How do I take a girl in my hotel room in Vietnam?

How do I take a girl in my hotel room in Vietnam?

It’s essential to approach relationships and interactions with respect, consent, and consideration for the other person’s boundaries. Taking someone to your hotel room should always be a consensual decision, and communication is critical.

Here are some tips on how to approach the situation:

  1. Communication: Always communicate openly and honestly. Make sure both of you are comfortable with going to your hotel room.
  2. Respect boundaries: Be aware of the other person’s comfort level and boundaries. If they express discomfort or hesitation at any point, respect their feelings and reconsider your plans.
  3. Mutual consent: Ensure that both parties are mutually interested and willing to spend time together in a more private setting. Don’t pressure or force anyone into anything they’re not comfortable with.
  4. Be clear and direct: If you want to spend more private time together, express your intentions clearly and respectfully. This allows the other person to make an informed decision.
  5. Safety first: Prioritize safety and well-being. Meet in public spaces first, let friends know your plans, and trust your instincts. If you feel uneasy or uncomfortable at any point, it’s okay to change your mind.

Remember that consent is an ongoing process and can be withdrawn anytime. Creating an environment where both individuals feel safe and respected is crucial. Always prioritize open communication and ensure that both parties are on the same page before taking things to a more private setting.

How do I take a girl in my hotel room in Vietnam?

Install WeChat app in your Android smartphone, you Will get women, and they Will come to your hotel room as soon as possible. It works, I had used this.

Vietnam can be a problem taking a girl to your hotel room. Police raid hotels on occasion, and the fine for having a Vietnamese girl in your room can be expensive. I had to help a fellow employee by taking a girl to his hotel room, and the police raided, and it was a hefty fine plus a few bribes to get him out.

Use caution. Not taking a girl into a hotel with you is safer. Having the girl come to your room without you escorting her is more accessible. It depends on where you are in Vietnam. The police love to appear and ask for a bribe so you are not arrested. Use caution. I have never had an issue, but I know men who have had all kinds of problems.

Sometimes, I will speak to the hotel manager about taking a lady I am dating to my hotel room. They will provide a lot of detail. I always tip them for their advice.

How do I take a girl in my hotel room in Vietnam?

I never tried it, but every time I stepped out in the nang, some grab driver would try to get a girl for me, for I don’t remember, I think 100,000 VND or 1000 thb.
It got annoying, and I started avoiding the corners where these pimps worked. I remember some guys going up with girls who looked like whores in the hotel I stayed. It’s probably easy to find them if you try.

The problem is how do you avoid getting harassed by pimps.
While I’m assuming you’re asking for advice on how to impress a woman and invite her back to your hotel room in Vietnam, always respecting her decisions and feelings is essential.
It’s never appropriate to manipulate or pressure someone into spending time with you.

If you’re interested in building a genuine connection with a woman, focus on getting to know her as an individual and showing her respect.
Engage in meaningful conversations, listen to her thoughts and opinions, and be attentive to her needs and boundaries.
Building a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect is crucial for any relationship, whether friendship or more.

As for the logistics of inviting her to your hotel room, it’s essential to be upfront and honest about your intentions.
If you’re hoping to spend the night together, it’s better to be direct and ask her if she’s interested rather than trying to trick or manipulate her into coming to your room.
Consent is key in any situation, and always respecting her decision is essential, even if it’s not what you were hoping for.

I remember reading the Do’s and Dont’s sign on my hotel room door when I was in Vietnam for a few days, and it expressly stated that foreigners (farang) were to have no Vietnamese woman in their room by order of the police.
So, if you’re a foreigner, good luck with that!

Well, thru the door and not the window would be a good start / do you need a babysitter ?? There is another option. Did you forget the way? Ask the front desk to send you a guide…

How would I bring someone to my hotel room, perhaps a girl, if I booked for myself for a few nights and was at a party and decided to get her to my hotel room?

