Which floor to choose for a rental flat in a high-rise building?

Certainly, we individuals must have thought of residing in a beautiful flat having a perfect scenic view in a high rise building. After years of savings and planning, we decide to fulfill our dream and take a flat. But only God knows what our minds go through during the planning stage. Taking a final decision is not easy; a person has to take into consideration several factors such as rent, vicinity to commercial centres etc. 

Apart from these factors, another major aspect that people look for is the floor on which they should rent a flat. Nowadays, high-rise buildings have become common sights in both metro and non-metro cities. People prefer amazing views after having a hectic routine at work. 

So, if you are planning to take a fully furnished flat for rent in Delhi, you must consider the following crucial factors before arriving at a final decision.

Factors that will assist people in deciding about which floor to have a rental flat on

Privacy- The foremost factor to pay attention to while taking a rental flat in a high-rise building is privacy. It is an irrefutable fact that higher floors are much safer than that lower ones. So, if you want to choose a flat in a multi-floor building, then you must prefer higher floors not only for safety reasons but also for a perfect view. Otherwise, you need to pay special attention to the security arrangements of the complex if you are left with the option of the lower floor.

Elevators and staircase– Another major role is played by the factor of elevators and staircase. The interested individuals must check if the building has more than one elevator or not because in case of its absence, it can create huge trouble for the elders of the family. This factor can affect the major decision about the selection of the floor of the building.

Viewpoint– If you are close to mother nature and crave the beautiful vantage points, you must choose a high-level floor for your residence. But this aspect comes with the disadvantage of higher cost. High-rise flats that offer scenic views often add up the total rental cost. Apart from this, the builder and the landlord can also charge for north or south-facing flats.

Power– If you are planning to rent a flat in an extreme weather area, you must consider the factor of power consumption regarding the floor level. The lower-level floors are generally cooler than that of the higher ones. Henceforth, they utilize less energy as compared to higher-level flats or apartments near Boston. The power consumption increases in high floor flats as residents will use air conditions and heaters in the different seasons.

Ventilation and lights– Some individuals place special attention on the factor of lighting and ventilation. Well, high floor flats have a definite advantage of better lighting and ventilation. They are also free from the impact of noisy streets, mosquitoes, and rodents. So, those who just cannot stand these problems must take the rental flat at a higher level.

Coverage of mobile network– Another factor that plays a crucial role is mobile network coverage. In cities such as Delhi, the buildings can go up to an average of 25 floors, whereas in Mumbai, the number can go beyond 40. In such a case, mobile network coverage becomes a major issue. 

Therefore, people must check if there is adequate mobile network coverage in the building or not before taking their final decision.

Fire safety– When renting flats in a high-rise building, the factor of fire safety can become a serious issue. For apartments and flats like these, an occupancy certificate is allotted by the local authorities. The occupancy certificate acquaints customers about the permissible plans and law with the abidance of which the building has been constructed. It is a form of clearance that the builder gets for compliance with all the local laws while constructing the residential building. So, the tenant must ask about the occupancy certificate when taking a rental flat.

Traffic disturbance– Residing on the lower floors of the building will definitely welcome street traffic noises. On the other hand, these noises and pollution certainly get reduced when the rental flat is on the higher floors of the building, So, if you or any family member of the are really sensitive to street noises and air quality, then you must consider taking rental flats on the higher floor of the building.  

These are the factors that should be taken into consideration as they can assist in deciding about different floors of a high-rise building. There are many furnished flats for rent in Delhi that offers both the option of higher floor and lower floor levels. So, paying attention to your preferences and the above factors, you can choose the best one for yourself. 

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