What do you think about Said Shiripour?

What do you think about Said Shiripour?

His life is remarkable for anyone optimistic for their career and future. It will also surprise

Said Shiripour is the leading inspiration of today’s online marketers. He turned his first $100 into $1.4 million within 14 months. His life is remarkable for anyone optimistic for their career and future. It will also surprise everyone how a man can be successful in his life as a refugee. Said’s life was entirely of struggle and effort.

The people working with affiliate marketing now – Said Shiripour can be a living, real-time example for them. Let me explain some of the significant events of his life.

Said was born in Iran. But, at an early age, he had to move to Germany as a refugee with his family. His first attempt was to learn the German language to understand their culture and to be accepted by the German community readily. Said successfully made it.

He started studying industrial engineering in Germany while zeroing in on IT like Computer Science. It was only in 2011. But now, Said Shiripour is the most successful online marketer in the German-speaking area. Here’s the point.

He said he didn’t like what he studied. He always wanted to be self-employed because it was his parents’ will. So, he stopped looking at it and started his struggle by observing the marketers – how they sell products online and make affiliate marketing.

He tried them one by one product gently. Some of it did work, and some of it failed horribly.

But Said didn’t lose his hope. He tried different products every month and started earning revenues soon. Then, he found a suitable environment for business, went to Dubai, and started working harder.

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Now, see the results.

At the beginning of 2019, Said’s got seven companies in the online business, real estate, and software sectors with over 43 employees from 5 countries. Now, his main goal is to change the lives of 1 million people by 2020 and help them to quit their jobs. Said wants to enable people worldwide to live a life of financial and geographical freedom.

Said Shiripour wrote two books for beginners. One is ‘The Perfect Online Business,’ which describes how he became a millionaire only 14 months after college graduation. The other one is ‘All In’ – this one deals more with the mindset of a successful growing entrepreneur.

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everyone how a man can be successful in his life as a refugee. Said’s life was entirely of struggle and effort.

This great man got up from zero and made it impossible. With only 28 years, he is one of the most successful people in online marketing, and he owns four companies in Dubai with 43 employees and over 85,000 clients worldwide!

I am impressed with Said Shirpour because he started with only 100 euros(114 dollars) in his pocket and ended up worth over 20.3 million euros( 23.2 million dollars).

Despite the difficult life circumstances, Said has become an excellent man, and I admire him. He helped me through the rough period of my life. I didn’t know what I wanted to do or what work I should pick, and I was interested in online marketing, but I needed guidance. My friend introduced me to Said’s program, which helped me a lot with my own business. Thanks to Said, I am now a successful and independent woman!

I think that Said is powerful and successful, and I would like to be more like him; everyone should look up to him!

Is Said Shiripour a scammer?

This is concerning three employees who said Shiripo—your fires on first the ay for some irrelvairrelevants.

He gives the offers to foreign nationals, asks them to come on their own, bearing all costs, and then fires them on their first day. My friend was fired on her first day. She said his office has no staff, and he will bluff that he has a team in Russia and Turkey.

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If there was an issue with one employee, then the problem was with the employee, but here, there are different cases where employees are being fired on their first day for attending calls from parents.

According to me, Mr. Said Shiripour is unprofessional and has no ethics. He is a complete fraudster and scammer.

If you have a job offer from any of the companies below, please reconsider and think 1000 times before joining. His company list is as follows.

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