How did doflamingo get aces devil fruit?

How did doflamingo get aces devil fruit?

In One Piece, Donquixote Doflamingo acquired Ace’s devil fruit, the Mera Mera no Mi, after Ace died and the fruit returned to circulation. Doflamingo, who uses the codename “Joker,” offered the fruit as a prize in the Corrida Colosseum, and Sabo won and consumed it.

Ace first ate the fruit, then Deuce found it in a chest, and the two began fighting over who would get it. Ace took the first bite, which gave him the fruit’s powers. He used the fruit to sink battleships and defeat strong pirates, naming many of his attacks after Japanese phrases. For example, “Hiken” translates to “Fire Fist.”

When a Devil Fruit eater dies, it takes over another fruit elsewhere. Some speculate that the Mera reincarnated on another island and was picked by someone who did not eat it, possibly to sell it later. Others speculate that Doflamingo took it from whoever found it.

“Mera Mera” is a Japanese onomatopoeia of the noise older people make when they eat. Portgas D. Ace ate it, but with his death, the fruit returned into circulation and Went Into the possession of Doflamingo Don Quixote of the Don Quixote Pirates, offered as a prize in the Corrida Colosseum.

Having been the most prominent underground broker in all of One Piece, he had access to all kinds of goods and incredible funds, making purchasing a DF, even a rare Logia, an easy endeavor. We don’t know how the Mera Mera no mi made its way to the black market, but once it did, Doflamingo’s access to it must have been relatively easy. That is, of course, assuming that he purchased it, but considering his position, it’s the most likely reason.

As seen in the Punk Hazard saga, when a devil fruit user dies, the Fruit reincarnates into the nearest average Fruit of a similar shape., A theory says that Doflamingo was aware of that and brought fruit with him, which became the new Mera Mera when Ace died. Blackbeard and his crew would also be mindful, bringing fruits hunting Users to steal their powers.

How versatile is Do Flamingo’s Devil fruit?

The Ito Ito no Mi may sound like a hilariously weak and underwhelming Devil Fruit. The power to create…strings? What could you possibly do with strings when other Devil Fruits are seemingly much more destructive and powerful by description alone? I’d wager that, if given a choice, anyone would choose a Devil Fruit that can create and manipulate magma or lightning over one that could develop strings.

However, if we revisit the Dressrosa Arc, we can see how magnificent this Devil Fruit is. Its user, Donquixote Doflamingo, has mastered and awakened his Devil Fruit. I’ll list the fruit’s abilities below and explain how versatile it is.

1. Pseudo-flight

This is probably the Fruit’s most remarkable ability. Using its strings, Doflamingo can fly around wherever he pleases so long as there is something his strings can latch onto.

Near the end of the Punk Hazard Arc, Doflamingo departs from his home in Dressrosa for Punk Hazard to “clean up” the mess left behind by Smoker, Law, and the Straw Hats. How does he get there? By ship? No, that would take way too long. Instead, he goes airborne by attaching his strings to the clouds above to catapult himself through the air continuously. As a result, he reaches the island in no time.

2. String Clone

Doflamingo can create a replica of himself using his strings. This replica has a mind of its own, as it can function and carry out tasks independently of Doflamingo. This is evident during the battle between Luffy and the clone, where the latter is fighting with Doflamingo, who is busy fighting with Law. I don’t believe Doflamingo was ever shown directly controlling the clone’s actions or thought processes.

The clone also seems to retain all of Doflamingo’s traits, such as his maniacal and deranged behavior, and his physical attributes, such as his durability. It took Luffy quite an effort to destroy the clone before assisting Law in fighting the real Doflamingo.

The most significant aspect of this ability is that the damage taken by the clone has absolutely no effect on Doflamingo. While Luffy was getting hammered by the clone, Doflamingo casually taunted and battered Law. When the clone got destroyed, the unscathed Doflamingo smiled. It also doesn’t drain his stamina, meaning that Doflamingo could use his clone to do his dirty work for him. By having his clone engage in fights, Doflamingo could preserve his energy while his opponent’s stamina drops.

