A Comprehensive Guide On Retail Store Hangers: Types, Uses, And Advantages

There is a vast selection of clothes hangers available for retail stores, each of which may come from a different kind of material, including wood, wire, plastic, or metal. Additionally, it is not difficult to acquire a collection of several types of coat hangers for retail usage.

Using hangers to hang clothing rather than folding them is one of the most effective methods to display them in a retail or fashion store. Because there are plenty of options accessible, it may be pretty challenging to choose one of the most acceptable options suited to a particular store’s requirements. The following are some common variants of hangers available for retail and fashion stores:

Plastic Hangers

Hangers made of plastic are among the ones used all over the globe most often and in the most significant quantity. You can purchase these goods in various colours, sizes, and designs at low prices. In addition to this advantage, various additional positive aspects are associated with hanging garments from plastic materials.

  • No Rust: Plastic doesn’t rust in any way; you can use it extensively to hang various kinds of clothing. Even if the dress gets wet for any reason and you hang it out to dry, there is only a little chance that it may discolour.
  • No Crease Markings: Another advantage of these products is that they rarely leave any crease marks on the garments, which is an additional benefit.
  • Easily Accessible: Another appealing quality of this item is that you can purchase it quickly. It is also possible to get it in large quantities from various reputable internet sites at more affordable prices. 

Fabric Padded Pegs

These pegs are used mainly to hang textiles that are light in weight and satiny in texture. It maintains the shape of the silky clothing and prevents them from dropping. This is quite an essential feature that helps retail stores in hanging the clothes properly.

Moulded Hangers

Moulded hanger is rather broad and holds heavier materials such as coats and jackets. With the use of stacking, one may anticipate saving money on logistics and warehouse storage with the use of moulded hangers. It maintains the garments in their proper shape and avoids tangling clothes simultaneously. 

Products Made of Wood 

In terms of self-storage hangers, hardwood hangers are head and shoulders above the rest. With wood, you won’t have to worry about them bending over time like plastic and wire hangers. They are more suited for heavier apparel, such as jackets, winter coats, and jeans, because of their sturdy construction. Wooden hangers are an absolute must if you want your button-up shirts to preserve their crisp collars or your dresses to maintain their delicate designs. The vast majority of the goods made of wood additionally incorporate bars that retailers may use to hang trousers or skirts.

Your clothes will be better protected if you put them on wooden hangers like Cedar hangers. Moths and their larvae may do major damage to your clothes, but they stay out of your closet when you use these natural repellents. Additionally, the aroma of the wood and the moisture-absorbing properties of the natural wood prevent mildew and mould. There is no extra care required to keep cedar hangers in good condition. Cedar can absorb unpleasant odours as well as moisture from the storage space. Therefore, it preserves the cleanliness of the garments and prevents any harm.


As well as being made from a variety of materials, coat hangers may also be purchased in a variety of forms to accommodate a wide range of needs. There are also hangers available with two and three tiers, making it possible to hang many pairs of garments easily. 

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A Comprehensive Guide On Retail Store Hangers: Types, Uses, And Advantages

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