The 8 best video games for lesbians

The 8 best video games for lesbians

It is common knowledge that lesbians love gaming. So what are the best video games out there for gay females to play and feel connected to their characters? Mainstream gaming is as vanilla as it gets, yet when you have actual LGBT representation in a videogame, this may help a person get at peace with their sexuality, identity, and self.

Increased availability

No longer do you have to agonize and search for games that represent you and your sexuality for what seems like an eternity. Lesbian games are more popular than ever. It is relatively easy to get your hands on a decent one, and our guide through some of the best is designed to offer some insight into games you may not be aware of.

These games provide a wonderful platform to converse and relax together. It can be done online or in person. Besides, they provide you with a great talking point, as when you explore the girls you like at a local lesbian chat, you can test your compatibility by discussing (or recommending) your favorite games and judge her character by your lady’s reaction.

Then, you can continue your conversation online, go playing a video game together, or if you are extremely compatible by your standards – meet in person. Choose whichever you prefer doesn’t matter as long as you are having fun.

Our list is in no particular order but here goes; 

  1. Caper in the Castro

This may not be the easiest format to play on, but game enthusiasts with a real passion for gaming with a loved one will appreciate the sentiment. Widely regarded as the first-ever LGBTQ game, we had to include it in the list for nostalgia, if anything else.

The original in 1989 opened people’s eyes to the MAC as players are tasked with searching the streets of San Francisco for a drag queen. The lesbian private eye main character was rediscovered in 2017 and will tug at the heartstrings as the search continues.

  1. Monster Prom

Whilst this is not the most obvious title, it does contain gay characters in the build-up to the prom. The aim is to compete against your friends to impress your potential prom dates. Monstrous dates from monstrous dreams! Sounds like fun, right? There’s a catch; you are a monster too. Who doesn’t love lesbian monsters that fall in love and go dancing at the prom, right?

2. Ikenfell

Ikenfell has plenty of queer representation. You can take part in role-playing with wizards and witches, amongst other non-binary characters. Advertised as a ‘new retro pixel RPG,’ the game involves loss, love, trust, and friendship. It was originally designed to be a lot more explicit as a writer, Joanna Blackhart, wanted the inclusion of more queer content.

  1. VA-11 Hall-A

Adorable and loveable characters galore follow the journey of a bi-sexual bartender trying to make their way in the world. Full of cyberpunk realism and tactical bartending, the game tackles the issues of living in a dystopian land. Surviving in this future existence during tough times is a catalyst for female bonding during adversity.

  1. A Summer’s End—Hong Kong 1986

A Summer’s End is considered a modern romance. The characters are seeking identity and meaning.  In a world where cultures and opinions contrast, society alters at a rapid rate. This is reflected in the game. Set in the mid-’80s, two Asian women explore sapphic love in Hong Kong, which isn’t the easiest of paths to take. The game has an urban feel with some unconventional yet charming characters which gamers can relate to and embrace.

6. Heart of the Woods

This lesbian visual novel has romantic themes right through it. The game’s popularity is predominantly to do with the array of extremely gay female characters involved. Along with some superb writing and intriguing plot, these crucial aspects captivate the intended audience. Not many games that involve gay ghosts have extensive surprise endings and can capture the player’s imagination like Heart Of The Woods does. 

  1. Super Lesbian Animal RPG

Easily the best title on this list, or even any list! The fantastically named Super Lesbian Animal RPG is recognized as a wholesome game that incorporates queer anthropomorphy with animals seeking adventures of a sapphic nature.

That certainly makes it unique, at the very least. It’s also a lot of fun with unexpected twists, sublime aesthetics, and a compelling story. Explore the world of dungeoneering and discover just how difficult it can be.

8. Hardcoded

A trans lesbian sim from 2017 with an ever-growing kinky base that has got naughtier and perhaps more robust over time. A bold move from Kenzie Wintermelon (developer) as precious few, if any, had tried this before. Luckily it paid off.

The unusual theme of the game sees a virus spread around, and those infected get really horny. A strange concept but certainly appeals to the masses! Hardcoded, it won’t surprise you to learn, features high levels of sexual activity. There are lesbian romps with girls made of slime amongst the other saucy adventures. 

There are, of course, other games that may tickle your fancy. Heaven will be mine is a fine choice as a bonus suggestion in addition to the list above. All the games we have covered contain something to capture the imagination of lesbians and sparkle a discussion in any lesbian chat. In their own individual way, the games will lure you in and get you hooked before you know it.

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The 8 best video games for lesbians

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