Why does Dutch oven mean farting?

Why does Dutch oven mean farting?

The “Dutch oven” is a fart chamber created by pulling a blanket over someone’s head and farting. It was given this name based on the cooking action of a traditional Dutch oven (cast iron cooking pot), where food is cooked and steamed inside a closed chamber.

Sounds funny, but someone said it’s when you blow farts under the covers in bed, then pull the covers over the bed partner’s head! Trapping the shit smell phew and U inside a small space, like a Dutch oven pan would do, heat and friction together.
Sounds DISGUSTING to me.

Anyone who does that around other people is disgusting and gross. They need to get the fuck up, walk to the toilet, and take a giant crap! I would make them take a laxative and clean themselves out. Elvis Presley is a case in point. I bet he did it all of the time. He had crap up into his esophagus. It was as hard as clay from all of the narcotic drugs he took.Why does Dutch oven mean fartin

Dutch oven means a particular kind of farting. You fart under some blankets, then pull the blankets over someone’s head, thereby trapping them and the fart in a contained space for a short time. The Dutch Oven is also a cookpot meant to be buried in hot coals for long, slow cooking. You can see some similarities, no?

Dutch oven in English doesn’t simply mean farting. It means farting under the bedclothes and then pulling the bedclothes over your partner’s head so they get the whole ‘benefit’ of the stink. It is described as sticking someone’s head in an oven. What is known as a Dutch Oven in the US is called a casserole dish in English.

Why is the farting woman under the sheets called a “Dutch oven”?

No, dude, a Dutch oven is when you’re in bed with a lady, and you feel a real stinker coming on cause you ate fries supreme with too much fake cheese sauce & anus meat, so once it deploys from your bunghole, you have two primary options.

  1. You throw the covers over her head & hope that it stinks.
  2. You peek under there to whiff first, but this can go wrong if you start laughing or gagging.

Either way, once it smells like death’s anus under there, you cover your lady’s head with sheets and make her breathe air freshly imported from your pooper!Why does Dutch oven mean fartin

If she’s got long fingernails, she may accidentally claw your eyes out to reach oxygen-rich air that wasn’t just floating around a turd. Proceed with caution.

A Dutch Oven is when you fart under bed covers and can’t escape the smell; what do you call it when you burp into your mask?

I was thinking about what a burp in an SK was the other day. (CO?ID got us fucked up) being gassy and burping in a mask is not fun and is something I deal with.

I would call it a burp sandwich because it keeps in your face and mouth. It’s nasty, and masks are so annoying to wear anyway. The fact that burps can fill your lungs when you burp in a mask is so bad.

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And more people should talk about it.

Has anyone ever given you a Dutch oven fart under the blankets?

Oh, haha, sorry, I’m the Dutch boy in this house. I take diabetic meds, which crate or seem to create VAST VOLUMINOUS (not deadly) farts. Especially bed farts (that’s one word, Spell check!). I initially lay on my back when I got into bed. When I feel sleepy, I turn to one side. After a moment or so, I can often feel something the size of a hamster ripple across my belly like an also played actor in an alien movie. Lovers have observed my little hamsters on the run…Why does Dutch oven mean fartin

When I roll onto my other side, the hamster comes out. With a roar or a very. Very. Very. Do I have time to read my emails? Very long regular fart. The trouble with relaxing enough to let the little bastard out quickly, like a tornado, is that great winds often blow solid debris along with it.

Where did the Dutch oven get its name?

It originated in college dormitories. It was/is a very common prank to pass gas under another person’s blanket.

Oh. You meant the kitchenware. The Netherlands innovated making cast bronze kitchenware in the 17th century. The technique was brought to England, where another innovation was cheaper cast iron.

Another innovation in the North American colonies was casting a raised lip around the lid. That way, hot coals could be placed on the lid.

A Dutch Oven is when you fart under bed covers and can’t escape the smell; what do you call it when you burp into your mask?

You know you’re a true low life? You come here about 4-5 times a day, seven days a week, with mostly all useless Or disgusting questions like this. It would help to go on another website where people want to hear your garbage.Why does Dutch oven mean fartin

What expression do the Dutch use for “giving someone a Dutch oven” (i.e., farting under the blankets and then holding your younger sibling’s head under the blankets)?

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Being Dutch, I didn’t know this expression, nor did I know it to be a ‘thing’ at all… I can’t think of any Dutch expression to describe this… don’t think there is. I think the term also doesn’t have much to do with Dutch people… It’s just a comparison with a specific cookware called a Dutch oven (Which we in the Netherlands also usually call a ‘Dutch oven,’ in English).

Why is it called the “Dutch” oven?

