What is a similar Sybian machine?

What is a similar Sybian machine?

Number one is the electro-sex unit; the expensive ones give orgasms a hundred times better and more intense than a Sybian with no soreness or muscle aches later. plus, they have no moving parts, are silent, and can be worn while driving, at a movie theatre, or out shopping, next to a man or woman partner, then possibly a vibrator.

The real deal is better than anything similar! Just ask those who use these stimulating items!
“Women and sex machines has always been somewhat of a taboo topic, but the ‘80s saw the rise of the Sybian – a saddle sex machine which liberated women more than ever before, allowing them to explore their sexuality in the privacy of their own homes without the need for a man.

The Sybian machine did not judge women – it just gave them the intense sex saddle pleasure experience that they were craving.” However, the ‘80s was more than 30 years ago at this point, and technology has progressed much further! So as part of our series on the best sex machines, we’re taking a look at the best Sybian alternatives (as well as the original Sybian itself) to see what women/men living in 2019 can expect from their very own orgasm machine. Sounds fun !”

What are your top 3 alternatives for the Sybian?

Number one is the electro sex unit; the expensive ones give orgasms a hundred times better and more intense than a Sybian with no soreness or muscle aches later; they have no moving parts, are silent, and can be worn while driving at a movie theatre or out shopping, next a man or woman partner then possible a vibrator. Still, not one of the cheap ones but a high-quality unit, I like the escalator.v

What are your top 3 alternatives for the Sybian?

I enjoy the Sybian as much as the next person, but I know there is much left to be desired. If you’re in the market for a Sybian alternative, there are several you can consider. You need to figure out what angle you’re going for.

The Sybian is not the cheapest sex toy/ machine on the market. So it wouldn’t be so strange if the price was the first thing to turn you off. Now, note that even the most “budget” option still requires investment. These machines aren’t like the small bullets or the pocket-sized Tenga eggs; they are more…substantial.

Does the color of a Maine Coon cat affect its price when bought from a breeder?

Here are my top 3 affordable Sybian alternatives. The price to beat? $1,495 (MSRP) and on sale, $1,245.

Liberator Bonbon

Price: $88

Attachments Included: NA, it’s byod/v (bring your dildo/ vibrator)



Lovebotz Saddle Deluxe

Price: $898.95

Attachments Included: 1

RPM: 7,300

HP: .087

Motorbunny Original Starter Kit

Price: $1,345, sale price $899

Attachments Included: 4

RPM: 7,000

HP: .08

Better Design

If price isn’t the issue, then you are probably in the market for a better orgasm. The Sybian might be able to rip them out of most women, but there are always some who find it lacking. Here are my top 3 suggestions if you’re looking for a lighter machine, a luxurious feel, or a better motor:similar Sybian machine

The Tremor

Price: $849

Attachments Included: 2 + reusable mat

RPM: 7,000

HP: Info not available

Vibrating Patterns: It doesn’t say, but you can independently control vibration and rotation.

Motorbunny Buck

Price: $1,549

Attachments Included: 5

RPM: 7,000

Vibration HP: .08

Thrust HP: .04

Vibrating Patterns: 10 presets for “Thrust” and “Buzz”

Note: This machine is the only one that thrusts instead of rotates.


Price: $1,450

Attachments Included: 2

RPM: 1,200

HP: Info not available

Vibrating Patterns: 6

You can do more research by looking up brand comparisons (I know Sybian, Motorbunny, and Tremor have some on their website) and independent reviews. You can always have a little info about these types of things.similar Sybian machine

Sex Toys: Would you or have you ever rented a Sybian?

We rented one for a weekend to try and then bought a Motorbunny version of our own for the rental. We purchased our attachments as though the rental company supplied their own ‘sanitised’ ones; I did not fancy them. The two we bought fit the Motorbunny, so there is no loss.

To avoid skin contact on the Sybian (to ensure I did not contact vital cleaning substances I may be allergic to due to a fear of other women’s skin having touched anything), I wrapped the unit in clingfilm (Sarin in the USA). This, plus the attachments being new, meant nothing that touched my legs or sex was in any way contaminated.

I found the Sybian exquisite. Something I had never experienced happened. You know how the build-up to orgasm goes with your tensing and holding off to get it to build more before BOOM. Well, with the Sybian, the BOOM would not happen, and the super intense peak continued until I panicked and made myself fall off sideways so things could resolve.

