Reasons Why Men Often Dream about Women with Big Butts

Reasons Why Men Often Dream about Women with Big Butts

The time when skinny girls with tiny buts were considered goddesses is long gone. Thank God for that because millions of girls destroyed their health trying to look like supermodels from the fashion industry. Then everything changed. It seemed like it happened instantly.

Curvy ladies started getting the attention they deserve. Having a big but became the goal for girls all around the world. Men became obsessed with ladies who have some juicy meat on their bones.

Of course, not every girl has to be as big as Kim Kardashian when you look at her from behind, but men love to have something to grab. Some people think that’s just because our brains are washed by social media, movies, and the porn industry.

However, reasons for dreams about big butts aren’t that shallow. They are more of an instinct. We’ll explain why and mention some other body parts on the male and female body that are more attractive if they’re big.

Big Butt Attraction is Evolutionary

Humans are animals. That’s not an insult; it’s a fact. We’re only mammals; our evolutionary purpose is to create new life so the species can survive. It may sound harsh, but that’s how we’re wired. Men see big butts as a sign of female fertility.

Big backsides aren’t just beautiful to see; they signal a lady is more likely to be fertile and produce many kids. That doesn’t mean every man wants 12 kids. We are animals, but we can resist our instincts thanks to our intellect. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that everybody turns around when a girl with a big ass passes by.

Other than big booties, big breasts are a sign of female fertility. Ladies with big breasts, narrow waists, and big butts are rightfully praised. Not only because they look good and have better chances to give birth to healthy kids, but because of their impact on the whole society.

They ended the era of starving to be skinny and started going to a gym to build a big butt. That change saved numerous girls from seriously harming themselves. Girls now have a motive to live a healthy lifestyle, so it’s not wrong to say that the big butt trend is making the whole world better.

That trend is visible in online dating as well. Big butts dating sites are gaining members faster than most other niches. And it’s not like only men are joining. Thousands of curvy girls are creating profiles on such sites. Both them and men have their reasons. Women love the attention their curves get online, especially on platforms that allow uploading naughty profile photos.

Everyone likes compliments, so, understandably, girls can’t resist being on sites full of men who dream about big butts. Men love big booty dating sites because they let them meet, date, and exchange videos on chat with curvy ladies.

Twerking is the most common weapon women use to seduce men on such sites. Why? Because they know why men joined in the first place. It certainly isn’t to talk about the weather.

Fat is Necessary for Feeding the Baby

Evolution is playing tricks on us; that’s why men are crazy about big asses. We mentioned that curves are signs of female fertility. Now we’ll go a bit deeper and explain what exactly makes men dream about juicy, bouncy booties.

Did you ever notice that a woman who gave birth and started breastfeeding lost some of her ass? Another question, did you know that breastmilk has a lot of fat? Do you see the connection? Fats are the best source of energy among macronutrients (carbon-hydrates, proteins, fates). Carbon-hydrates may be the first and most important source of calories, but the metabolism of fats releases much more energy.

When you’re a baby, and all you eat is breastmilk, those fats are used to keep you alive and make you grow. Without fats, babies would grow much slower. In the modern world, that’s not such a big deal, but we’re talking about evolution. It’s slow, and it doesn’t know that we’re now on top of the food chain.

When those evolutionary mutations first occurred, humans were living in a world full of predators. Growing fast was crucial for babies to survive. The sooner they’d grow and start walking, the faster they were, and they could help the adults.

Women are attracted to tall, masculine men for the same reason. Evolution made them like that. Having strong men in the tribe was the only way to survive. That’s not true for a while, but women still can’t resist men like that. The same as men can’t stop dreaming about women with big butts.

Of course, that doesn’t mean singles who aren’t genetically blessed will stay alone forever. Remember, we are animals lead by instincts, but our intellect makes the difference. That’s why dating sometimes seems so complicated.

It’s not all about curves and muscles. If you don’t believe us, join any dating site and convince yourself that people who don’t look like Kim Kardashian or Jason Momoa can still find partners.

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, Who Made it a Trend All Over the World

Since we’re talking about Kim Kardashian, we have to give her credit for making the big booty trend so popular. Although Beyonce’s butt haunted men’s dreams before Kim became famous, she took the trend to new heights.

Now it’s common to see fitness models growing business on Instagram thanks to their big, round butts. Their audiences are huge. And no, those aren’t only men who can’t stop imagining what they would do with such beautiful ladies. Women follow those fitness models because they want to learn the secret to growing firm, round asses.

Luckily, every girl, even those who don’t have good genetics for that, can grow nice booty. It will take some determination and time, but it’s possible. More and more ladies have amazing asses. Mostly thanks to Kim Kardashian, who turned that into a trend.

A man who claims he doesn’t want to date girls with big booties is a liar. The rising number of members on online dating sites full of curvy ladies is proof that the trend is global. It’s pointless to resist it anyway; evolution made us like that.

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Reasons Why Men Often Dream about Women with Big Butts

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