What Kind of English Level Does CCNA Exam Need?

What Kind of English Level Does CCNA Exam Need?

I often hear of the news that a lot of students because of English problems hesitant, or even stop, to take CCNA exam ccna 200 301 course which prompts me to have the idea of writing something.

In fact, the quality of English can not determine your success or failure in learning. We have a lot of Chinese books and materials about computer system and field knowledge, which can be used for learning and reading.

But if you have a good command of English, it can help you better understand and master new technology and knowledge.

In terms of work and study, as long as you read and check more, you will gradually remember the general meaning. If you want to read English documents, you need to work hard. It is suggested that you learn technology and English simultaneously and learn them in application. Don’t wait to learn English first and then learn technology. In that case, time will be wasted. It’s pointless and useless.

It’s useful to start by reading twice as much as you need. It is not true that learning Cisco requires a good command of English, because the Cisco certification examination is a professional examination in the field of computer science after all. The English involved in it has certain professional characteristics. There is no complicated grammar, and all of them are relatively simple sentence patterns. The rest is professional vocabulary. Even people with high English level may not know it.

What Kind of English Level Does CCNA Exam Need?

All professional vocabulary teachers will explain it in class, not many. It is common to gradually adapt to and familiar with all those professional words, so that CET-3 or CET-4 can meet the needs. In fact, this is a common misunderstanding! English is a tool. In the study of CCNA certification exam, the basic grammar is very simple, basically declarative sentences. We have mastered most of the English grammar in middle school.

Then why do many people feel that their English is not good? In fact, they lack a practical application environment. If they stay abroad for the first half of the year, there will be no problem in basic communication and language exchange.

Learning network technology is the same. If you don’t contact a large number of English documents, you can’t improve your ability to read them one by one. Only when you have reached a certain level of learning network technology can you start to contact English documents.

Therefore, learning English and CCNA can’t be seen separately. You often need to learn and improve in the practical application environment. For example, in the training and learning of CCNA certification examand CCNP certification exam, you are faced with the output information of routers and switches every day, and often look at the information that is shown, in which all the articles are in English. At the beginning, you may not know many words, so you have to look them up, but after a month, you will get a clear picture. I know exactly what it means and why it looks like that. This is the result of training, and learning separately can not achieve this effect.

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So learning in order to practice is the best way to learn!

Just like when training CCNA examand CCNP test, doing experiments is the best way to check and learn! There are also original English textbooks and learning materials. You can keep reading a few pages every day – with the help of translation dictionaries such as “Kingsoft PowerWord”, you will soon find that your English reading level and your technical level are increasing day by day! Believe in your ability! Ability is honed out! You can do it!

When reading English documents, if you encounter new words, just look them up in the dictionary and remember them a little. When you insist on reading and looking them up every day for 3 or 5 months, you will find that your English level (at least the level of reading) will make a big leap.

Finally, I wish all the students success in their studies!

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What Kind of English Level Does CCNA Exam Need?

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