Best Ways On How to Attract a Lesbian Woman

Best Ways On How to Attract a Lesbian Woman

Women are unique, almost different species than men. It’s hard to grab their attention, and it’s not a wonder men have problems with wooing ladies. But ladies can have problems wooing them too. Even though they are of the same gender, it can be tricky to attract them. A lesbian girl can be insecure, the same as a heterosexual one.

Of course, trying to seduce such a magical creature can make everybody’s palms sweat. Have no fear. This is where we step in. We’ll try to make things easier when it comes to attracting a lesbian girl with few tips. That’s not the whole magical formula that will ensure their attention. One has to add a secret ingredient – their personal touch. And then the formula is complete. Touch of uniqueness is a guarantee that a lesbian lady will notice you. 

Pay Attention to Appearance

Sometimes getting dates as a lesbian isn’t simple, especially for girls who live in areas without many gay girls. At least that’s what those ladies think because they aren’t aware of how many gay girls are seeking partners online. Every gay girl asks herself if there are any lesbians near me once in a while, but that question is pointless because the online dating site connects local girls seeking hookups. To grab the attention of other girls on the site, one has to work on her looks. Looking like a dog who played in mud won’t make many members send a message. Here are some ways to work on appearance. They’ll make lesbians more attractive online and offline.

Step up your game when it comes to your appearance. But, keep in mind that less is more. Always. So, when wearing a knockout dress, keep the makeup minimalistic. Even better, wear no makeup at all. Natural look beats fake one every single time. If a hairdresser gives you movie-star looks, and you look like you came from the red carpet, don’t exaggerate with shoes or dress. Remember, less is more. One can be waiting for a sign or a reason to drop a few pounds. Nothing too much, just a little bit to get that confidence boost.

Losing weight is always a good solution to become more attractive and confident. Luckily, that isn’t as difficult as it used to be, thanks to numerous supplements for weight loss. With those few extra pounds gone, one can finally wear that tight dress without a voice in her head saying “your tummy shows.” A confidence boost is guaranteed.

Best Ways On How to Attract a Lesbian Woman

Best Ways On How to Attract a Lesbian Woman
Best Ways On How to Attract a Lesbian Woman

Girls always check out other people’s nails. It’s a good way to have a glimpse of a person’s hygiene. Gay women are no exception. Neat and trimmed nails are always a good idea. That doesn’t mean no colors or wilderness are allowed; keep it tasteful. Later, when a woman is wooed, you can learn her preferences and do accordingly, not only when it comes to nail length or color.

Intrigue Her, Make Her Smile

Humour is everything. A woman could look past the looks if you got what it takes to make her laugh uncontrollably. When women are asked what they look for when searching for a partner, 9 out of 10 of them will say that the person needs to be funny. If a girl doesn’t have a sense of humor, it’s a deal-breaker. With that in mind, don’t tell some cheesy jokes. Intelligent humor goes a long way more than middle school humor. When meeting the girl of your dreams, be sure not to tell everything about yourself right away. She can be intimidated by the amount of information dropped on her. Some things are better left for the next date, some after a few months of dating. If everything is revealed right away, what’s left to say later on?

Give hints about what you like to read or watch on the TV, ask questions that are not common when dating. Don’t get too weird either; you want to keep a lady, not scare her away. Be ambiguous; drop a few remarks that can mean both something sexual or something edible. It’s not that hard once you practice. “Those are some juicy thighs” can mean liking the poultry served on a plate. That same sentence with a wink or a naughty smile means something different. See? Not that hard.

Treat Her a Signature Cocktail

Like men, women like their liquor. While males prefer something strong like whiskey, females love their cocktails. There are so many cocktails to choose from, and not every cocktail is for every woman. If a gay girl seems like she likes to party, ordering a margarita can be a jackpot. Tequila is connected to parties, and it’s popular among women. If you spot a classy lady across the bar, send her a martini. That sophisticated drink that contains gin is usually connected to cool people.

If you are a simple gal and you spot a girl that matches you, the mojito is a must drink for both of you. Simple in taste, but it does the work. Fresh mint can clear your mind, so you can go and talk to the lady freely. A lady who drinks wine will surely enjoy sangria. It’s light and easy to drink, mixed with fresh chopped fruit, brandy, and wine. This exotic cocktail can be a great way to start a conversation about Spain, Europe, or even soap operas. The topics are almost endless. Mai Tai means “out of this world.” It’s a great drink to buy for any lady because every woman is out of this world thanks to looks, charm, and energy. It’s a good way to start a conversation and slide a few compliments right there on the spot.

Whatever strategy you choose to approach a gay woman, make sure you present yourself in the best possible way. Make her feel wanted, make her smile, compliment both her body and brain, and you’re good to go.

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Best Ways On How to Attract a Lesbian Woman

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