Get To Know The Best Food Hamper In Singapore

Get To Know The Best Food Hamper In Singapore

A food hamper is a gift box of snacks, treats, and food that people will often send to friends or relatives who live in a different country. It can be sent any time of the year and is most popular around Christmas time. Food hampers in Singapore are most popular around Christmas time and special occasions like birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, and school functions. They include;

1. Florence

This is a popular snack which is a kind of Italian cookie. The cookies are centered with chocolate and topped with a dusting of powdered chocolate. There are different flavors for the cookies: Mocha, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Walnut, and Pistachio.

2. Jenesis

This is also a popular snack. This is a kind of chocolate filled with coconut and other flavors. The sizes are small and large according to the kind of customers want. Jenesis can be enjoyed by people from 6 to 100 years old.

3. Millie

Millie is a simple combination of fruit and nuts without any fancy snack toppings. This is made from different kinds of dried fruits and nuts such as figs, prunes, raisins, almonds, and peanuts. This is a popular snack that can be found in the food hamper.

4. Cookies

The cookies mentioned above are often found in many foods hampers in Singapore. There are two kinds of cookies that can be bought individually or in a pack and also with different flavors such as; chocolate chip, ginger, date, and more. The types of cookies available depend on the customer’s request such as; chocolate chip, ginger, date, pineapple, and more. The size is usually standard one cup size but can be bigger or smaller depending on the kind of customer wants.

5. Desiree

This is also a popular food hamper in Singapore. There are many flavors available such as; hazelnut, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and much more. The size of the Desiree can be big or small according to the customer’s wants. The cheaper-priced food hampers also contain Desiree but it is not as attractive as expensive ones or seasonal ones.

6. Vivienne

This is a special type of desire which is sweet and has an airy chewy texture. It is available in different flavors such as; chocolate, strawberry, coconut, and much more. This kind of ice cream tends to have a strong flavor.

7. Deanna

This is a great food hamper for birthdays or other functions. Deanna is a type of biscuit which is like a sandwich cookie that contains a layer of milk chocolate. The biscuit is soft but crispy and it has an attractive taste. There are also many flavors such as; vanilla, coconut, mango, and much more. The sizes are the same as any other food hampers.

8. Hadleigh

Hadleigh is also a popular, food hamper in Singapore for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and housewarming gifts. This is actually a cheesecake but has a very attractive name. This will be the most delicious cake that people like in the world and it contains berries in the center of the cake which makes it sweet and attractive.

9. Avocado Pearls

Avocado Pearls can be found in many different food hampers. This is an attractive fruit flavor snack and contains small pieces of pearls with an avocado taste. The sizes are big or small with different flavors too such as; creamy cheese, creamy caramel, strawberry, and much more.

10. Gwyndolin

This is a food hamper in Singapore that contains mainly cookies and cakes. There are several kinds such as; chocolate chip, date, ginger, peanut, strawberry, and much more. The size is the same as other food hampers in Singapore.

The prices are usually very affordable for people who want to send food hampers to their friends or relatives in different countries around the world.

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Get To Know The Best Food Hamper In Singapore

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