It was like the most delightful cramp had hit my abdominal muscles, and it was stopping the message from my genitals from getting to my brain and orgasm happening. This only happens occasionally now, but the thing is so wonderful when it does. Even when it does not get stuck at orgasm, and instead I go through it and resolve typically, the orgasm is full-on and lovely.similar Sybian machine

Why haven’t any sex machines been able to compete with the Sybian?

The Sybian is a good design. It does one job and does it well: it gives people, including people who often have difficulty reaching orgasm, extraordinarily powerful orgasms. It is, in the words of a person I once knew, “a machine that rips orgasms out of women.”

Machines of similar design might be a little bit better, but they would only be incremental improvements, and incremental enhancements rarely dislodge an established market leader.

If a radically better design exists, it hasn’t been invented yet.

Sex Toys: Would you or have you ever rented a Sybian?

I kind of just did…

How much did John Candy weigh?

We had the opportunity, via the inventors and manufacturers of the Sybian, to participate in a #TravelingSybian program. We spent two fabulous weeks trying it out, and if there were Sybian rentals available locally, I would certainly do so again.similar Sybian machine

First, regarding cleanliness, it’s essential to understand how the Sybian works. The machinery is contained in a hump, and you affix different attachments to this hump. We purchased our attachments and received them sealed and unopened. We also received all of the cleaning supplies we would need to wipe down the hump before and after our use. Note, though, that your genitals touch the attachment and don’t touch the hump at all.

So, while I would not ever consider renting most sex toys, the Sybian is an exception for me. I see it like a toilet seat. No, I don’t pee on it! If you wipe it off before use, there isn’t any chance you will contract anything from it. Use a new, sealed attachment, and you’re good to go.

UPDATE May 2020: We now own one of our own! And we’re happy to let folx take a trial using the machine, following all the cleanliness guidelines above. I am more concerned about contracting COVID-19 than anything from the Sn.

Sex Toys: What is the best starting vibrator?

Hey there, lovely ladies..!!!

It’s time to start a sensational journey of self-discovery and pleasure exploration with the finest selection of women’s sex toys. We’re thrilled to introduce you to the world of pleasure with a spotlight on the best starting vibrator options, carefully Designed to make your intimate moments truly unforgettable.

In a world where distance can be an obstacle to physical intimacy, sex toys have emerged as the answer to unleashing pleasure, experimenting, and embracing the joy of self-discovery.

Ready to ignite your senses? Here’s a glimpse of some remarkable pleasure companions from our collection: G spot Rabbit Vibrator: Imagine this vibrator as your ultimate pleasure guide. It’s designed with a unique shape – the head is curved just right, and the rabbit ears are soft and flexible. This magical combo is here to give you an incredible experience by simultaneously stimulating your G-spot and clitoris.

When it comes to power, this vibrator doesn’t hold back. Its vibrations are strong and focused, aiming to make your G-spot go wild. And let me tell you, it’s not kidding around. The kind of pleasure it can bring you is beyond amazing – think about the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had, and this vibrator promises to top even that!

But wait, there’s more! You won’t be stuck with just one same pattern. This vibrator offers a mind-blowing 36 different combinations of vibrations. You can switch things up and experiment until you find the perfect sensation.

In the vibrator’s shaft, you’ll find three different speed options and eight unique vibration patterns. And guess what? The rabbit ears aren’t left out either – they have 3-speed variations. It’s like having a treasure trove of pleasure possibilities at your fingertips.

1. Wand Vibrator:

The Wand Vibrator is all about giving you the massage experience you desire. It’s designed with different strengths, so you can customize your massage just as you like. And the best part? Its neck is flexible and bendable, so you can easily target those tight spots. No more struggling to get the right angle – this wand does the job for you! Plus, even though it’s impressively powerful, the motor is super quiet, ensuring your relaxation remains undisturbed.

With 20 vibration patterns and eight speeds, you’re in for a treat. This wand is designed with your comfort in mind. It fits perfectly in your hand and has a silky smooth texture that glides over your skin effortlessly. It’s like a tailor-made journey to toe-curling orgasms right at your fingertips. And if you’re curious about different colors, you can check out the Voodoo Mini Halo Wands for more options. similar Sybian machine

The best part? It’s rechargeable! The package includes a USB power cord, and you can even attach a plug for convenience. A single charge gives you up to 3 hours of pure pleasure – talk about long-lasting satisfaction! Oh, and don’t worry about using it in the shower – these Wands are 100% water-resistant so that you can enjoy them worry-free.

