’re anywhere in Texas city, choose self storage Plano tx as your go-to provider. Their staff is known for practicing recycling and reusing materials. Also, they have climate-controlled storage rooms, so you can’t go wrong here.

  • Hire an eco-friendly moving company

When trying to organize a green move successfully, one of the essential things you can do to reduce your environmental impact is to hire a moving company. A company that cares about the environment should do you good. And it seems that more and more of the top-best moving companies worldwide are committing to more eco-friendly products and practices for a cleaner and better world. 

So when you’re browsing for green moving services, ensure to ask the movers you’re reviewing what specific measures they are taking to preserve the environment. If you are not satisfied with their answers, move on to a different eco-conscious candidate.

  • Get creative with your packaging.

Buying dozens of packing peanuts or rolls and rolls of bubble wrap can often get expensive, let alone hazardous for the environment. It is wise to unleash your creative side when dealing with stuff that requires packing. To help you get started, here are some ideas:

  • Adjust picture frames in pillowcases to ensure safety.
  • Use a duvet or blanket to protect your TV from crashing. Your mover should also have blankets that you can use for wrapping your items. However, it is best to discuss these needs with your moving company.
  • Use paper plates between your dishes and plates to protect them in transit. 
  • Open up that “bag of bags” you have been collecting and storing in your kitchen cupboards. Use them to protect vases, mugs, and glasses. 
  • Use towels for padding boxes and keeping them safe during the transition.
  • Recycle 

You have minimized your demand for customary packing supplies and reused everything you possibly could. Now, recycle what is left.

If you’re using cardboard boxes, visit Craigslist for second-hand moving supplies or ask your local retail stores for any unpacked boxes. You can find durable boxes at reasonable (or no) prices that would otherwise be thrown in the garbage. Just be sure to inspect the boxes before using them thoroughly. If they’ve already made it cross-country in a delivery venture, they may be too fragile to handle another move.

Once you are done with the move, please do not throw them away! Send damaged boxes to be recycled, but save everything else. Don’t allow your children (if any) to pop the bubble wrap. Instead, put the boxes on sale on an auction site or give them away to anyone needy you know.

  • Use green cleaning supplies.

When you complete packing everything and loading, the chances are that you will be doing some cleaning at your new house. When determining how to make your move as green as possible, another way to help your cause is to use environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies. Not only will it be easier on you, but healthier as well. It will also be good for the environment. Check with your local home improvement superstore to see what eco-friendly cleaning supplies they have. 

  • Use clothes as cushions.

Let’s take your green move one step further by using clothes and other soft items as cushioning. They are costless, already available at your disposal, and offer an excellent way to ensure you are moving sustainably. However, if you are hiring a professional moving crew, this is likely not an option. 

  • Make as few trips as possible.

Packing your moving van or car to the brim can be helpful in the long haul. Minimize your carbon footprint by transporting your boxes in a single trip to your new location. This way, you will spend less and conserve gas on the road. Also, remember that some moving companies offer energy-efficient benefits, such as programs that offset carbon emissions and trucks with cleaner fuel alternatives. So ensure to check in with your moving company before you decide to load half of your items in your car. read who is Stephen Laine

While you are at it, figure out the most direct route to your new location. That way, you won’t be emitting dangerous gases while covering unnecessary grounds. It will also help you save some cash – win-win!

Go Green or Go Home!

So there you have it – a list of ways to make your move as green as possible. Note that all the steps you take to achieve an eco-friendly move can also contribute to a more green and healthy lifestyle after the move. Just remember that every move is like turning a new leaf. Use this relocation as a chance to start fresh and make a new commitment not to fill your home up with junk. Don’t be indecisive or impulsive; be willing to take the bullet for the safety of your earth, even if that means fewer boxes and packing peanuts.  check who is allen greene shawshank redemption

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