3. Puppet-master (Parasite)

This is Doflamingo’s most terrifying ability. Through a technique he calls “Parasite String,” Doflamingo can attach a skinny, nearly invisible string to any person he wishes. Doing so allows Doflamingo complete control over the actions of his victims. Using his hands, he can puppeteer his victims, forcing them to act against their will. In further detail, the string penetrates the victim’s neck and attaches to their spine, rendering them utterly helpless as their bodies are taken over. They remain conscious and coherent but lose their free will.

This is shown a few times in the story. Still, the best example is the flashback where Doflamingo takes control of Dressrosa’s rightful King (King Riku) and has him massacre the civilians residing in his country.

4. The Birdcage

The Birdcage technique allows Doflamingo to erect a birdcage-like construct over an unspecified surface area. He could isolate the entire Dressrosa country entirely from the rest of the world. Nobody was allowed to enter the country, nor were those trapped inside able to escape. The Birdcage isn’t just used for entrapment; it can be used as a means of execution. Doflamingo can slowly close the Birdcage, as seen in the image below…

The Birdcage’s strings are massive and extremely powerful, as they can slice through everything. That said, you can imagine what would happen to those trapped inside.

Although it has yet to be confirmed, the Birdcage is indestructible, similar to Bartolomew’s barriers. Powerful characters such as Roronoa Zoro and Marine Admiral Issho (Fujitora) could not destroy the strings, making it very likely that it is indestructible. The only way to turn off the birdcage would be to defeat Doflamingo himself.

5. Dr. Donquixote Doflamingo

This fruit can even be used for healing purposes. After his battle with Law, Doflamingo was left in a badly damaged state. His internal organs had been severely damaged, which would have resulted in his death. Instead, the cunning bastard used his string abilities to stitch his organs back together, thus saving his life.

What is the cost of living in Bali? 

As you can see, this fruit has several unique abilities that far outclass other powerful fruits, such as the Loggias. Most Paramecia Devil Fruits require their users to be creative to utilize them to their full potential. Still, only some are in the same league of versatility as the Ito Ito no Mi.

How did Donquixote Doflamingo get his Devil Fruit? Where did he get it from?

In his early years, Donquixote Doflamingo obtained his Devil Fruit, the Ito Ito no Mi. The turning point came when Trebol realized how talented Doflamingo was—specifically, how he had Conqueror’s Haki. Trebol was intrigued by Doflamingo’s ambition and gave him a means to become powerful.

Doflamingo told him he wanted to be the king and kill everyone who had insulted him. Trebol responded by giving him the Ito Ito no Mi, a powerful Devil Fruit that gave Doflamingo the capacity to make and control strings. Trebol also gave him a Handgun.

This exchange marked the beginning of Doflamingo’s journey with the Ito Ito no Mi, setting him on the path to becoming one of the most formidable and feared figures in One Piece.

Why could Blackbeard obtain 2 devil fruit powers simultaneously even though it’s common sense nobody can?

This is copied and pasted from another answer, so if you’re reading again, sorry. This is the most believable theory with much evidence. Instead of taking pieces and guessing what we might think it is, we take the stuff we know story-wise and Oda’s writing and influences and create a theory with evidence. I’m a member of the OPforum site (join if you love One Piece.) All credit goes to Admiral Ryokugyu.

Oda bases much of the story on real-life people or places. He believes Blackbeard is based on the real Ottoman Pirates, the Barbosa Brothers Khizer, Isaak, & Arudj. The story is the 3 were born to a woman named Katarina. Who on Blackbeard’s crew is named Katarina? This woman—

Arudj was originally a pirate, but his brothers worked with their father until his death. They joined with Arudj under the Crescent Moon flag. What is Catarina Devon nicknamed?? The Crescent Moon Hunter.

Continuing the story, Blackbeard carries 3 guns, and his flag has 3 skulls. We know that the Jolly Roger represents the Captain in some form (Luffy wears a straw hat, and his Jolly Roger is a straw hat.)

Then Ja, ya Luffy, and Zoro tell Nami it isn’t a he but a them. More specifically, he says more than one. Adding my own 2 cents in, if it were just 2 people, they would have specifically said THEM, but they told MORE THAN ONE. This hints at more than 2. Another version says THEY, and to me, when people say they in this context, they mean more than 2 unless specified or already known.

Back to this theory. In Impel Down, Blackbeard comments that Luffy haki has improved since their last meeting. Yet they only met Jaya before it was known that he was Blackbeard, and they never fought. This hints that Luffy and Zoro used conqueror haki in Jaya, and that’s what Blackbeard meant.

