8 Signs of Substance Addiction in a Loved One

8 Signs of Substance Addiction in a Loved One

Do you believe that your loved one has a substance addiction? It can be hard to make out whether his or her behaviour is actually related to an addiction, or if it’s simply the result of inappropriate coping mechanisms. If you suspect that your loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, take a closer look at the signs of addiction in order to determine what steps to take next.

1. Bad Moods and Irritability

When your loved one begins using drugs or alcohol, he or she may find that he or she is prone to mood swings and irritable behaviours. Since many people who are addicted to substances abuse them as means of coping, they will tend to act more negatively when they do not have access to their poison of choice.

2. Poor Health and Hygiene

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, he or she may neglect his or her personal hygiene. Oftentimes, addicts will not bathe for days on end because they are too busy with their addiction. Additionally, addicts often do not eat properly when they are abusing substances, so it can be difficult for them to maintain a healthy weight.

3. Denial of Addiction

If you suspect that your loved one has an addiction, take note of whether he or she seems to deny having a problem with drugs or alcohol. For example, if your brother denies drinking too much beer even though everyone else thinks so, it could mean that he’s struggling with denial. However, this does not necessarily mean that there is a substance abuse problem.

4. Withdrawal from Others

In addition to withdrawing from you, your loved one may also withdraw from other people in his or her life. The person’s addiction will sometimes take centre stage over important relationships, and the addict may hold themselves back from enjoying time with friends and family members as a result.

5. Lack of Responsibility

Along with withdrawal, your loved one may begin to hold back on certain responsibilities that he or she used to commit to in the past. For example, if your girlfriend stops going to work because she has a hangover too often, it shows that she might be struggling with substance abuse issues. In this case, lack of responsibility may be an indication of substance addiction.

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6. Lying about Drug or Alcohol Use

When your loved one begins to lie about his or her drug or alcohol use, it may be a sign that he or she is unhappy with addiction. If you notice that your partner has been drinking more than usual lately but lies about it when you confront him about the issue, it could mean that he’s struggling with substance abuse.

7. Using Drugs and Alcohol as an Escape

As your loved one continues to use drugs and alcohol, he may find himself fleeing from stressors in his life by using substances as coping mechanisms. Instead of confronting problems head-on, he might try to ignore them altogether by turning to drugs and alcohol instead. Although this behaviour isn’t always problematic, it can indicate addictive tendencies if it becomes a habit.

8. Tremors, Shakes, and Slow Speech

If your loved one is using more drugs or alcohol than usual, he may begin to show some physical symptoms. For example, his hands might start to shake noticeably. Or perhaps they may have slurred speech when talking to you over the phone. These can be signs of drug or alcohol addiction, so be sure to keep an eye on whether your loved one is displaying them.

Are you concerned about the health of your loved one? If so, don’t wait to intervene. Make sure that he or she takes part in an addiction treatment program today. Click here to learn more about the available addiction treatment programs that can help your loved one achieve sobriety. Remember, the sooner they get treatment, the better!

8 Signs of Substance Addiction in a Loved One

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