Why Do You Need A VPN For Windows?

Why Do You Need A VPN For Windows?

VPN or a virtual private network is when you go online through a secure connection other than your service provider. It will hide your IP address, location, and additional personal information to provide you with the following benefits:


One of the reasons a free VPN is helpful is hiding your location and other private information. Regardless of your knowledge, the applications and websites are tracking your online actions to collect and study data for their own benefit. Therefore, a VPN for Windows will prevent that from accessing the internet connection and holding out the information being sent.

Why Do You Need A VPN For Windows?

Eliminate lag

The best free VPN for Windows 10 will also help the terminal escape data throttling. It is a data-related concept that slows your internet speed after consuming a certain amount of bandwidth. However, a free VPN prevents ISPs and other unnecessary data consumption, preventing the ceiling from reaching. As a result, you experience fast internet speed without hiccups.

Speed up connection

Another reason to use VPN is to avoid bandwidth throttling. Assuming you experience slow speed most of the time on websites, your connection is suffering from bandwidth throttling. Administrative protocols are taking over your relationship, causing it to slow down.

A VPN for Windows will remove the lag by encrypting the connection. This means your data is protected and free from foreign interference for smooth website traffic.

Streaming service

A VPN will also provide access to entertainment unites such as Hulu, Amazon TV, and Netflix. You can use the VPN to circumnavigate your IP address. As a result, your location changes, and the restricted platforms are available. 

However, before embarking on the journey, read the streaming platform guidelines. We do not wish for you to get penalized for using a VPN.

Social media 

A VPN for Windows will help you overcome digital geographical challenges too. For example, many countries presently prohibit access to social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook. 

A VPN will give you access to these social platforms from different locations. You can log in from your computer. However, the responsibility lies in understanding VPN legality in your country.

Business use

A VPN is usually cost-effective for businesses too. If the renting capacity for a network is too expensive for a company, they can opt for a VPN to shift to public networks. An accessible infrastructure is an inexpensive option connected to a local ISP. Lastly, the shift does not compromise internet speed or service.


Is your favorite team playing, but the channel is restricted in your region? Connect with the best free VPN for Windows to cheer your team to success. Most of the time, sports channels are not available outside the country lines. Therefore, working with a VPN will establish a new connection to make the view possible. However, remember to browse the guidelines and be mindful of the Terms of Service. 

When are you installing a VPN?

A VPN for Windows becomes your best friend very soon because it provides access and entertainment from a single platform. Install iTop VPN as it is the best free VPN for Windows 10. It does not offer third-party interference and encrypts the data with additional layers for maximum security. 

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Why Do You Need A VPN For Windows?

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