Pause on his theory now. I went back and looked, and this is almost 100% true. When you look at some instances of conquerors haki being used, an exclamation point is usually on the same panel. This is generally used to indicate a special moment. If you look at these instances, it almost proves Luffy and Zoro used the haki for the first time.

Finally, when Zoro and Luffy are listening to Blackbeard, it even backs up some scenes with the white background as a crucial scene.

He believes that Blackbeard has 2 brothers, so 3 in total for our nonmath whizzes. When he ate the Yami Yami no mi, the brothers joined him (brothers parallelism.) We also know the Yami Yami no mi is extremely special regarding Devil Fruits. If you need to know, look it up on the wikia. He says that Blackbeard hides them within his body using this fruit.

This would be why they used the black cover with Whitebeard; he had to let himself out to eat the fruit. Blackbeard’s hand, the Goru Goru no mi, wasn’t his hand but his brothers. He used the fruit and sucked his hand in, and let his brothers out. If you think Teach uses his fruit with a different side of his body, he is the proof.

Teach at any other time. He has missing teeth, but here he has them all. This is a big part of his character, and I can’t see this making it through all the people who work with the manga and no one notices. Oda is BIG on details, and I don’t believe this in your face panel; he messed up.

So here’s the conclusion: with the power of his fruit of Darkness, Teach hides his 2 twin brothers inside his body. Darkness has no limits; he can pull his hand, leg, or head inside and let out his brother’s hand, leg, or head.

They covered him in Marineford because he had to let his brother out to eat the fruit, and he didn’t want people to find out about his secret. Teach ate the strongest Logia. His brother ate the strongest Paramecia. Now there’s the third brother left, and he’ll probably eat the strongest Mythical Zoan.

As for how he could get the Gura Gura no Mi, it was easy. You need to have a regular fruit ( apple, for example ) while standing next to the dying person. The devil will possess your average fruit, and there you go, you’ve got that person’s Devil Fruit ( like we saw in Punk Hazard with Smiley’s fruit ).

Again, I take no credit for this theory. It is not mine except for the parts I said were mine and the haki pictures.

EDIT: I pointed out that Luffy couldn’t control his conqueror’s haki at Jaya and mistakenly said Zoro had it. Since they couldn’t use it/use it willingly, this would hint that Blackbeard used it and not Luffy.

How did Blackbeard get his second Devil Fruit power? Why didn’t he use it when fighting Whitebeard?

Blackbeard is a mighty pirate who possesses two Devil Fruit powers. The first power is Yami Yami no Mi, which allows him to create and control darkness. The second power is the Gura Gura no Mi, enabling him to develop and control shockwaves.

Blackbeard obtained his second Devil Fruit power by killing Whitebeard, the previous Gura Gura no Mi user. After Whitebeard’s death, Blackbeard ate Gura Gura no Mi, allowing him two Devil Fruit powers.

BlackBeard couldn’t use the second devil fruit ability against WhiteBeard because he didn’t have it. But after obtaining the Gura Gura no Mi, he showcased his power. But after that, Shanks came in, and the war ended because BlackBeard didn’t want to fight the Red Hair Pirates.

Does Momonosuke have the same devil fruit as Kaido (except it is artificial)?

Kaido ate the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into an entire serpentine Azure Dragon.

Sometime within 34 years of eating the fruit, Kaido was in Marine captivity, and the scientist Vegapunk extracted his Lineage Factor to create an Artificial Devil Fruit.

While deemed a failure, this replica fruit was later eaten by Momonosuke shortly before the present day after having been stored on Punk Hazard.

Momonosuke thereby gained a dragon transformation much like Kaido’s (even with the ability to produce Flame Clouds).

Does Momonosuke have the same devil fruit as Kaido (except it is artificial)?

Kaido ate the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into an entire serpentine Azure Dragon.

Sometime within 34 years of eating the fruit, Kaido was in Marine captivity. What if Luffy had Ace’s Devil Fruit and Ace had Luffy’s devil fruit?

This is a plausible idea. At least, part of it is not.

Which part? Well, the idea of Ace having Luffy’s Devil Fruit.

