Best lighting designs to amp up your entryway

Decorating your entryway and having the perfect lighting in your entryway changes a lot of things for you and also the ones who visit your home. The right kind of lighting fixtures can add warmth to your entryway and it also helps in setting the tone to the decor of your entire living space. A perfectly lit entryway extends a warm welcome every time somebody enters your home. And that inturn accentuates the energy of your entire house. 

We bring to you the best collection of lighting fixtures from The White Teak Company that will help you create an enchanting atmosphere in your entryway while simultaneously making it quite functional too. Let’s take a quick look…

Pendant lights to highlight the entryway 

Pendant lights are other hanging lights are enough to highlight an average entryway. While chandeliers can be too loud or too large for this space, pendant lights blend seamlessly and are very subtly grand too. Our first recommendation for this space is this beautiful piece called Swiss Chalet. This beauty in white can blend with any decor and is a treat to the eyes. And if you don’t want your entryway to be too energetic and want to add a slightly sombre mood, then Forget Me Not is the perfect piece for you. With an amber-tinted textured shade, this light comes with a strong aura and a design that’s easy on the eyes. 

Wall lights for the perfect accent lighting 

Accent lighting can prove to be quite useful in this spot and you can go with any wall light to lend a plush look to the place. Or if you have a piece of art adorning the place then you can use a picture wall light, like Wear It Well, to highlight the place and create a focal point. You can always go with one of our best pieces in the wall lights collection, Legacy, to bring out the best in your entryway.

Enhancing the functionality with floor lamps 

Many people choose to make their entryways quite functional and usually have a coat rack or a shoe rack in the same place. Now to make sure that your entryway is functional, you need to go with some task lighting fixtures. A floor lamp is usually the best option to go for in such spots. You can go with one of our best pieces in the house, Slightly Addicted and Promised Land to perfectly complement the lighting in your entryway. While Slightly Addicted comes with a smart LED, the latter is as conventional as it gets. 

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