2. Bullet Vibrator:

Imagine this: the bullet vibrator is like a little secret weapon that’s here to make women feel amazing. It has a unique curved tip that knows where to focus its strong vibrations – like a super-targeted tickle for sensitive spots!

If you want to go hands-free, it has an excellent finger-sleeve attachment. This means you can have much fun without doing much work – how cool is that? This classic bullet vibrator is like your personal pleasure magician. Its powerful vibrations will give you tingly feelings that go all over your body until you’re super happy and satisfied.

Now, let’s talk about the magic it has inside. It can do many vibration tricks – from a gentle purr to a deep, satisfying rumble. It’s like having five different speeds and seven patterns to choose from! And guess what? Even though it’s so powerful, it’s hushed. No one will know your secret because it doesn’t make loud motor noises. similar Sybian machine

The tip of this bullet vibrator is pointy and focused, giving you incredible feelings without any interruptions. Controlling it is easy – there are simple buttons at the bottom that you can play with without any trouble.

3. Rechargeable EGG Vibrator:

The egg vibrator is known for its ergonomic design and powerful vibrations. Its compact size makes it easy to hold and maneuver, allowing you to target your erogenous zones precisely. Many egg vibrators come with various vibration patterns and intensity levels, giving you a wide range of options to explore and customize your experience.

One of the exciting aspects of the egg vibrator is its versatility. It can be used for external stimulation on areas like the clitoris, nipples, or perineum, as well as for internal stimulation if it’s designed with a retrieval cord or a suitable shape. Some models even come with wireless remote controls, allowing you or your partner to control the vibrations from a distance, adding an element of surprise and excitement to your playtime.

Egg vibrators are often praised for their discreetness. They can easily fit in the palm of your hand or even in your purse, making them great for those who value privacy or want to take their pleasure on the go. Their unassuming appearance makes them ideal for those who prefer a more subtle approach to their sensual exploration.

When choosing an egg vibrator, it’s essential to consider factors like material (body-safe silicone is popular), vibration settings, battery life, and ease of cleaning. Whether you’re new to the world of adult toys or a seasoned enthusiast, an egg vibrator can add a fun and pleasurable dimension to your intimate experiences.

Ladies, remember that your journey of pleasure is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. At Itspleazure, we’re committed to offering you a world of choices where you can freely explore and experiment to find what truly sets your desires on fire. So, dive in, explore our exquisite collection, and let your pleasure story unfold in the most delightful ways.

Why haven’t any sex machines been able to compete with the Sybian?

What makes you so sure there hasn’t been a sex machine/ toy that can compete? Is there something more novel? Yes, Bonnie has a point with erotic electrostimulation (e-stim). Some toys use electrostimulation to induce orgasms.

Is there something more innovative? Yes! There are thrusting machines that have 360 degrees of freedom, multi-textured masturbation aids, and uniquely designed vibrators, each one better than the last. Just about every sex toy on the market is getting an upgrade.

But if you mean within the niche? Then, the answer is still yes. Sybian is facing the likes of Motorbunny, Cowgirl, and Tremor. These brands have made it their mission to customize the experience as much as possible so that only some are necessarily in the market for a Sybian anymore. As soon as they get the noiseless part down, it’s practically game over.

The only scenario where Sybian comes out on top is being a “household name.” And it’s like what LUVOQA said. They had a first-mover advantage. If you’re waiting for the next big sex machine, look around. It might already be here. All revolutions take time. similar Sybian machine

Why haven’t any sex machines been able to compete with the Sybian?

Oh, you are very incorrect here. I have owned and loved a Sybian for many years, but the new and advancing field of EESS will make all noisy, loud vibrators obsolete—research erotic electrostimulation. I have been using it with a few friends, and there is no going back for me. My favorite, though not my only, is the Erostek et 232; I love it to death.

What is or was the SIGABA machine?


Electromechanical Encryption Machine

All over the world, there is talk about the Enigma, and in some cases, with a certain melancholy; we are all interested in standing before one of these machines, taking a picture, and reading about their “adventures.” Yes, adventures, those that led men to search for her by land and sea, to decipher her secrets, which were not so much.