Why? Here’s why…

Shanks has already found the One Piece; he must have been there when they deciphered the Poneglyphs. And that’s why he stole the Gomu Gomu no Mi or the Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika.

Shanks planned to have Ace eat it, which explains his presence in East Blue, right around where Luffy, Ace, and Sabo were running around.

The Nika Fruit chose Luffy instead, and Shanks just went along with it after hearing what Luffy said to him. It was the same thing Roger said to his crew.

Ace could have ended up eating the Gomu Gomu no Mi instead of Luffy. entist Vegapunk extracted his Lineage Factor to create an Artificial Devil Fruit.

While deemed a failure, this replica fruit was later eaten by Momonosuke shortly before the present day after having been stored on Punk Hazard.

Momonosuke thereby gained a dragon transformation much like Kaido’s (even with the ability to produce Flame Clouds).

Does the fact that Luffy’s fruit is a Zoan mean he can change like Chopper?

Luffy also changed. But don’t expect 9 changes; Tony Tony Chopper is unique.

How did Blackbeard get Whitebeard’s devil fruit in one piece?

Blackbeard is not one person; he’s three in the same body. Therefore, when the blanket covered him, he used his Darkness power to absorb his own limbs and head to the inside and let out through the black hole his siblings’ heads and limbs; by the way, his siblings look just like him except one has fewer teeth missing than him and the other has no teeth missing at all (perfect teeth), and also one of his siblings likes to wear fewer hand decorations (bracelets rings, etc.) than him.

As for how he got the devil fruit itself, well, that’s a no-brainer: both Jesus Burgess and Doc Q (and quite possibly Shiliew and Van Augur and Laffitte and Catarina Devon and Vasco Shot and Sanjuan Wolf, too) always carry a big stack of regular old fruits with them, therefore in the middle of a warzone, nobody had better chances of having the devil fruits reincarnate on them than Blackbeard’s crew.

It was just a matter of quickly going through their stacks to find out which fruit had turned into the Gura Gura, give it to Blackbeard’s sibling under the blanket, and have him take a bit of it, then safely dispose of its remnants with his Black Hole ability, once again change limbs and head for the OG Blackbeard’s. Still, this time, he left his left hand as his brother’s so he could let out the Gura Gura power.

As a fun fact, from the moment Blackbeard ate the Darkness fruit, his brothers can now actually fully get out of the body and act as fully independent people; however, they are so used to living in the same body by this point, coupled with the fact that this would make people suspicious and Blackbeard would look thin by doing this, that they prefer to stay inside anyways, as whenever they like they get a turn to get their heads and limbs out and that way experience the world.

The final fruit Blackbeard will consume will be the Ryuu Ryuu no Mi model oriental dragon which currently belongs to Kaido but at the end of the Wano arc once the Straw hats have figured out that the secret to breaking Kaido’s luck/curse is to make him laugh by forcibly feeding him a defective SMILE fruit.

Thereby creating an opening in him, and after Luffy had defeated him taking advantage of this and he is weakened, Blackbeard will come in with Moria as his helper (Moria will do this not because he likes Blackbeard which he doesn’t as he killed his crewmate Absalom, but because of his past grudge with Kaido who killed his entire firmer crew), and through a clever shadow+darkness ruse, will steal Kaido’s DF, and at that point he will finally reveal to the world that he is actually three people.

The three of which will get out, the OG Blackbeard wielding the awakened special Logia and strongest fruit in the globe Yami Yami no Mi, the second brother wielding the awakened regular Patamecia and world-destroying tier fruit the Gura Gura, and the third and final brother (the one with perfect teeth) will wield the awakened mythological Zoan and godlike-power granting Ryuu Ryuu no Mi: model oriental dragon which turns one into a giant all-powerful quasi-immortal beast who roams the skies doing as he pleases and handing doom from above.

After this, Luffy will defeat Blackbeard by using his Gear 5th to manipulate the environment and create flexible ground to counter the Gura Gura, outwardly-projected shockwave haki to break the Ryuu Ryuu’s dragon scales, and finally, an infinitely-stretching haki-coated baton made from his own body which changes direction mid-air and will fill the Yami Yami’s internal 4th dimension to the brim limit of Blackbeard’s abilities, therefore forcing the three brothers to fight using exclusively Haki, something which will be their doom knowing that Luffy’s Haki by this point had far surpassed Ace’s, Akainu’s, Kaido’s and Blackbeard’s, and almost equaled Roger’s, Shanks’, old man Whitebeard’s and Rayleigh’s.

