Portable Monitor: A Digital Nomad Must-Have

Portable Monitor: A Digital Nomad Must-Have

A portable monitor isn’t as popular as the traditional and handy desktop monitor, but for the digital nomads who are always on the go, exploring the world one place at a time, the portable monitor could be the key to sustaining this kind of lifestyle. 

When to Choose Portable Monitors

Here are some reasons why a portable monitor is perfect for your nomad lifestyle: 

You need a rugged and durable device. If all your devices are designed to take in the punches, a portable monitor could be a good addition to your collection. These monitors were designed to be lugged around with you wherever you go. Companies that created portable monitors made sure to build these babies as lightweight as possible, but with durable and higher quality materials. 

You need to expand your laptop’s real estate. 

If you’re traveling, a laptop can be a supercomputer where all your tasks will be accomplished. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of a laptop is the size of the monitor (and even the keyboard). 

If you need additional real estate but do not want to invest in a bigger-sized (and bulkier) laptop, your next best solution is to buy a portable monitor that you can attach to your laptop, doubling your screen instantly. And because portable monitors are lightweight, this addition won’t affect your luggage limit at all. 

You have no time for complicated setups

Let’s say you’re on a beach and you need to upload work files or make a Zoom conference. Using your phone is too small for this kind of task, so your option is to power up your raspberry pi and attach your portable monitor. TADA! No long lines of cables are needed, no multiple power sources are required, and no installations are necessary. 

You only have limited space. 

For travelers who are staying in small spaces, or camping out in the wilderness, the gadgets you might be looking for to stay connected areas space-saving as portable monitors. 

After all, these kinds of monitors are just as small as most tablets. They take little to no space at all. Plus, you store them as you’d store an ordinary laptop. A laptop sleeve would do for most cases.

You’re in need of energy-efficient devices.

Desktop computers use a ton of energy from the monitors to the CPUs and even with every component, you decide to incorporate it into your system. Want to listen to music while working? Those speakers also eat up resources! 

The good news is portable monitors are mostly energy-efficient. You only need a USB charger to power it up. No need to plug it in (although it is possible to if you really need to).

You want user-friendly, built-in features on your computer components. 

Let’s say you’re not fond of bringing unnecessary accessories to your travels. Tired of getting your tablet to stand out whenever you have to attend online meetings? Good thing most portable monitors have a super lightweight and thin-bezel design. They also come built-in with pop-up stands, microphones

You need to attach two or more devices to your portable PC.

If you need to add two or more components to your computer, you’d be glad you’re using a portable monitor since these monitors are built with multiple output ports. In comparison to traditional monitors that only have 1 or 2 possible outputs, portable monitors allow you to add up to six devices. And if you’ve got a Windows Multipoint server, you can even add up to 12 or 14 devices. 

You need to zoom stuff into a bigger display. 

If you’re a photographer who has bad vision, using the camera’s display viewer can be pretty challenging. If you set up a portable monitor as your external display while you take shots, you will be able to see high-quality images and check live if you’re getting enough pictures you need. 

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This can also be used by videographers, live streamers, gamers, and so on. 

If you have a smartphone and you want the content there to become bigger, you can hook up your phone to your portable monitor and zoom whatever content you’re reading or watching from your phone onto the monitor. 

You need a computer wherever you go. 

Portable monitors let you set up a computer wherever you go. This means you can use it for on-field jobs, exhibitions, conventions, presentations, and so on. 

And once your job is done and you need to relax, you can use the portable monitors as your personal mini cinema. Log into Netflix, start up your portable monitor, and marathon your favorite series. 

Portable monitors were designed specifically to create mobility for the user. With this device, you can keep communications open even if you’re hiking a mountain or chilling by the beach. You can continue your work even if you’re halfway across the country. 

Portable Monitor: A Digital Nomad Must-Have

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