Which Websites Are The Biggest Competitor Of Omegle?

The online video chat market is the race of dark horses. The trend of online random video chat is growing up so fast. Especially, After the global pandemic in 2020.  https://omegle.site/, Chatroulette, iMeetZu, Ome Tv, etc. are dominating the entire market. These platforms have more than 125 million users from all across the world. The pandemic played its role in the success of online random video chat platforms. Numbers raised during the pandemic, and it’s still growing with the same intensity. 

The platform which has been the center of talking is Omegle. It arrived late into the market. But after its intro in 2012, it has started taking new boundaries of success. Now, it has over 50 million monthly users. No other platform is near that number. But still, there are some platforms on the internet, which are on the table of most used random video chat platforms. Let’s talk about it.


The only website Omegle has fear is Coomeet. Its popularity grows up so fast in recent times. It ranked as the second-best online random video chat platform in the United States. It has over 6 million monthly users, of which 57% are female and 43% male users. The platform’s service providers claimed that it has only verified female accounts. And which attracts the most of the users. The randomness of the platform with a high ratio of female users is the key to Coomeet’s success. It also allows users to use the platform without registration. For advanced features, the paid versions are also available. 

Ome Tv

Ome Tv chat is the second on the list of most used online random video chat websites after Coomeet. It has more than 5 million monthly users. As we said, Second best after Coomeet. It provides the same features as the other platforms. Its Search filters ranked as the most reliable, unique, and fastest filters among other competitors on the internet. Language translation is also available in chat. It has been criticized because of security. But it’s one of the biggest competitors of Omegle.


This mysterious website challenges platforms like Omegle, Chatroulette, Coomeet, Etc. The old echat community has not confirmed that the project has resumed. It has over 4.53 million monthly users and challenging platforms like Coomeet and Chatroulette. The website’s user interface is remarkable. It has the look and charm of old random video chat websites. Just like Old times! Since no community has been backing up echat, we can’t talk about it and give you any information on echat.  


 Andrey Ternovskiy developed Chatroulette in 2009. Later in 2010, It became the biggest hit of the year. It provides the same features as the other video chat platforms like Omegle. But the specialty of the application is its randomness in connecting users. Just like Ome Tv, Chatroulette has been reprimanded because of its security for many years. Users are not convinced with the protection against nudity and disobedient content. It has 2 million monthly users and, the average age of users is below 35. And This is what attracting users. check kent christmas biography


People have started comparing Chatrandom with the Omegle. As per the user’s reviews, It’s an enhanced version of Omegle in the Mobile version. It allows users to talk with strangers. Also, you can share media files and documents with your connections and friends. It’s a mixed application of a random video chat app and a basic android chat application. Applications for both android and iOS are available on the play store and apps store.


Many websites and applications are entering the video chat market. Omegle has been dominating the video chat market for a decade. Its biggest competitor Coomeet has over 6 million users, which have ten times fewer users. Ome Tv and Chatroulette have a poor reputation in terms of security. It’s a long way to go for platforms to reach Omegle’s level. Till then it will be considered as the king of the online random video chat app. check Trakt tv Activation

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