Want to Keep Your Office Furniture as Good as New?

Thinking about decorating your recently leased office space in Richmond, Melbourne?

With your employee spending most of their day sitting in the workplace, providing them with a comfortable workplace is the least you can do. You can pick something that aligns with your budget, preferences, and durability. Don’t worry. Keeping your office furniture in Melbourne shining after prolonged usage is possible!

Here’s how!

  1. Screw it! (Your chairs, of course!) 

With long usage, the nuts and screws of your chairs start to loosen with time. This is all the truer if you pick your furniture for quick installation in Melbourne. Basically, the easy-to-assemble furniture requires bolt tightening at a regular interval. 

So, if you don’t want to listen to the creaky noise in your office, schedule tightening your chair’s screws. 

  1. Shield it! (Your Tables from scratches!) 

Whether the work involves writing on paper or a random paper-knife usage, your tables get scratched and reduce their overall aesthetics in time. That’s why it’d be best if you layer your items of furniture with a blotter or a veneer to avoid getting any unwanted impressions on its surface.

  1. Cap it! (Your chairs’ legs!) 

Constant rolling around the office chairs creates wear and tear on the floor. But, they are also responsible for the irritating, screeching noise. If you want to avoid such an inconvenience while ensuring easy mobility of your office furniture in Melbourne, ensure you get plastic or rubber leg caps. 

Note: You can also use floor mats to prevent surface damage and noise-free movement of chairs simultaneously.

  1. Forbid it! (From getting Sun exposure!)

Warping, discoloration, and melting are a few examples of how the sun can damage your precious furniture. Especially in the high heat of Melbourne weather, you can’t afford to lose sight of temperature damage. That’s to say, just the way you wear your sunscreen and still avoid sunlight, your items of furniture require the same treatment.

So, keep your cool by keeping your office furniture out of the reach of sunlight.

  1. Clean it! (Your furniture, obviously!)

Regular dusting and maintenance are the bare minimums you need to offer your furniture. On top of this, you must also ensure the kind of cleaners you use on your tables and chairs are manufactured in Melbourne. 

It would help if you utilized the disinfectants, which are harsh enough to remove germs but sensitive to keep your furniture damage-free. Moreover, the suction pressure of your vacuum also needs to be regulated if you don’t want to see any scratches on your comfort companions. 

  1. Let it roll! (The castors!)

With everyday usage and stagnant positioning, the castors of your furniture accumulate dust and debris. Not only will it obstruct mobility but also give enough space to humidity and germs for festering in Melbourne. That’s why you need to keep your cleanliness standard high with proper care of your work chairs. 

To conclude

That’s all, mate!

If maintenance can be this effortless, why will you not choose to do it?

By following these simple yet effective hacks, you can keep your office furniture in Melbourne at the workplace for a long time. On top of this, you will save the recurring investment in chair shopping with easy maintenance. 

Don’t put any more risks on the life of your precious office furniture anymore. Care for it!

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