Why and How to Remove Likes, and Comments on Instagram?

Why and How to Remove Likes, and Comments on Instagram?

People make Instagram profiles sometimes to make themselves famous, or sometimes just to become a part of the social media world. Social media is doubtless quite an attractive way of getting connected with the world. It will allow you to get in touch with your far away living friends, family members plus you can become famous by Buy Instagram Followers UK

Why and How should you Remove Likes on Instagram?


People use Instagram for various reasons. Instagram does come with multiple benefits too. There is a bad side to this social media handle too. Sometimes you get irritated by someone and you don’t want their remarks on your job. How can you handle this kind of situation? There is also a possibility that you don’t want the world to know who liked your posts or viewed them. You can deal with this scenario easily without getting worried and without deleting stuff from your Instagram account. 


You can simply hide the likes, and views from your profile. This is possible if you change the settings of your Instagram account from the setting section. In settings, you will just have to open the posts section and turn on the hide-like and views setting. This way no one will be able to check your likes. 

No One Will be Able to Have a Look

Your Instagram account, the stuff you post is your personal affair. Sometimes people simply like and then start commenting foul things just to get your attention. Well if you don’t want to be a part of this then you simply need to turn off the comment section. Why and How to Remove Likes, and Comments on Instagram?

Yes, it is possible that even if people like your post, no one will be able to comment on anything. Just like the comment section you can even hide the likes section too. Once you turn off the likes from the settings section too, no one will ever know who liked your post in the very first place. 

Why and How to Remove Likes, and Comments on Instagram?
Why and How to Remove Likes, and Comments on Instagram?

You just can’t remove the like from your posts but you can definitely hide them from the world. Instead of deleting your post from your profile or putting them in the archive section, it would be better that you simply hide all the likes. Never let yourself bother from merely a like from someone you don’t want in your Instagram account anymore. The wisest thing to do in this situation is to hide the likes. The names of the people who like your post are not going to pop up anymore.

Make Your Post and Profile a Personal Affair

Whether your Instagram account is private or public still it is under your authority. You are the one controlling the likes and comments on your posts. If you allow your followers to like your posts and comment then they will be able to do it. Sometimes you post something, you get hundreds of likes and comments but after some time you feel like deleting those likes and comments. 

Well, you can delete the comments but not the likes. The likes will only disappear if the person who likes your post in the very first place will, unlike your post. The only way of making those like disappear from your Instagram wall is to hide them. Once you hide them, the name of the people who liked your pictures, videos, or whatever you posted will get hidden from the outer world. 

Even if someone clicks on the likes section just to have a check who likes your post before them won’t be able to have a look at them. Your pictures privacy is totally safe with you unless you allow the world to look over the names of the people who liked your post. 

Never Let Anyone’s Like Bother You 

Anyone can go through a situation where one doesn’t want someone’s likes on their posts anymore. You can’t ask them to like your posts so this means now you have to do something so their likes don’t bother you anymore. 

You can simply block the person and their like won’t show anyone but this will only happen to your profile. You won’t be able to see their likes or comments but others who haven’t blocked them will still be able to see their likes on your wall. If you don’t want yourself to have a look at the likes of a specific person or a group of people you can block them conveniently. 

On the contrary, if you want to like from the world too so no one will have a look over the list of people who liked your post then simply shut off the likes list. It is only possible if you allow Instagram to hide your likes from the world from the setting section of your Instagram profile. The names of the people won’t appear unless you reverse the setting by yourself. 

Why and How to Remove Likes, and Comments on Instagram?

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