Is Luffy’s fruit weak?

No, not even close. Luffy’s devil fruit is among the most muscular devil fruit in the series.

The ancient Mythical Zoan-type Devil fruit, Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika, allows the consumer to gain Nika’s abilities. The world government fears that devil fruit awakening abilities more than anything else.

Thanks to that, Luffy was able to fight and beat Kaido.

Will Luffy eat another devil fruit?

I know Blackbeard ate a second Fruit, but he could only do so because something weird about his body structure makes it seem like he is multiple people.

(Keep in mind that Zoro awakened his Observation Haki back during his duel with Mihawk at the Baratie (though he only realized it during his fight with Mr. 1), and Luffy has been awakened at least since his battle with Mr. 3 at Little Garden, so their ability to detect such things is more significant than one would generally assume)

The best guesses on how that works are that he is a Chimera (genetics) or a set of Conjoined twins (or maybe triplets). Possibly triplets because Teach’s Jolly Roger depicts three skulls.

Luffy does not share this strange quality, whatever it is, which we know because the condition seems evident upon close examination and because Chopper (and Crocus, Kureha, and Law, for that matter) hasn’t mentioned it.

Also, Luffy getting a second Fruit would be shitty writing, and Oda-sensei is very much not a shitty writer.

How did Black Beard get a devil fruit?

If I’m not mistaken, Blackbeard (Marshall D. Teach) is the only one with two devil fruits.

Originally an apprentice for the Whitebeard Pirates, he eventually became eventually a member of the pirate’s 2nd division. After some time, Teach murdered the 4th commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Thatch, to steal the Yami Yami no Mi or the Dark-Dark fruit. Which he then used to completely overwhelm Ace ( 🙁 ) and deliver him to the world government.

Fast forward to the Summit War Saga, Luffy and allies (Whitebeard Pirates and plenty of others) were doing everything possible to save Ace from his scheduled execution.

At the Battle of Marineford, the Allies’ rescue efforts were impractical as Ace was killed to save Luffy from Admiral Akainu’s magma fist.

As the Allies fail to save Ace, the Blackbeard Pirates arrive so Marshall can watch the death of his former captain (and take his devil fruit). As the pirates try to overwhelm Whitebeard, he stands and takes the blows from the Blackbeard Pirates.

Eventually, Edward (Whitebeard) Newgate is killed but remains standing, blowing the minds of everyone at Marineford.

Here’s the confusing part that has confused all One Piece fans….

The Blackbeard Pirates cover Whitebeard with a black cloth, then Marshall enters said cloth, as everyone surrounding the Pirates stares in confusion.

How much would a cheap M1 Garand cost?

Nobody knows what happened or how, but as soon as Marshall D. Teach exits the cloth, he now wields the power of both the Yami Yami no Mi and the Gura Gura no Mi.

Who would win, Ace vs Doflamingo?

A$CE would win.

I know A$CE is straightforward to downplay because he’s a Pre-Timeskip character with more losses than almost any Yonko Commander. Still, if you look at his actual feats, you’ll see they belong to a higher tier than Dolflamingo.

The first thing people bring up when downplaying A$CE is how he lost to Blackbeard, who got blitzed and harmed by Impel Down Gear 2 Luffy.

However, this is a highly contextual feat meant to scale to something other than Luffy since BB heavily underestimates him and laughs at Luffy when he gets caught off guard.

At the very moment, he gets serious; he bodies Luffy neg-diff.

Downplaying A$CE due to BB and Luffy is like saying Whitebeard is weak because he got stabbed by Squad; it doesn’t make sense.

And even then, Blackbeard, even Pre-Timeskip, was quickly above all First Yonko Commanders, which Luffy would take as late as Whole Cake Island even to reach close to.

Before his Devil Fruit and several years before, BB was considered strong enough to become WB’s second-division leader.

He later gets access to the strongest DF; something meant to counter all other fruits (including the strongest Paramecia “Gura Gura”), and A$CE goes into the fight completely blind about this ability.

And at Marineford, BB tanks quake punches from Whitebeard and even several of his bento strikes at close range.

