The Robust Way To Learn Mouse And Keyboard Operating

Today every field has the need for computer technology. Not only do some people believe this but today every field expert knows what are the importance of computers in their business and how they help in its growth. So either you are an owner of any business or employee, you must have knowledge of these things. 

But if you are new to this computer world and want to get a super fast grip on computer peripheral devices such as mouse and keyboard then you should check CPS Portal. And if you are totally unaware of the CPS portal and want to get everything about it then please check out the complete post.

What Does Mean By CPS Test Portal?

First of all, you have to know the full name of the word CPS. CPS is the short name of Click Per Seconds. In general terms, it helps you by counting the total number of your keyboard clicks and shows you how fast you are able to click it. This is the simplest kind of game that lets you get super fast grip over the mouse if you are newie to it. 

Like a mouse game, there is also another simplest kind of game for keyboard click testing which you can find there as typing test label. So these two are the robust functionality of the CPS test web that you should start using in your daily life if you are a newbie to the computer world. read more

Features Of Click Per Seconds Test Website

Click per seconds test website is one kind of stopwatch for you that calculates the total clicks of mouse and keyboards that you have performed. During this website use, you get below described functionalities.

  • Easy to understand neat and clean user interface.
  • Also, get mouse hover checking functionality.
  • Free typing test features are also there.
  • Get the perfect accuracy for your mouse and keyboard test.
  • Various time span testing availability.


Mouse and Keyboarding operating in the fastest ways is a demand of all people. But lack of proper way they can’t learn it perfectly. But CPS testing or click per the second test is helpful for both mouse and keyboard to click count. The main advantage of using this portal for getting a grip over mouse and keyboard is their accuracy. So if you find something great over there then also send it to other people. Enjoy! check wordpress metabox

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