If you’re an adult, grow up. There is no reason not to invite someone to your room. If she is a minor, then the answer should be no. It is better to go to her room and keep everything above board. 

As an adult, you have to be aware of some mistakes happen; it’s more likely you will have to deal with a lot of legal problems; you may be arrested and convicted, and worried you might have to register as a sex offender—time to be an adult and accept that you are naïve. You need to season yourself to the mature world.

How can I ask her for a quickie against the wall in a hotel room?

Be straightforward and ask her what she would think if you asked her to try it in that position. I would go for it if someone asked me to try it.

How would I bring someone to my hotel room, perhaps a girl, if I booked for myself for a few nights and was at a party and decided to get her to my hotel room?

Have her accompany you to your room, open the door, and step aside to let her in. Now, wasn’t that easy?

How do I bring a girl to a hotel?

If you’re looking to bring a girl to a hotel, the most important thing is that both of you are comfortable with the situation.

Ensure she knows why you’re going and your expectations for the evening.

Be honest and open about your intentions so there’s no confusion or misunderstanding later on.

Once everything is clear, ensure she has her transportation to get there safely and securely.

Finally, respect her boundaries throughout the night – don’t pressure her into anything she doesn’t want to do!

Can a foreigner sleep with a local in the same hotel room in Vietnam?

At 5-star hotels, you are generally not allowed to have unregistered guests stay overnight. It may have changed in the last couple of years, but that’s how I was in Vietnam from 2006–2017. But for three 3-star hotels or lower, they don’t care anymore. It didn’t use to be this way.

When I first went to Vietnam(2006), it was hit/miss with which hotel/motel would allow me to have a local sleepover. I’m going on vacation with my girlfriend(local). It caused a minor inconvenience but wasn’t a problem in Ho Chi Minh City; it wasn’t a problem because they are used to getting many tourists. But I found that when I went to Hanoi that year, it was a big problem. Hanoi, at that time, didn’t get a lot of tourists. So, in all their low-midrange hotel.

To avoid this hassle/rule, the hotel would tell you to pay for another room for your local friend. Or you stayed at a motel “in the know” with the local police.

How do I flirt with a Vietnamese girl?

Gallant men often attract Vietnamese girls. But firstly, you have to be handsome. Of course, a beautiful man is more accessible to approach a girl than an ugly one, or at least you should be good-looking. Then, it is your behavior. Take care of her from a small action like doing up her shoelaces, opening the car door, etc.

Last but not least, A Vietnamese girl is primarily attracted to a man interested in cooking meals, washing clothes, and washing dishes… Because in Vietnam, they have a quote, “Man builds house, Woman build home.” It means housework is a woman’s responsibility, not a man’s. 

So let’s flirt with her with some sentences like “You can share your housework with me. Let give me a chance to help me with housework.” lol. That’s what I think.

How do I flirt with a Vietnamese girl?

Forget all of that PUA stuff that you read previously.

Flirting in Vietnam differs from what you would find in a Western country.

Being direct is critical!

Girls in Vietnam love guys with confidence and finesse.

To flirt and show romantic interest in a girl, you can say something like the following:

You’re lovely (em đẹp quá)

You smell nice (em thơm quá)

Do you have a boyfriend? (em có bạn trai chưa?)

And if you want to get extra cheesy and get a laugh out of her, try these phrases:

You are the girl of my dreams (Em là người con gái trong mơ của anh)

You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met (Em là cô gái đẹp nhất mà anh từng gặp).

Will you be my valentine? (Em sẽ là Valentine của anh chứ?)

When you use one or some of these flirting phrases, the girl blushes. Your average Vietnamese girl is much more shy than a girl you would meet in the West.

From there, if she is receptive, you can grab her number or invite her out.

If you are flirting with a Westernized overseas Vietnamese girl, then you can tease the same way how you would flirt with a girl back home.

I hope this helps.

If you would like to learn more about flirting and additional Vietnamese flirting phrases, feel free to check out this detailed article that goes into much greater detail about this topic.