Until the late 17th century, the market in Britain for cast-metal cooking pots was dominated by Dutch producers. This was mainly due to a specific Dutch high-quality production process that used dry sand to make the molds, producing a smoother surface. At the beginning of the 18th century, British companies started to copy this process, and from then on, mostly took over the market in Britain and her colonies. However, the adjective “Dutch” to describe this type of pot remained.

Why is the Dutch oven Dutch?

In the English language, the adjective ‘Dutch’ has often been used to indicate something that is not genuine, for example, “dutch widow” for a prostitute. These expressions stem from the 16th and 17th centuries when the Dutch had a virtual monopoly on trading across the North Sea whisk, making prices of woolen butter and salt relatively high. In those days, a rime existed:

Some of those expressions are still used in modern English. Like in “dutch oven,” this is not an authentic oven; it is a cast iron skillet that is used in such a way that it can cook food as if cooked in an oven.

What does the slang term Dutch oven mean?

The slang term “Dutch oven” has a couple of different meanings, depending on the context:

  1. Cooking Appliance: In a culinary context, a “Dutch oven” refers to a type of heavy cooking pot or casserole dish, typically made of cast iron with thick walls and a tight-fitting lid. Dutch ovens are known for their excellent heat retention and are commonly used for slow cooking, braising, baking, and making stews and soups.Why does Dutch oven mean fartin
  2. Prank or Joke: A “Dutch oven” can also refer to a humorous or sometimes playful prank in a more informal context, particularly in a domestic or relationship setting. In this context, it involves one person passing gas (commonly flatulence) while in bed and then quickly pulling the bed covers over the head of their partner or another person present, trapping them in a “sealed” space with the odor.

The second meaning is often used in a lighthearted or teasing manner among couples or friends and is not meant to be taken seriously. However, it’s essential to gauge the comfort level and sense of humor of those involved, as some may find such pranks amusing, while others may not appreciate them.

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What does the slang term Dutch oven mean?

The slang term “Dutch oven” encompasses two distinct meanings based on the context: firstly, as a culinary tool, it denotes a robust cooking pot or casserole dish, typically crafted from cast iron, renowned for its heat retention and suitability for slow-cooking, braising, and baking.

Secondly, in a more casual setting, especially within relationships or domestic scenarios, a “Dutch oven” can signify a humorous or playful prank involving the act of one person releasing gas, commonly flatulence, in bed and swiftly covering their partner or another individual with the bed covers, creating a “sealed” space with the ensuing odor.

This latter meaning is often employed teasingly among couples or friends, emphasizing the importance of understanding those involved’s comfort levels and senses of humor to ensure that the prank is received lightheartedly.

What do “going Dutch,” “Dutch oven,” and “Dutch courage” mean?

Going Dutch usually means that when you agree to meet a friend for a meal or other activity, each person must pay for their meal, tickets, etc. It is helpful if you have little money and your friend is wealthy, but you want to avoid taking advantage of this.

A Dutch oven is a large cast-iron (usually) cooking pot for use on an open fire. It is commonly used closed and can be used for many purposes. Ask a cook if you want to try any recipes!

Dutch courage refers to a person who needs alcohol to face a situation. It was not uncommon for soldiers to take a swig before going into battle! It is not practical for modern precision arms, though. Imagine trying to fire a revolver while drunk!!Why does Dutch oven mean fartin

Why is a pot called a Dutch oven?

Because most pots are not Dutch ovens. A true Dutch oven has three short legs and a rim around the top lid to hold coals. The legs are to hold it up over the coals, and the rim holds the coals on the top so the oven is heated on both the top and bottom.

Typically, you use about twice as many coals on top as on the bottom. They were called ovens because you can use one to bake in on a campfire. Now, any large pot with a lid is called a Dutch oven, but in reality, it is nothing more than a big pot with lids.

Why do Brussels spouts have an odor of a fart?

It’s about sulfur… and you have it backward (as farts typically are). Farts often smell “that way” because of sulfides (usually some H2S in the mix).

Brassicas (sprouts, cabbage, broccoli…) put those sulfides through your gut, and your body has no use for them… so they find their way to your butt as “waste”… as farts.

What does “Dutch oven” mean? Is it an American expression?

A Dutch oven is a cooking pot, usually cast iron. It sometimes has legs and a handle for cooking over coals or an open fire. They originated in the UK using a Dutch casting process, but the term is more common in the US – British English speakers tend to say ‘casserole dish’ instead.Why does Dutch oven mean fartin

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A Dutch oven is also slang for farting in bed and then pulling the duvet over your partner’s head so they can enjoy the aroma.

Does a Dutch oven smell bad?

It all depends on what you eat. For those not in the know, an Urban Dictionary: dutch oven is a euphemism for pulling a blanket over the heads of you and your bed partner and emitting flatulence to concentrate the malodorous emanation.

A Dutch Oven is not to be confused with the Cuban Microwave, where you force the nose of someone, or a beloved pet, into your butt and break one off.

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