Things to Know for Gay Travelers in Australia

Things to Know for Gay Travelers in Australia

Australia is a beautiful nation that has many wonders to behold. From the urban areas on the east coast to the wilderness out west, the country has something for everyone. It’s no small wonder that Australia has many visitors from other countries all year long. What about gay travellers in Australia, though? Are they safe, and how do they spend their time there? Let’s take a look. 

This Is Why Australia Is an LGBT-friendly Country

Australia is one of the friendliest countries for LGBT people. In recent years, the nation has made many strides to make the country a safe place for people to live and visit if they are gay, lesbian, or anything else under the LGBTQIA banner. You only have to look at the vast populations on the gay dating sites in Australia to know that the country has many gay people who feel comfortable and safe being out and proud in the country.

These dating sites make it easy to find gay people as a traveller to the country as well as someone who lives there. The area of each city is densely populated, and the nightlife scene is not as developed in the nation as it is in other places. That makes dating sites the best place to meet new people for romantic interactions for the vast majority of people.

Things To Know For Gay Travelers In Australia

Gay people are well-treated in the country compared to other places around the world. The nation ranks high in terms of civil rights for gay people and positive attitudes from those living in the country. That does not mean that the country is without faults, though. In a larger ranking of the safest countries for LGBT people to travel to,

Australia only ranked 17th throughout the entire world. Considering the disparity between those that are high on the list, like Australia, and those that are low on the list, like Nigeria, it’s safe to say that the majority of people who venture to Australia will be very safe indeed. 

Marriage Equality

Marriage equality in Australia is one of the highlights of the nation’s positive valuation from LGBT rights activists. Australia is renowned for its work in making gay marriage legal in 2017 and allowing gay couples to adopt almost a decade before that.

The country has made many strides to reach that point, including starting out with a proclamation that decriminalized gay sexual activity back in the 1970s as long as the participants were consenting and of legal age.

The country worked hard to achieve gender recognition and gender confirmation throughout the 1990s onward. Although the country first recognized domestic partnerships in 1994, it took a while for the same-sex marriage topic to be brought to the forefront of Australia’s court system.

Some would say the similarities between same-sex unions and marriages in the country were so small that changing the wording to “marriage” was not such a landmark as it was in places like the United States of America. Still, as of 2017,

Things To Know For Gay Travelers In Australia

these forms of relationships are completely legal and recognized by all the authorities in the country. Various anti-discrimination laws have been developed in Australia, too. That ensures that people who work hard to develop the country’s powerful economy are not treated poorly based on their gender identity, sexual orientation, or another status. The long and short of the situation is that Australia is far ahead of many other countries in terms of its dedication to LGBT rights.

If someone is travelling to this country and falls in love with someone or simply wants to date them for a while, they should experience complete safety and acceptance from people in the nation. Of course, no place in the world has one-hundred per cent acceptance of any stance, but the vast majority of people will treat gay people the way they deserve with proper respect.

The Attitude from the Locals

What about the people who live in Australia? How do they take the prospect of gay travellers coming to their country? As you might imagine, it’s not entirely uncommon for gay people to travel to Australia. After all, the country has some of the most amazing entertainment, art, and culture that you can experience. Photographers, explorers, scientists, writers, and many other types of people constantly make their way to the country.

The first factor that we have to look at when it comes to the locals’ acceptance of people in the country at large is how they view gay marriage. We’ve already reviewed the fact that the country has legal protections and recognitions in place for people who belong to the LGBT community. That means the population put in votes for people who support those positions. In other words, the locals in the country are accepting of LGBT people.

Things To Know For Gay Travelers In Australia

Does that mean it’s wise for you to use extreme public displays of affection every place you go in the country? Probably not, but as a whole, the country is safe. Based on research conducted in the past decade, roughly 79% of people in the country accept gay people or believe that homosexuality should be accepted in practice and law.

That means Australia is a great place for gay people to visit if they are looking for acceptance or a safe place to live with their romantic partner. There will always be some smaller places where tolerance is not as high in countries like Australia. Your safest bet for acceptance would be to stay mostly in major cities so that you can be secure the entire time. 

Australia is a great, diverse country that gets visitors from many parts of the world. People from the west and the east alike find their way to this country to explore the culture. While you are in Australia, you can feel safe enough to go on a gay date because the country is very accepting of people from this background.

You can meet gay guys online, meet up with them for a trip to museums or other art shows, and then go out to eat. You might get a sidelong glance from curious people, but gay interactions are so commonplace in this nation that most people aren’t even surprised!

Things To Know For Gay Travelers In Australia

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