The Blackbeard, who A $ CE lost to, would body Dolflamingo, so it’s not a point against A $ CE.

That said, let’s look at A$ CE’s high-end feats. A weakened, exhausted A$CE freshly out from days of torture at the Impel Down boiler room, + seastone cuffs which completely depowered Marco, was able to match Aokiji’s ice attack with one of his own.

Before I hear arguments about how he only managed it due to having access to fire (natural counter to Ice), I would like to point out that Aokiji could match an even stronger opposing fruit in Akainu’s Magu Magu for 10 whole days despite being stated to be “slightly” weaker than Akainu, so we can infer Oda never intended for there to be an opposing/contradicting elemental matchup between fire and Ice. It doesn’t make much difference in a power scaling sense (as proven by existing evidence).

On top of that, this doubles as a speed feat as A$CE could still react to Aokiji’s attack before reaching the halfway point between them. The same Aokiji who was far less severe against Doffy and still managed to flash-freeze him at a moment’s notice from some distance.

A$CE could also temporarily clash fists with a bloodlust Akainu, though he got overwhelmed by the elemental matchup in the next panel.

In around 100 days, A$CE went from being wholly outclassed by Whitebeard to being able to leave burn injuries on his body slightly and even force him to use his devil fruit to win. And he gets even more substantial later.

This does NOT mean A$CE is as strong as the Admirals; however, these feats, on top of the fact that this was most likely not his full power, do validate him as a part of an elite club of fighters like Marco and Old Rayleigh who can stay in combat with Admirals without being outright overwhelmed.

Which is a far better assertion than Dolflamingo. Whose best feat is stopping Jozu or fighting Law and Luffy? That’s about it.

Even in terms of Haki, Dolflamingo is outclassed. The ACE novel heavily implies that A$CE has at least a rudimentary understanding of advanced observation, as seen when he places his flames where Whitebeard is “going to move,” which is basically what future sight is.

And Doffy’s most potent Haki-infused holy bullets got one shot by a King Kong Gun.

Base and drunk Kaido tanked a whole barrage of Gear 4 Boundman attacks without so much as wheezing, and he’s supposed to be weaker than the Whitebeard A$CE, which was slightly damaged well before the age of 20. Whitebeard is stated to be the most powerful man and pirate.

Even Gear 2nd Luffy was close to Dolflamingo. He punches through his abdomen with a Red Hawk, kicks away his stomp aimed at Law, damages his haki-hardened body with his punches, lands some clean hits on him, and generally performs several feats of relativity even before using G4: Boundman.

Dolflamingo is the better Devil Fruit user, having Awakened his fruit, but that is irrelevant as skill and experience rarely matter in One Piece. Luffy wasn’t awakened, had inferior fruit, and had less experience, yet he was whaling on Dolflamingo just via raw strength.

And while Doffy’s Birdcage is formidable, “Flame Commandment” has equally wide AOE with the added effect of strings being inherently weak to fire. (I’m aware this wasn’t the case with Sanji, but he was way weaker than Dolflamingo, unlike A$CE, who’s far more substantial).

A$CE was meant to be someone with the potential to surpass the Pirate King; remember; the World Government figured out he was Roger’s son purely because of his potential and strength, as his power level alone was representative of the son of Gol D. Rogers himself. What does Dolflamingo have on someone the WG was willing to fight Whitebeard over?

Sorry, Doffy, you’re my favorite villain in One Piece, but A$CE handily wins this for now.

How versatile is Do flamingo’sDoflamingo’s devil fruit?

The String String fruit is very versatile, as demonstrated by Doflamingo. It also showcases his creativity with the fruit in a sadistic way.

It was more simplified in the manga, but Doflamingo extended a string along the back of his leg, enhancing his kicking power by turning it into a hacksaw.

Overheat Whip String

As far as I can tell, his string properties don’t cover elasticity, and this wasn’t the GIF I was hoping to find.

When Sanji prevented Doflamingo from killing the more vulnerable members of the Strawhats, Doflamingo unleashed his Whip String. At first, it appeared like a thick yet loose coiling rope of thousands of strings. He narrowly missed when he attacked Sanji with it because Sanji escaped.

In an instant, from the force of his swing, the Whip String elongated into a finer, dense rope that stretched back to the city and sliced off a section of a building.

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