How do I attract a Vietnamese girl?

If she’s a girl of culture, be respectful to her parents, and do NOT talk wrong about her family, that’s like disrespecting God to her, so nothing like “your family sucks,” or “your parents suck,” turn off!!

if she’s an ABG, she’ll love boba or maybe food a lot, lol; you can take her out on shopping dates and buy her stuff, but make sure you can see if she’s using you or not, so keep your money at a limit —

try to become close to Vietnamese culture! That also works! And talk to her parents! like, start conversations

and don’t make her angry; Viet girls definitely hold grudges, lol

I met this guy at a hotel we were both staying at, and he asked me to hang out with him in his room. Should I be concerned?

What hang out with means is he wants to have sex with you. I’m assuming its a guy you hardly know, a perfect stranger, and he wants to get it on with you in his hotel room. I would be cautious here, but if you enjoy a casual hookup, go for it.

How do I approach a girl living in a hotel room beside mine?

Tell her your room’s fridge is broken, and you need somewhere to keep this fine bottle of (insert drink) if she refuses, back off.

If she seems responsive, offer to open it up and share instead.

I hope this helps!

How do I pull a girl to my hotel on the same night?

Well, I’ve dated women…but I’d never use the term “pull a girl,” because it sounds like you are yanking her into a room. It’s objectifying and a real turn-off, which is likely how women you meet are going to view you—a turn-off.

Women are not objects that you “get to a hotel” – they are people who have opinions, thoughts, and their own will…and you’re talking like a d-bag or someone who has no experience with women and doesn’t know better.

Because you’re 18, I’m going to assume you don’t know any better and believe some of the BS that you read on forums about getting women. Be assured, many/most/almost all of those guys are lying.

Let me tell you the secret to women…they are people. They like to laugh, have fun, be respected, be adventurous, and feel safe. They love people who are honest with them…irreverent, fun, and *HAVE NO AGENDA.

 We have a fine-tuned sleaze meter…some women will still want to get off and sleep with the sleaze (don’t expect high quality on that end – many have their *own* agenda), and most quality women will avoid you like the plague. When men try “game,” we know it’s just lame and boring. Those are the people we make fun of and talk about to our friends.

I have never had a problem with women…but I think it’s because I had no agenda but fun, meeting fantastic people, having a few drinks and a laugh.

How do tourists in Hanoi, Vietnam, have casual sex if it is not allowed to bring a girl to their hotel room?

I can’t speak for Vietnam specifically. (Yes, I have visited Vietnam. I was never involved with working women, though). I have lived in the UAE, where it is illegal for unmarried couples to be in hotel rooms together. What’s done there is the front desk takes a payoff, and everybody gets what they want.

I highly doubt that working women are taking men back to their rooms. Often, working women live crowded together in uncomfortable conditions, saving money by upping the number of people sharing a space.

As usual, money will buy almost anything.

How do I pick up an unknown girl and take her to a hotel room in an Indian city?

An UNKNOWN girl? What kind of a girl?

A prostitute? You can find them in any Indian city. And they will know where to take you. And well, you have to pay for the girl and the Hotel or other locality where she takes you.

The other way, to force an unknown average < ordinary> girl? Do you want to risk jail? Besides inflicting grave damage to an innocent person?

What is your most clever hotel room hack when traveling in Vietnam?

Thank you for the opportunity to get this out to everyone. In my experience traveling and living in Vietnam over the last thirty years, I am now not surprised to be offered the shittiest room in the hotel first, even when the best room is vacant.

No problem, my dear Vietnamese wife inspects all rooms offered until she is offered one that suits her.

There is no need to get upset; clearly state what you want: ensuite bathroom and toilet, aircon, hot water, windows that open to the sky, double bed, TV, phone, internet, etc. Regional hotels may not have all that you want. But do not accept the shittiest first offer.