Why does Dutch oven mean farting?

This “Nazi invention” went down in history with more glory than sorrow. Will it be the other way around? Well, what was happening on the American side regarding encrypting their messages? Had they been left out of this race? The answer is a definite no. The Americans, and in this case, we cannot say the Allies, had managed to get to the point that their messages were secret and that the Nazi and Japanese intelligence could never, listen well, never be able to decipher.

General Characteristics

Country: United States of America

Builder: United States Government

Class: Electromechanical Cipher Machine

Parts: Keyboard, Key cylinders, counter, alphabetic rotors, electric motor.

Speed: 45 words per minute

Dimensions: Width 38.1 cm; Length 48.89 cm and height 39.37

Weight: Operating 93.5 lbs. In transport, 133.5 pounds

Design and development

Shortly before the war, the United States already saw the need for a means that would guarantee them total security in their communications in sensitive areas. They saw the likelihood that their Hebern Machine, named after its creator, would be easily breached, which they did not know had already happened by Japanese forces.

This is how William Friedman, Director of the Signals Intelligence Service of the US Army, dedicated himself to achieving a machine that would allow the sending of messages of vital importance to the United States with total secrecy. His idea was to ensure that the rotors with the encryption characters were genuinely random in their position and that, in this way, the message would only be decoded using a machine with the same characteristics.

By 1935, Friedman and his partner, Frank Rowlett, showed their work to the US Navy. At the time, the Navy showed little interest in the machine, but by 1937, when it was presented to US Navy Commander of Intelligence Laurance Safford, the fate of his invention was sealed. The US Navy produced the ECM Mark II (Electric Code Machine Mark II) under CSP-889 or 888. The US Army was able to enter this production process only in 1940 but was denied the right to make changes or modifications to this excellent tool, which they would call SIGABA.similar Sybian machine

On June 26, 1942, the US Army and the US Navy accepted that SIGABA be transferred to foreign territory, but on the condition that it only be operated by an American official and that it always be under the control of the United States Government. Joined.

The general appearance of the SIGABA is very similar to that of its much more famous counterpart, the ENIGMA. Its body was made up of three parts, each containing five rotors. The actions of two of these banks controlled and determined the operation of the third. These rotors were interchangeable, and their operation made it truly random, which made it extremely difficult to decipher a message without an equal machine.

The SIGABA received a patent only in 1944. The government really did not want to risk the secrecy and operation of this beautiful machine.

Operating History

Without fear of being wrong, the SIGABA was present in WWII’s most essential Allied operations. But always under the protective mantle of the American Government.

There is no evidence, not even a hint, to suggest that the SIGABA was ever violated or its secrets revealed to the enemy. The United States had this encryption machine in official operation until almost the end of the 1950s. As a striking fact, its patent number 6,175,625, dated December 15, 1944, was only open to the public until January 16, 2001. This suggests to some historians that despite its retirement in the 1950s, SIGABA, or part of its system, was the basis for the new American or allied encryption machines.

Who is Meru the succubus?

For all those who wish to see how it worked, I leave you the following address, where you can download a SIGABA simulator. Simulator

What are some excellent vibrators? This pandemic is getting to me, and I need ideas on which fun toy to try.

What are some excellent vibrators? This pandemic is getting to me, and I need ideas on which fun toy to try. What you consider an excellent vibrator might differ from someone else because everyone experiences pleasure and stimulation differently. The most significant differences are often internal and external stimulation. The latter is the most common, but many people enjoy the former instead or combined.

The gold standard of suitable vibrators has been and will likely remain the Hitachi Magic Wand. Robust, reliable, and now comes in wireless with more variable speed, it’s probably the one you hear about the most. It’s reasonably priced, as vibrators go, generally costing about USD 70 for the wired version and USD 99 for the wireless, making it pricey but not exorbitantly. Beware of knockoffs, especially on Amazon. The downside is that it’s bulky, heavy, and loud. Some people have said it is too powerful as well.

Beyond that, the sky is the limit. Hop onto Adam and Eve or Amazon and go nuts. Grab something for $10 that is well-reviewed and try it. I have purchased three of these models, two to give to partners and one to keep when I have partners over, and I have never had any complaints. It’s waterproof, small, powerful, and cheap (you can find models under different brands on Amazon from $12-USD 30).

There are so many cheap ones out there, but I would say jump online and buy a few to try out.

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