Importance of giving neet exam

In India, after the 12th if you want to pursue a medical course in an acknowledged college then you have to clear an exam first which is known as the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. It is an important exam at present as this is the only exam which you need to give for admission to a good medical college.

However, before the neet exam different states were having their different exams as well as some private colleges also have their entrance exam but now due to the neet exam, you have only one exam to prepare for. Further, you can also appear for the exam repeatedly if you did not clear it at once. There is also a neet repeater course which can help to clear the exam after you are unable to clear it in the first attempt.

Benefits of giving neet exam

The neet exam helps you to take admission in reputed medical colleges of India and if your scores are good enough then you can choose which course you want to study. There are many valuable courses like MBBS or BDS and many more which have a great scope in India so you can choose among them. Moreover, the neet exam not only gives provides you a seat in a recognized medical college but also provides scholarships which are very helpful for every student. Further, some of the benefits of giving neet exam are described below. Importance of giving neet exam

  • Now you only have to prepare for one medical exam. Earlier students were required to give several exams to save a seat in their desired college and course due to which there was not only physical problem going from state to state but also students were having mental pressure of clearing so many exams. However, as the neet exam replaced all of the exams that were held as entrance exams it was a great relief for students as now there was only one exam and they can fill the exam in any state. The score of the neet is also applicable in every medical college in India even in the most reputed colleges like AIIMS and JIMPER. 
  • The neet exam has brought transparency to admissions in medical colleges of India.  Before the neet exam, it was very easy for undeserving students to get a seat in medical college by paying a large amount of money to the college in the name of donation. However, now there is no scope for such evil practices to enter the medical college due to which now only the deserving students will be able to secure a seat in both private and Government College as neet is applicable in both of them.
  • Further, if you are from a weak background then you can also get the benefits of a scholarship. There are a great number of colleges that offers the neet scholarships so that students who are not from a rich background can also study in medical college. The coaching of neet itself is expensive but the fees of courses like MBBS is very much. Therefore, to give every student equal opportunity whether the student is from a weak background or rich. The scholarships were introduced so that every student gets a chance to study in medical college regardless of their background. Importance of giving neet exam
  • Students get more time in neet as compared to the earlier exams. As in the earlier exams, students were required to solve 200 questions in 3 hours but now in the neet exam, they are required to solve only 180 questions in the same period of three hours. Therefore, now as the students don’t have to worry about time so the chances of aspirants performing better also increase.
  • The neet exams offer you a variety of languages. As many exams are held only in English or Hindi so you have to be proficient in one of the languages. However, you can give the next exam in a total of 13 different languages like Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, and 10 others. So now the aspirants don’t need to work on Hindi or English as they can give it in their desired language.

To conclude, there are various benefits which one can get from the neet exam as you can secure a seat in the recognized medical college of India. Moreover, the neet is the most difficult entrance exam in India but if you crack it then you can get a seat in medical college as this is the only entrance exam you need to pass. The best thing about neet is that you can reattempt it. There is also various repeater course for neet are available which will help you to clear the exam in your reattempt. Further, if you want to know more about the neet exams and the repeater course then you can visit the Infinity Learn site online.

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Importance of giving neet exam

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