Sadly, I got the same shittiest room offer a few months ago when visiting Melbourne, Australia. The receptionist was a middle-aged Chinese man. My wife sorted the problem out once again. How do I take a girl in my hotel room in Vietnam

How do I date a Vietnamese girl?

Treat her like a lady and the most beautiful, exciting woman you have ever met.

How do I flirt with a Vietnamese girl?

Vietnamese girls are just like every girl out there. Treat them politely and carefully, and talk to them smartly and humorously. I think they’ll like you. Gook luck!

What should I know when starting a relationship with a Vietnamese girl?

Just treat her well like other girls in your country.

Go eat out with her, talk to her, find everyday things between you and her, and try to understand her feelings.

Make her comfortable when she spends time with you, umm, hold her hands, tell her you like her, tangle her hair (just a little)

On memorable days, gift her something cute or cook what she likes the most. Vietnamese girls love a man who can share her household (or at least know essential skills)

Here are a few of my thoughts: Vietnamese girls are adorable; don’t let this opportunity slip.

I hope it helps! Good luck How do I take a girl in my hotel room in Vietnam

What must I know when visiting Vietnam with only a tiny budget with my girlfriend in September for a month?

It does depend on what you want to do, but I think €1000 for two people is doable.

Stay in a cheap hostel and Airbnb.

Take buses, don’t fly. (Take the ones recommended by travel agencies)

Eat where locals eat.

You’ll be tempted to rent bikes, but unless you have experience riding a motorcycle in Southeast Asia, I’d recommend against it. Traffic accidents with foreigners are not fun and can ruin your travel.

I recently had a friend who came to visit Vietnam.

He and his girlfriend visited me in Ho Chi Minh City, stayed in a cheap hostel, and then flew to Hanoi so his girlfriend could catch her flight home. After that, he realized he had missed several spots and returned to Ho Chi Minh City alone. This is where it gets interesting.

Within ten days, he went from Hanoi to HCM city, stopping by various cities, spending a total of….80,000 VND (equivalent to less than €4).

It turned out he couch-surfed and hitchhiked all the way, and people always refused the money he tried to pay them. Every single time, he was fed, got a ride to the next city and made new friends.

So it is doable; just be friendly and respectful, learn a few local words, have some incredible stories at hand, avoid scams and tourist traps, and you’ll have a great time in Vietnam.

I met this guy at a hotel we were both staying at, and he asked me to hang out with him in his room. Should I be concerned?

He probably wants to have sex with you. If you are up for it, that is up to you. However, if you don’t plan to have sex, it is risky to go to his room, as he might be someone who doesn’t take no for an answer.

How do I approach a girl living in a hotel room beside mine?

Abort mission. I repeat. Abort mission.

How do I date a Northern Vietnamese girl?

Learn Vietnamese to communicate with her and try to do more things to help her (e.g., teaching English to her).

How do I date a Vietnamese girl?

Treat her well and, most importantly, be honest like any girl. No one likes liars.

What should I know when starting a relationship with a Vietnamese girl?

First, you should learn about traditional and modern Vietnamese culture. There are several differences between the past and the present, but other things rarely change. For example, some modern Vietnamese girls may feel open about sex before marriage, but most Vietnamese don’t encourage that.

Traditional costumes, Ao Dai, are viral, and I think every girl will be glad to see you wearing it, even though it is ridiculous looking :))

Second, it’s up to her profession that she requires different things from her boyfriend. Luckily, Vietnamese girls aren’t “money-addicted,” so whether you’re rich or poor isn’t the most crucial standard.

Eastern, in general, and Vietnamese girls, in particular, tend to be good at housework such as cooking, embroidering, and taking care of kids, but they’re pleased to see you helping them.

Bonus: Another thing, as for love and marriage, it’s essential that you announce to her family about the decisions of 2 guys, because, to Vietnamese families, marriage isn’t just about 2 of you, but about the whole family, which means her grandparents, parents, brothers, and sisters (at least) and yours.

