Dating Techniques for People Traveling in Australia

Dating Techniques for People Traveling in Australia

Lovingly referred to as “The Land Down Under,” Australia is a wonderland all its own. Located in the Oceania region in the southern hemisphere, it has its distinct charm that many people from other parts of the globe—Westerners living in North America and Europe included—find extremely exciting and fascinating.

For one, Australia experiences spring from September to November, summer from December to February, autumn from March to May, and winter from June to August. It even has its version of the northern lights (or aurora borealis), which is the southern lights (or, more aptly, Aurora Australis).

For another, Australia is home to a way of life that is more laid-back and relaxed than other countries in the Western world. The people here work less and play more, with adults enjoying full work weeks that do not go beyond 35 hours. They seem to be in less stressful conditions than their counterparts in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada, who put in 40 to 48 hours per workweek!

In the area of dating and romance, Australia may as well be called “the land of soulmates.” While nearly half of the marriages here ended in divorce in 2020, and countless intimate relationships went south that same year, the people would remain hopeful in finding their happily-ever-after…somehow, someday. Aussies are, after all, found to be generally optimistic and cheerful.

If you are a foreigner traveling to Australia and looking to find, meet, and date a local during your stay, understand that the dating culture is generally casual. There are, however, certain rules you should respect and go by.

3 Rules To Know About Aussies You Want To Date

#1- Get to know Aussies well before hanging out with them.

Australia does not typically host a “pick-up” culture. Even at bars and pubs, it is quite uncommon for strangers to run into each other, feel great chemistry between them, then get intimate within an hour of introducing themselves.

Aussies will welcome a fine chat first to become familiar with persons they have just met. They do not usually share their mobile numbers and other contact information with people they are not comfortable with.

So, even if you find prospects on an Australian dating site and then connect with them online, start a good conversation. When Aussies take a shine to people, they normally want to get to know them better. Thus, it cannot be stressed enough that you should not dare ask them on a proper date if you have not really talked to each other about your respective lifestyles and pursuits.

#2- If you ask an Aussie out, foot the bill.

“Dutch treat” is not for Aussies, particularly when they are at the receiving end of an outing invitation.

When in Australia, be ready to foot the bill if you are the one who has asked a local to hang out. But if your date insists on paying for what he or she has consumed or splitting the payment, you have no choice but to agree. Just tell your date that you would like to buy him or her coffee, tea, lunch, or dinner the next time you meet.

#3- Understand that Aussies can go on multiple dates.

Being part of casual, liberal dating culture, Aussies are fine with going out with more than one person during a phase in their life, including that period following a bad breakup. They do so until they have decided to date someone exclusively.

Do not be shocked, then, if a local agrees to hang out with you, and then you see him or her hanging out with someone else the next day or the following weekend. Unless this person has committed to date you exclusively, you have no reason to go through the roof, green-eyed and all.

If you are uncomfortable with the multiple-dating setup, let the person know. Aussies are usually open-minded, ready to listen to what you have to say. Too, they are honest enough to tell you where you stand in their social life if you are a platonic friend or a potential significant other.

5 Dating Techniques That Really Work in Australia

#1- Learn to binge on Vegemite.

Seriously! Australians are born to crave this thick, brown, strange-tasting bread spread that is homegrown. They will be more than glad to serve you some of it on toast, crackers, crumpets, sandwiches, what have you.

If you are serious about dating an Aussie, adjust your taste buds a bit to appreciate the palatability of Vegemite. If you have not encountered this product already, be comforted in the knowledge that it is vegan, kosher, halal, and nutritious. It is derived from brewer’s yeast extract and is rich in glutamates. Yay!

#2- Speak their language.

Australians speak English, but they have a unique accent that speakers of American English, Canadian English, South African English, and even British English and New Zealand English may not initially understand. Additionally, Aussies have words, phrases, and whole sentences that are native to them and maybe totally alien to outsiders. 

Some Australian words you should dig are: “mate” (buddy), “sheila” (woman), “brekky” (breakfast), “arvo” (afternoon), “biccy” (biscuit), “choccy” (chocolate), “cuppa” (cup of tea), “coldie” (beer), “footy” (rugby), “lappy” (laptop), and “petty” (petrol, gas).

There are also “bush” (countryside), “walkabout” (travel), “garbo” (garbage collector), “tradie” (tradesperson), “postie” (postal employee), “coppa” (law enforcer), “firey” (firefighter), “Defo!” (Definitely!), and “Ta!” (Thank you!).

Some Australian expressions you can get used to are: “What’s the John Dory?” (What’s the latest gossip?) “Yeah, nah.” (Maybe…), “Put a sock in it!” (Shut up!), “No wokkas!” (No worries!) “Fair dinkum!” (Excellent! All right!)

And if you hear them say, “‘Straya,” they are referring to their splendid country.

#3- Be curious.

You do not have to sound contrived when it comes to speaking the language Down Under. When trying to get to know Aussies and their culture better, it is perfectly okay to ask what the weird words, phrases, and whole sentences that you have heard actually mean. You will be pleasantly surprised by the etymology of these terms.

The idiom “fair suck,” for instance, has no horny undertones or overtones at all. It was coined ages ago when times were utterly difficult. Hard-up people had to share even very small amounts of tomato sauce fairly, so they could all make their meat a little more savory and worth “sucking.” Thus, “fair suck.”

#4- Introduce your culture, too.

Aussies are not self-absorbed people. Most of them, especially those who have not been exposed to other cultures, would like to hear about your people and way of life. When sharing your story, never sound condescending and offensive. Do not make your date feel that your race is superior to his or her. Neither should you make your date believe that your race is inferior to that of Aussies!

The point of the conversation is for you and your date to be acquainted with new cultures and relish the joy of diversity through each other’s personal, lifelong experiences. The two of you can later laugh heartily about one’s quirks, and another’s peculiarities—but only in the spirit of clean fun.

#5- Get set for adventures in Australia!

If you are oh-so into your date and would like to take your relationship to the next level, ask about his or her interests and try to pursue these, too. Many Aussies are proud of their land, and they will be happy to take you around, even in the rugged outdoors where kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats, dingos, and the terrific Tasmanian devil live.

So, why not have them guide you through an awesome, first-time-in-your-life adventure in amazing Australia? Tell them how prepared you are to be “gone walkabout in the beautiful bush” with them!

Final Thoughts

Thanks to online dating, you can find the most suitable partner for you, whether you are in Australia or anywhere in the world. Therefore, if you love to travel and visit new places, but do not forget about your personal life, then you need to try dating sites to combine this.

Dating Techniques for People Traveling in Australia

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