I met this guy at a hotel we were both staying at, and he asked me to hang out with him in his room. Should I be concerned?


How do I pull a girl to my hotel on the same night?

This was a favorite pastime of mine as a young man. I made an art of it, frankly. And yet, most of what I tell you won’t help you in your circumstances.

I picked a venue or rather a type of venue, I was familiar with and where my plan fit well. I would go to a Renaissance festival, an SF/Fantasy/Comic convention, a medieval recreation event, and things of that nature. I would dress in costume and play a character who happened to be a sort of a Casanova, a cad, a rogue, a bootless grange there to seduce a naive local wench. This layering effect meant I could flirt outrageously, make off-color suggestions, and otherwise behave… precisely as I wanted to act, but it was “in character.”

What doesn’t please her is laughed off as me being outlandish and over the top. What does she do? She doesn’t have to shrug it off because it’s clear she doesn’t have to take it too seriously, either.

And if, after spending a few minutes together, I’m still interested, and she has become interested, and I make my pitch, and it’s accepted, well, we’re in for a happy evening.

If not, and this is the key, well, no harm done, and I wander off to approach someone else who catches my eye.

Why is that the key? Because, to be frank, most of the time, it’s a no. You aren’t her cup of tea. She’s not in the mood. She is caught up in someone else. She doesn’t think “hookups” are kosher. There are a hundred reasons why this might not be yes; you accept a graceful no for an answer, give a wry, regretful smile, and move along, leaving her with a memory and an amusing story to tell her mates. How do I take a girl in my hotel room in Vietnam

Can you pull that off without practice? Without the trick of “playing a character?” Can you figure out how to make the “acting” idea work in a different venue?

Maybe. You could give it a shot.

The basic idea that you go in playful, enjoy the chase as much as you would a catch, and bear not the slightest hint of ill will if the answer should happen to be no is undoubtedly sound.

Best of luck to you.

How can I go to a hotel in India with my girlfriend?

As long as you both are adults and consenting… there is no money involved in you two staying together; you both have a valid, acceptable Photo ID to be presented… you can go to any decent hotel and stay there as long as you wish. How do I take a girl in my hotel room in Vietnam

If you choose some cheap, sleazy hotel, then they might try to take advantage of your vulnerability and try to extort some money from you.

Usually, hotels get suspicious if you both have IDs with addresses in the same city… you appear to be some dubious couple with money involved (read prostitution) and no luggage to carry… then they may be hesitant to give a room right away. But if you are confident, understand that you are not against the Law, and know your rights… then any hotel would allow you to stay there without any issues.

The country’s Law recognizes and validates a live-in relationship and any physical relationship between two consenting adults of different genders. So, know your rights… Choose the place wisely and have valid IDs to prove to be of adult age.

How do you ask a girl back to your hotel room?

The polite way to do this is easy: ask her if she’d like to return to your room for tea. This way, she can accept the invitation to spend more time with you in a private setting without committing to physical contact before spending a few minutes with you privately. How do I take a girl in my hotel room in Vietnam

How to impress a Vietnamese girl?

Essential Tips for Impressing Vietnamese Girls

Please show respect to her family, customs, and traditions. Be a good listener: Vietnamese girls appreciate someone who listens attentively to what they’ve to say. Show genuine interest in their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Which city has the best nightlife in Vietnam?

The best five places to enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Vietnam are as follows:

  • Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Hanoi.
  • Ha Long Bay.
  • Hoi An.
  • Da Nang.

How much does a hotel cost per night in Vietnam?

(Prices are generally higher along the coast.) In the south, rates are slightly higher at $20 to $80 for your nightly stay. Mid-range Hotels: You can find affordable and comfortable hotels in northern Vietnam for between $15 and $60 per night. In central regions, expect to spend about the same amount each night.

Thailand or Malaysia? Which is the best travel destination?

How do I take a girl in my hotel room in Vietnam

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